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By Your Own Bootstraps

by on Apr.08, 2012, under Health, Miscellaneous

The majority of people who collect welfare are honest hard-working citizens who just need a helping hand during hard times. But there is the occasional welfare cheat who is just lazy and wants to live his life at public expense. Hans Url, a 56-year-old man from Mitterlabilll Austria was told that his handouts would end if he refused to accept work found for him by job center staff. He complained that he was too sick to work. He was offered medical assistance. Undeterred, he raised the stakes... by a foot. Url sliced off his foot with a miter saw. He didn't want to risk his plan for a future of a publicly subsidized life of leisure to chance, so he made sure the foot couldn't be reattached by burning it in an oven. Police spokesman Franz Fasching said: ‘The planning was meticulous. "He waited until his wife and his adult son had left the house and he was alone. He then switched it on and sliced off his left foot above the ankle - throwing it in the fire so it would not be possible to reattach it before he called emergency services.He then made his way to the garage where he called emergency services and waited for them to arrive."

Feldbach AMS job centre spokesman Hermann Gössinger said, ‘This is a tragic case but it will not help the man. His latest excuse had been a bad back which is why he had been sent for a medical. But even now losing a foot does not automatically mean he will not be able to work. He will be assessed once he is out of hospital and we will see what work we can find for him."

Many positions are possible for a one legged man

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