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Touch of Reality

by on May.22, 2013, under Consumer, Family, Kids, Recreation, Toys

Advertising has accustomed us to disappointment. The picture doesn't always reflect reality. fastfoodreal   Although the optimists among us hope otherwise, we know that the picture on the box is a "serving suggestion.


When it's a manufactured product, you might expect a photograph of the actual item, possibly even shown in use. insta-pool23But like a Whopper, the actual product might not resemble the picture. pool-actual At least the people are real. pool-touchmom As Heisenberg taught us, the more precisely we can identify the subject, the less certain we are of its location. pool-badtouch It looks like the boys are having a good time. But we're not going to be fooled by the picture on the box and run out and buy one of these. Elmo McQueen
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Canons of Law

by on Sep.29, 2012, under Crime, Culture, History, Recreation, Toys, Weapons

Gun ownership is strongly regulated in many parts of the world, particularly in Europe, Canada, and the United States. The United States Constitution guarantees the right to own firearms, but individual states and the Federal Government set limits. Some people justify gun ownership in the U.S. as a hedge against a totalitarian government, the historic legacy of hunting, and as a safe, fun hobby.

It is legal to own a Colt AR-15A3 in most parts of the U.S. A semi-automatic AK-47 is ok too.

In Britain, the standards are more severe.

The West Midland Police were on a "routine operation" when the noticed the tiny replica cannon.

The cannon, about a foot long, has a bronze barrel, wood carriage, with bronze wheels. Because you can load it with gunpowder, and it has a hole for a fuse, it is technically a firearm under current statutes. It is considered a "working weapon".

Police said they had to seize and destroy it for safety reasons. A spokesman said, "Police officers and specially trained firearms officers are working 24/7 to remove more obvious firearms from the streets of the West Midlands and we remain committed to further reducing serious violent crime."

West Midlands Police keeping the streets safe

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The Flying Game

by on Jul.12, 2011, under Culture, Family, Kids, War and Terrorism

After a number of high profile incidents where TSA agents have been accused of performing needlessly intrusive body searches of children, the agency announced that unnecessary pat-downs of children would be avoided in the future.

TSA agent checks 3 year old boy's penis for weapons

The announcement came after public outrage after a 6-year-old girl in New Orleans was subjected to a heavy-handed body search last month. Contrary to early reports, this young boy wasn't stripped searched by the TSA. His father removed his shirt to expedite the process when the boy, singled out for a body search, was intimidated by all the officers watching him being groped. The same day that the TSA announced the end of unnecessary invasive body searches of children, a 6 year old boy, on his way to Disneyland with his family, was intrusively searched TWICE. The Long family, from Kirkland, Washington, departed from the Sea Tac airport. "They just treated him like he's a terrorist- he's a six year old boy," his distressed father Alex Long told King5 News. The young boy and his brother were on a surprise trip to Disneyland when the TSA subjected him to two invasive pat-downs after he set off detector. The officals also carefully examined his video-game even though it had been on the belt, and not his body which had beeped. "Immediately after this happened I hugged my son and he started crying and saying 'I don't want to go to Disneyland," his mother Jenine Michaelis said. "We all talk to our kids about improper touching - somebody shouldn't touch you unless you want to be touched," Ms Michaelis said. "We didn't have any time to talk to him about what they were really doing." The TSA has threatened to respond.
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