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Abou A Boy

by on May.09, 2015, under Crime, Family, Parenting

There are no secrets when you take a commercial flight. tsa_scannerNothing is left to the imagination. tsa02 You can see what everybody is packing. tsa01 Whether it's personal or checked baggage. baggagehandler The detail is there for everyone to see.
Suitcase, coloured X-ray.

Suitcase, coloured X-ray.

So don't pack anything you wouldn't want to be caught with in public. airport_scan01 When this is a typical example of what the airport security agent sees all day tsa-05 Then something like this is bound to stand out. tsa_xray_dog Pets are not allowed as carry-on and this one was spotted right away. But people continue to try to get away with it anyway. suitcase_kid01
An 8-year-old African boy named Abou was discovered stuffed in a small suitcase in what Spanish police called a “terrible state” after a failed attempt to rejoin his father.
He had been smuggled into Spanish territory in the north African enclave of Ceuta, north of Morocco, when he was discovered on Thursday at a land border crossing by the Spanish Guardia Civil police. suitcase_boy02
The Guardia Civil released photos on Friday of the gaunt child from the Ivory Coast, curled in a fetal position inside the luggage.
“When they put the suitcase through the scanner, the operator noticed something strange, which seemed to be a person inside the case,” a border officer told AFP news agency. suitcase_boy03
He was smuggled there in the suitcase with wheels by a 19-year-old Moroccan woman, a spokesman for the Guardia Civil told AFP.
The boy, whose eyes were apparently heavily pixellated from the ordeal, has been placed with lost luggage.
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Just Passing Through

by on May.26, 2012, under Culture, Drugs, Technology, War and Terrorism

When the man entered the train station in the Zhejiang province of China, nobody paid any attention. Drunks wandering in and out of the station during late hours are a common sight so nobody noticed when he decided to nap on a baggage inspection machine’s idle conveyer belt. At some point the conveyer started up, but the man didn't wake up. The baggage inspectors might have been a little surprised when the image ran across the screen. Although he clearly wasn't concealing anything and passed through security, he woke up and walked off.  
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The Flying Game

by on Jul.12, 2011, under Culture, Family, Kids, War and Terrorism

After a number of high profile incidents where TSA agents have been accused of performing needlessly intrusive body searches of children, the agency announced that unnecessary pat-downs of children would be avoided in the future.

TSA agent checks 3 year old boy's penis for weapons

The announcement came after public outrage after a 6-year-old girl in New Orleans was subjected to a heavy-handed body search last month. Contrary to early reports, this young boy wasn't stripped searched by the TSA. His father removed his shirt to expedite the process when the boy, singled out for a body search, was intimidated by all the officers watching him being groped. The same day that the TSA announced the end of unnecessary invasive body searches of children, a 6 year old boy, on his way to Disneyland with his family, was intrusively searched TWICE. The Long family, from Kirkland, Washington, departed from the Sea Tac airport. "They just treated him like he's a terrorist- he's a six year old boy," his distressed father Alex Long told King5 News. The young boy and his brother were on a surprise trip to Disneyland when the TSA subjected him to two invasive pat-downs after he set off detector. The officals also carefully examined his video-game even though it had been on the belt, and not his body which had beeped. "Immediately after this happened I hugged my son and he started crying and saying 'I don't want to go to Disneyland," his mother Jenine Michaelis said. "We all talk to our kids about improper touching - somebody shouldn't touch you unless you want to be touched," Ms Michaelis said. "We didn't have any time to talk to him about what they were really doing." The TSA has threatened to respond.
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