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Cutting Edge of Bodyart

by on Sep.22, 2012, under Art, Health

It's henna colored, but it looks more like a birthmark than a tattoo. It doesn't look like the allergic reaction to henna that we illustrated in Kids Dye Young. To get this effect, you have to go beyond a mere tattoo and dig a little deeper. For the best results, you really have to be willing to suffer for your art. It takes more than patience and a steady hand. It also requires a high threshold of pain. There will probably be a little blood from the strips of flesh they hack out. But if you survive the pain and septic shock, and infection doesn't set in, the results make it all worthwhile.
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by on Feb.15, 2012, under Art, Health

Breast implants have gotten bad press recently. A major manufacturer in France was discovered to have been using industrial grade silicone instead of medical grade. Leakages and ruptures caused significant damage. Sheyla Hershey, of Houston, Tx., was driving to pick up her husband after a Super Bowl party when she lost control of her car and slammed into a tree. She said the airbags in her Ford Mustang didn't go off — which could have meant serious injury for most her.

But Hershey, who, according to her website, was named as having the largest augmented breasts by her native Brazil's equivalent of the Guiness Book of World Records, says she was saved by her silicone. She is a size 38KKK. “My implants saved my life, my breasts are very sore and I have some scratches on them but I know I would have been badly hurt without them because they are very close to the steering wheel,” she said. Even a small augmentation can turn the woman of your imagination into the woman of your dreams. This cowgirl tattoo had the look, but not the feel. One might argue that the breast implant is more for his benefit than hers. But it adds a new dimension to bodyart.    
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The Thais That Bind

by on Sep.06, 2011, under Culture, Drugs, Food, Health, History, Religion

The Phuket Vegetarian Festival is held for nine days during the ninth month of the lunar calendar every year. The ethnic Chinese that celebrate believe that abstinence from meat and various stimulants  will help them obtain good health and peace of mind. Though the origins of the festival are unclear, it is thought that perhaps the festival was bought to Phuket by a wandering Chinese opera group who fell ill with malaria while performing on the island. They decided to adhere to a strict vegetarian diet and pray to the Nine Emperor Gods who would ensure purification of the mind and body. On recovery, the people celebrated by holding a festival that was meant to honour the gods as well as express the people's happiness at surviving what was, in the nineteenth century, a fatal illness.

 During the festival, vegetarian food is sold in the stalls. People show off their elaborate tattoos. There's firewalking. If you're not afraid of heights, there's razor-blade ladder climbing. And there's "extreme" piercing. Really extreme. They even make this guy look like a wimp. It's a good thing they're vegetarians.
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Kids Dye Young

by on Jul.10, 2011, under Art, Consumer, Culture, Health, Kids

At one time tattoos were relegated to sailors, drunks, drunk sailors and carnival freaks. Then tattoos became trendy, and they went from simple figures to elaborate body art. People inked everything from their hobbies and interests to their kids. Then they started tattooing their kids. Or the kids could do it themselves with the iTattoo. Of course, they're washable. That is, unless you're an idiot like Eugene Ashley. The Floyd County, Georgia man was charged with child cruelty for allegedly tattooing his 3-year-old son. The child told investigators he cried and begged his daddy not to do it but said his father held him down and tattooed his right shoulder. The child told that caseworker that his daddy -- Eugene Ashley -- made the tattoo on his shoulder. The child stated he cried and told his daddy to stop, but Eugene held the child down and finished the tattoo. "DB" stands for "Daddy's Boy". A temporary tattoo isn't supposed to hurt. Modern transfer tattoos are alcohol or water soluble, and henna has been used for literally thousands of years. Eight year old Rayno Smit, from Perth, Australia, was on holiday with his family in Bali when he got a $ 10 oriental dragon henna tattoo on his arm. It should have faded in two weeks, but he had an allergic reaction to the dye. Rayno's mother, Leisl Smit, said that she fears her son's inflamed forearm will not fade, with doctors warning the scarring could be permanent. "It's devastating because I know I said yes to [him getting] it," Mrs Smit said. Rayno is now using steroid cream twice a day to reduce the scarring. Five year old Jed Rowe from Geelong suffered the same fate. He's been left with a 30cm raised, bright red scar on his back after he had an allergic reaction to a dye dragon design he received while on holidays in Nusa Dua, Bali. Despite regularly applying cream to reduce the swollen mark, it shows no sign of fading more than three weeks after it was applied. "The fear is he's going to have permanent scarring, or have to have skin grafts or cosmetic surgery," his father Paul told ninemsn news. Cannon Cribb, five, got a dragon tattoo on his Bali holiday. All was fine until the tattoo wore off completely and the entire area welted into the shape of the original image, some two weeks after it was first put on. The family now fear Cannon will be left with a life-long scar. Their doctor is treating the wound as a chemical burn, requiring mother Leiona Cribb to dress it several times a day and apply a steroid cream. "It looks as though someone has branded him with a red dragon," said Mrs Cribb. Mrs Cribb said she had had no idea until now, and wanted to warn others of the potential side-effects, saying: 'What if a little girl got a butterfly on her face?"
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by on Aug.08, 2010, under Art, Kids, Toys

Open up your very own pretend play tattoo parlor. This easy-to-use tattoo maker kit includes an electronic tattoo pen and funky stencils. Using soft, safe pulsating action, the tattoo pen creates realistic, washable designs with dramatic effects.

Kid displays tattoo with school colors

Tattoo personal information or sell advertising space

Express your sensitive side in a masculine way

You can be just like your biker uncle when he's out of prison

The i-Tattoo comes with these items

Kids love the i-Tattoo, by Spin Master

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New Use For An Old Playstation

by on May.24, 2010, under Art, Crime, Games

You've already got a state-of-the-art game console.  There are no new games for it, and that old Sony Playstation is just collecting dust.  It doesn't make a good dog toy, it doesn't taste very good and you can't throw it at your sister.  So what can you do with it? You can give yourself prison tattoos!  That's what inmates at Brook House Immigration Removal Centre near Gatwick, West Sussex, UK did.  A motor from the console was attached to a pen with a sharpened tip. The center holds 426 men, many awaiting deportation after jail for crimes in the UK. They are allowed PlayStation 1 and 2 consoles, but not the PlayStation 3 model because it can connect to the internet.  The detention center hasn't commented on why open wi-fi would be available to the prisoners. Guards in US jails have found tattoo guns made from Nintendo consoles. The centre holds 426 men - many awaiting deportation after jail for crimes in the UK. They are allowed PlayStation 1 and 2 consoles, but not the PlayStation 3 model because it can connect to the internet. Guards in US jails have found tattoo guns made from Nintendo consoles. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2983928/Sony-PainStation-prisoner-uses-console-as-DIY-tattoo-gizmo.html#ixzz0otVqr8H8
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