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Keeping Your Kids Safe

by on Jul.31, 2014, under Education, Family, Health, Kids, Nature, Parenting

Child mortality rates have plummeted in the last few decades as we've become more cognizant of the potential dangers, and technology has advanced and recognized that safety is just as important as function. The warnings from a previous era are no longer adequate. do_notIt's paramount that parents recognize the dangers in their homes and make sure their kids remain safe. To that end we present these child safety tips. teddy_defender Check the closet and under the bed to be sure that there are no monsters hiding there. kidonhook When mounting the child on a wall, make sure that you use hardware that is designed for the weight of the child. girl-upsidedown Furniture should be designed to be used around children. Fully extend your drawers to be sure that the furniture won't tip over on your kid. hangdrawers Decorative hardware and drawer pulls should not have any sharp edges or your child may be in danger of falling when he's hanging from the drawer. baby_wash When you're washing your baby, don't fill the tub all the way. Always use the gentle cycle. kids_washing Encourage the kids to help with the household chores to get the job done more quickly. tvhug Soft cuddly toys are preferable to large electronic devices for play time. hallofscience Some toys are dangerous if used improperly. Young children should always use them under the supervision of someone older, preferably not an older sibling. dartaccidentfm3 Encourage sibling relationships. When one child is playing, younger brothers or sisters should always be included. hoarder1 If you let your child eat in his room, make sure he properly disposes of the containers and leftovers. knife_electric Make sure that the electrical outlets in your house are child safe by testing conduction potential. childproof_outlet The "taste test" is the most accurate way to check for lethal current. powdergirl Keep your cocaine locked up in a childproof container. overhead-kid When traveling with your child, bring along a favorite toy, and make him feel as much at home as possible. kidsleeps Make sure that your child isn't past his recommended shelf life. toilet-reading Toilet training is important for both the child's and parents' well-being. Encourage them to use it regularly by letting them entertain themselves while in the bathroom. first_drunk Eventually they'll learn to use it like a grown-up. plunger_boy Teach them to flush often or the toilet might clog. plunger_boys2 Kids learn by doing, so let them try things out until they learn to do it properly. kidtrap Toys and games should be age and size appropriate. Don't let your kids play with something that's too big for them just because you have it on hand. hsflashers Your kids' friends will have a lot of influence on them, so get to know the people they hang out with. dickisgood Learn about what they like and dislike, and try not to be too judgmental. putana Breast feeding is recommended up to a certain age, but don't smear your breasts with poison until after the babies have been fed. child_stove Including the child in the cooking process can teach him about where food comes from, and to make healthy choices. nyquil-nap Keep sugary snacks hidden so your child doesn't eat too much at one time. brownie-sleep "Special" edible treats should only be eaten by children in moderation. spiderboy Well padded furniture will increase the chance of a soft landing. kids_swim When on vacation, be sure to arrange some activities for the kids' benefit. kids_karachi Follow our simple safety tips to keep your kids happy and healthy. kid_safe
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Take A Spin

by on Jun.17, 2013, under Animals, Crime, Family, Health, Kids, Parenting

A few kids die every year from incidents involving washing machines. They're usually caused by accidents, like kids falling into the washer and drowning. sean-washer1 Sometimes the cause is more sinister. A French man is facing murder charges for stuffing his 3-year-old son into a washing machine and turning it on. Locals in the city of Meaux, about 25 miles east of Paris, said Christophe Champenois, 33, wanted to punish the child, Bastien, for acting out in nursery school, French newspaper Le Parisien reported. sean-murphy4 In Australia, three-year-old Sean Murphy was found dead in a washing machine along with his pet cat, Snowy. sean-cat2   Although mother and stepfather Kerry Murphy and Craig Sheppard deny any involvement in the death, police still consider them suspects. sean-murphy3 Ms. Murphy told St. John Ambulance officers that she found Sean inside a front-loader washing machine shortly after 2 pm. The door was closed and the dead cat was also inside the machine. Ms Murphy removed Sean from the machine and tried to resuscitate him, but he was pronounced dead on arrival at Fremantle Hospital. sean-murphy2 Paramedic Natalie Jane  Collis said during the examination of Sean's body, Ms. Murphy repeatedly said she was "sorry" and screamed: "I've killed my child. I killed my baby. I know I did." The paramedic quoted Ms. Murphy as saying: "I didn't mean for this to happen." sean-murphy1 The court heard tests conducted on the washing machine indicated it would have been difficult to close the door from the inside, but Ms. Murphy thought the family's dog may have jumped and closed the door. It was well-known that he hated Snowy the cat.
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Top expLoader

by on Sep.04, 2011, under Consumer, Kids, Technology

In the United States, Hoover is famous for vacuum cleaners and products that suck. In the United Kingdom, the brand has become a noun, like "kleenex" or "xerox". There, they "hoover" the carpet. Their UK product line includes dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, and dryers. Some models of the Hoover Candy Washing Machine have a cycle so strong it can blow the dirt right out of the clothes.

Hoover-Candy said a "tiny fraction" of machines had been affected by a fault, an issue now resolved.

Anna Ewers, from Crynant, South Wales, blew the lid off the story.

"I was in the garden when I heard a loud boom and my son ran screaming from the house. I went in and my laundry looked as if someone had put a grenade in the washing machine. It was in tatters with the top completely blown off. The drum had come out of the top and blown the lid across the floor."

"(Six year old son) Taylor had only just walked past it to get to the fridge. God knows what could have happened. It could have killed him." Hoover has replaced the washing machine with one less likely to explode and given compensation to the family. Taylor appears to be having fun with the old machine.
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