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Snake Preview

by on Jan.25, 2015, under Animals, Environment, Health, Nature

We can understand why some people have a fear of snakes. They're stealthy, favor small dark places, and may live in close proximity to you for years before you realize they're there. snake_toilet No matter how conscientious you are, you still have to sleep sometime. snake_sleep Some people don't find them scary at all. snake_girl2 If you provide the proper environment, snakes are easy to maintain. They rarely aggravate allergies and they don't take up much space, making them good apartment pets. snake_pet3 The bond between a boy and his snake can last for years. snake_girl3 But fears aren't unfounded. Unlike these house pets, a snake in the wild could be dangerous snake_fangs1 The fangs may not look as sharp as cat or puppy teeth, but the venom can be potent. snake_bite2 It travels from the point of origin and spreads through the body rapidly. Even the notorious Black Mambo takes 20 minutes (in extreme cases) to 8 hours to kill. snake_bitefoot2 Other species give their victims an opportunity to experience the agony for much longer. snake_bitefoot Often the venom contains chemicals that paralyze the nerves and cause the blood to clot. If not treated quickly, it spreads and muscle tissue begins to die. snake_bite3 This 13 year old girl from Caracas, Venezuela was bitten a month before she was brought to a hospital. The leg will be amputated to keep the necrosis from spreading but they believe that effects of the necrosis, rhabdomyolysis which causes the muscle tissue to die, and Rhabdomyolysis, which leads to kidney failure, are already irreversible. snake_bitedog If your dog can't read, warn him about the dangers of snakes. dog_snake2 If you encounter an unidentified creature in the wild, if it doesn't have fur and four legs, it's probably a dangerous spider and you should leave the vicinity as fast as possible.
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We All Scream

by on Jun.03, 2010, under Food

It's summer, and ice cream is a favorite treat throughout the world.  In the U.S. we have traditional flavors like vanilla and chocolate, but the rest of the world has other notions. Basashi is raw horse meat, often served on a bed of ice with condiments like soy sauce, shiso leaves, and daikon (Japanese radish). It’s also called “sakura” (cherry) because of its deep red color.  And this ice cream has nice chewy chunks of basashi. If raw horse meat isn't your idea of cold creamy goodness, there are lots of other flavors to choose from.  There's goat, and whale, and squid ink... Since Japan only slaughters whales for scientific exploration, the Whale Ice Cream must be for research purposes. What would you expect from people who eat shirako?

Goat Ice Cream

Whale Ice Cream


Shirako is the male genitalia of fish, a sack that contains its seminal fluid and sperm.  It's usually eaten raw, and so far hasn't appeared as an ice cream flavor.

But it's just a matter of time.  They even have Pit Viper Ice Cream, made with real Pit Viper. Mmmm.  You can really taste the Viper.

Pit Viper Ice Cream

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