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by on Oct.23, 2016, under Animals, Health, Nature

There are a lot of saints we probably haven't heard of. We're familiar with the popular ones, like Saint Patrick, Patron Saint of People Getting Drunk in His Honor, and Saint Francis of Assisi, known for his strong affection for animals. We know some of the more obscure ones, like Saint Guinefort: We're not sure about Saint Tiggywinkles, but we are in awe of his works. tbird1 Tiggywinkles is the world's leading wildlife hospital. It was founded in 1978 by Les and Sue Stocker, along with their son Colin. Until 1983 the Stockers funded their work from their savings. Then in February of that year the project became a Registered Charity with the official title of The Wildlife Hospital Trust. thedgehog1 They've helped a variety of species, including badgers, owls, swan, and deer. During the drought of 1984, they began to see more hedgehogs, and worked to raise awareness of their plight, asking people to leave out water and dog food for them. Many people started looking more closely at their local hedgehogs, and so many were brought in for treatment for injuries that the hospital opened a new shed as a Hedgehog-Only unit, and called it "St. Tiggywinkles." sdeer1 The hospital continues to look after all species of wildlife that are brought in, rehabilitating and releasing into the wild if possible, or keeping the animals in as natural an environment as possible at the hospital. Euthanasia is a last resort. trabbit1 While the hospital doesn't turn any wild animal away, avian tbird2 prey, or predator
Jeff Moore 28/12/08 St Tiggywinkles wildlife hospital in Buckinghamshire have seen their share in casualties this year with 10,203 animals passing through the centre. These includes the following which have been rescued and cared for over the past 12 months: 2500 hedgehogs, 1600 pigeons, 720 ducks, 710 blackbirds, 465 collared doves, 420 deer, 400 rabbits, 230 swans, 200 mice, 192 robins, 180 foxes, 130 badgers, 125 bats, 126 owls, 76 geese, 40 frogs, 31 grass snakes and 1 cuckoo! Picture shows: A four week old fox cub recovering  at hospital in May after suffering a broken back  leg.

Hedgehogs are still among the favorites.

thedgehog2 Some of the animals are up for adoption. If you're looking for a weasel, stoat, or polecat rex-polecat or perhaps a buzzard or a badger badger_adopt Or a hedgehog European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) with plaster on leg, St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, Haddenham, UK St. Tiggywinkles is the patron saint of baby wild animals. thedgehog3
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Sock in the Stomach

by on Sep.07, 2014, under Animals, Family, Food, Health

Some dogs will eat just about anything. dog_cattoy This three year old Great Dane isn't picky. Like a lot of dogs, he swallows first and decides whether or not it was food afterwards. dane1 Normally these things work themselves out in the end. But one day when he started to vomit repeatedly, his owners took him to the Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital in Portland, OR., where he helped them earn second place. danexr4 His x-rays, showing 44 socks, won the clinic the $500 second place prize in the 2014 X-Ray Contest Winners from The Veterinary Practice News. danexr4 He arrived with a distended stomach so was treated with exploratory surgery, which quickly revealed the cause. dane2 After the 43 1/2 socks were removed, he recovered quickly and was sent home the next day. dane3 We recommend that he pass on the socks.
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Blood Red Badger Courage

by on Aug.28, 2013, under Animals, Crime, Culture, Health, Nature

Despite having been illegal for over 170 years, badger baiting continues to be practiced throughout Britain and Ireland, not unlike cockfighting and dogfighting in the U.S. The badger is a protected species in the UK. badger01 Normally docile creatures, when they perceive a threat or are cornered, the badger, which can grow to 35 pounds, is a fierce fighter. It's dangerous bite and powerful claws leave it more than capable of defending itself. FV3602, Grambo Photography; North American Badger Snarling Near Den Badger baiting is a fight between a dog and a badger. The badger is usually put in a tunnel dug for the purpose, and a dog is introduced into the tunnel entrance. The waiting badger usually seizes te dog immediately, and the dog tries to grip the badger. They bite and tear and pull at each other in a frenzy. Frequently the dog is pulled out by its tail, separated from the badger, and the whole process repeated until the dog or badger is spent. badger-dog1 Injuries to the jaw and snout are common. badger-dog2 Some dogs have even had their lower jaw ripped off. badger-dog3 Due to the illegality of badger baiting, most of the dog owners refuse to take their dog to a veterinarian for proper treatment. The dog is either treated by the owner, killed, or abandoned and left to die. One cruel owner even tried using a household stapler to close the wounds on his dog Comet. badger-comet When it didn't work, the dog was abandoned, where she was found by dog walkers that took her to the vet. Delilah the terrier was close to death when she was found with burnt skin peeling off her face and vicious bite marks to her body. delilah5 She was unconscious and suffering from hypothermia. If she had been brought in by her owner, she probably would have been euthanized right away. delilah4   The veterinarians were horrified by her injuries and determined to save the 18-month-old Patterdale Terrier. Veterinary nurse Julie Fox, 33, who helped to treat her at Spa Vets in Gloucester, said, "I've been a nurse for 15 years but I've never been as horrified as when I first saw Delilah. Her face was peeling off and there was blood everywhere, if she was brought in with her owners we would have administered euthanasia straight away." delilah2 Delilah's brutal wounds are thought to be from badger baiting. In the illegal sport fires are started at all but one of the exit holes of the badger hole and dogs are sent down to chase them out. The Vets wrapped her in foil blankets, surrounded her in heat pads and gave her dinner: Within hours she had regained consciousness and sat up. delilah3 They performed a life-changing operation on Delilah to give her new eyelids - the complex procedure left her with 80 stitches and she was hospitalized for 48 hours. delilah1 So far Delilah has made an astonishing recovery. The vets are confident that her progress will continue. Meanwhile, she has gone home with the nurse, Julie Fox. delilah-fox "Since I've had her at home she's made a remarkable recovery," said Ms. Fox. "She's full of life, she follows me everywhere and loves playing with my other dogs." delilah6  
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Injured Leopard Spotted

