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Ahead By A Foot

by on Aug.26, 2013, under Family, Health, Kids, Nature

Sam Esquibel, was 3 days old when doctors at Memorial Hospital for Children in Colorado Springs discovered a microscopic tumor in his brain. ff-foot5 The surgeon expected to find a benign growth in the brain. ff-foot6 Instead of a small tumor, he spotted a tiny foot, partially formed hand, a thigh and another partially formed foot. ff-foot1 The extra parts are probably the result of fetus-in-fetu, which we explored in a previous article, Something Inside. SPL72827_009 A hospital representative said Sam is alive and recovering well after his operation. FOOT IN BRAIN Sam's parents, Tiffnie and Manuel Esquibel, say their son is at home now but faces monthly blood tests to check for signs of cancer or regrowth, along with physical therapy to improve the use of his neck. But they say he has mostly recovered from the surgery. "You'd never know if he didn't have a scar there," Mrs Esquibel said.
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The Hairy Eyeball

by on Jan.08, 2013, under Family, Health, Kids, Nature, Technology

The hairy eyeball


A glance made with partially lowered eyelashes. This usually indicates suspicion or hostility but may signal other emotions too. hairy-eyeball-jb   Then there's the limbal dermoid: skin tissue that can sprout hair, cartilage, sweat glands and even teeth.

epibulbar_dermoid_1_060429 You can see the epibulbar dermoid on this child, who can also sprout hair, cartilage, sweat glands and even teeth.


Besides occluding vision, the tumor can be painful.


The condition is uncommon, occurring in around 1 in 10,000 births, and the tumor is benign.


It's a congenital condition, which can usually be treated with surgery.


If the dermoid forms on the cornea rather than the limbus, it's a corneal dermatoid.


In most cases some vision can be restored, evidently by the application of chopsticks.


Then there's nothing left to do but dispose of the extra tissue and clean up the surgical area.




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Where The Truth Lies

by on Dec.23, 2011, under Culture, Education, Family, Health, Kids, Parenting

Even the most well-intended parents lie to their kids. The lies are inevitably revealed, but it might buy the parents a few years of relief. Ultimately, the kids will realize you've betrayed their trust and be more inclined to question everything you tell them. Here are some of the more popular lies. If you suck your thumb

You'll develop an overbite. If you swallow a watermelon seed

A watermelon will grow inside you.

Tell the truth. You won't be in any trouble. We love you both equally and treat you both the same.

Pick your nose

And your brain will run out through your nostril.

Sometimes a little misdirection may be beneficial. But be careful not to take it too far.

Lies can be dangerous.

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Something Inside

by on Jun.19, 2010, under Health

Fetus in fetu is an unusual condition in which a vertebrate fetus is enclosed within the abdomen of a normally developing fetus.  It manifests itself in a lot of different ways, but can be distinguished from other tumors by the presence of parts of a spinal column. Here's a great article explaining fetus in fetu: http://radiology.rsna.org/content/214/3/735.full If there's any outward sign, it usually results in a bulging abdomen and in rarer cases, external limbs, heads, or other features. When someone has two penises,  you immediately think of diphallia.  But it can also result from  fetus in fetu.  Li Jun and his wife, who life in Hejian city in Henan province in central China had a child with this syndrome. Doctors at Tianjin Children's Hospital removed his extra penis in a three hour operation.
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