by on Sep.19, 2012, under Animals, Culture, Health, Nature

If you have stray cats in your neighborhood, you know that they don't respect boundaries. Your fence or garden wall is a minor obstruction. But this four-year-old leopard scaled a ten foot high wall, but then became impaled on a spike when it failed to clear a gate at the BEML factory in Mysore, India. The unfortunate creature was howling in pain when he was spotted by passersby as he struggled to free himself. A rescue operation was launched, and the leopard was tranquilized, allowing helpers under supervision of a veterinarian to lift it off the spike and bring it down in a net. Doctors at a nearby veterinary hospital stitched the wound caused by the spike and treated it with antibiotics. When he's sufficiently healed, he'll be rehabilitated to the forest, freeing him to return to Mysore.
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Bad To The Bone

by on Aug.27, 2012, under Animals, Crime, Family, Health, Nature

Michelle Busse of Arizona left her pet dog Carmela to fend for herself after she was struck by a car almost a year ago in Peroria, leaving her in agony from a partially severed front leg. Without medical treatment, the three year old Pit bull mix chewed her own leg off. Busse took Carmela to a veterinarian after the accident, but refused treatment for the dog even after being offered a payment plan. She also refused to have the dog humanely euthanized. The three-year-old Pit bull mix chewed off its own leg and was left to walk around on a bloody stump.  Vets who examined the wound said it was infected and the pit bull mix would have been in terrible pain from walking on an exposed bone. Nearly a year after the accident, police received an anonymous report that the dog was suffering without medical attention and investigated. When an animal control officer examined the female dog, she was missing the lower half of her front right leg and was walking on exposed bone and flesh. A vet later removed the infected leg and Carmela is recovering at the Humane Society of Arizona. Busse was charged with felony animal cruelty. Carmela recovered and was made available for adoption.
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by on May.29, 2012, under Animals, Health

In wealthy countries, people are compassionate about stray dogs and cats, and look out for their welfare. In other places, like Russia, stray dogs elicit more disinterest than compassion. Fortunately, somebody took pity on this poor creature when they spotted his tick infestation and brought him in for treatment. We hope he recovers and has a better future ahead.
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Ruff Ruff Life

by on Feb.23, 2012, under Animals, Culture, Family, Health

Tom Zeilenga adopted abused puppy Ruff Ruff last year. The nine-month-old Catahoula Leopard joined his two other dogs at his home in Wilmington, Illinois. While he was out celebrating New Year's Eve, a fire broke out, trapping his three dogs. A neighbor who spotted the fire managed to save the two older dogs, but the terrified puppy ran through the burning house. Ruff Ruff was discovered five hours later, badly burned and whimpering under a porch. She refused to let animal rescuers to assist her until her owner arrived. She sustained third degree burns. She's being treated at a Tinley Park animal hospital. Animal charity PAWS raised awareness of the puppy's plight and her large medical bill and the local community joined together to raise $8,000 towards her expenses. Ruff Ruff suffered severe burns around her eyes, ears, back, and all her pads on her feet were burned off. Her thick coat is thought to have saved her life. She has undergone a couple of skin removal surgeries and skin grafts. While her feet are getting better, she has lost part of her ears due to burn damage.
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Reigning Cats and Dogs

by on Aug.29, 2011, under Animals, Nature

Sometimes cats and dogs fight like, well, cats and dogs. But they're not really natural enemies.   In fact they can develop close relationships despite their differences. 18-month-old Norman, a bloodhound, and Bhubesi,a six month old lion cub, live at the Tshukudu Game Reserve in South Africa. The puppy was brought to the spot, in the north of the country, to chase off poachers, and immediately took the cub under his wing. The lion joins the dog on walks, even taking his lead in his mouth and trying to pull the massive puppy around. Bhubesi was rejected by his mother and is being hand raised at the reserve by head ranger Jaco Venter. The lion cub and puppy compete for Jaco's attention. According to Jaco, "Norman is a new arrival at the reserve and has been trained to track poachers, which has been on the increase in recent times in South Africa. Right now Norman is the boss despite Bhubesi believing he probably is. But give it a year or so and Bhubesi really will be as he starts to develop." Photographer Stu Porter added, "The walk helps train the dog to be out in the bush and the lion comes along as he likes to follow his buddy. They are always very friendly, except at meal times where instinct takes over - but then they are fed separately. It's amazing to watch how close their bond has become and I'm looking forward to going back and seeing how it develops." It is not known if Stu was fed to the lion for that stupid photography joke.  
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Up to Your Shoulders In It

by on May.16, 2010, under Animals, Education, Technology

Bovine rectal palpation is a difficult procedure for veterinary students to learn and requires considerable practice.  It's used to diagnose pregnancy, check for infection, and feel the stomach, uterus, and ovaries, and to play hilarious pranks on first year vet students.  It's not as much fun as it looks for either the student or cow, and the cows frequently shower the student in excrement in an expression of bovine humor.  And you can't see what's going on with your arm stuck up a cow's butt.  Fortunately, there's an app for that -- and a peripheral. Sarah Baillie has designed the Hepatic Cow, which uses a touch feedback device programmed to deliver just the right amount of resistance to teach students the difference between healthy and diseased tissue.  She's also working on a Hepatic Horse and Hepatic Cat. For now, these guys still do it the traditional way.
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