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Sock in the Stomach

by on Sep.07, 2014, under Animals, Family, Food, Health

Some dogs will eat just about anything. dog_cattoy This three year old Great Dane isn't picky. Like a lot of dogs, he swallows first and decides whether or not it was food afterwards. dane1 Normally these things work themselves out in the end. But one day when he started to vomit repeatedly, his owners took him to the Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital in Portland, OR., where he helped them earn second place. danexr4 His x-rays, showing 44 socks, won the clinic the $500 second place prize in the 2014 X-Ray Contest Winners from The Veterinary Practice News. danexr4 He arrived with a distended stomach so was treated with exploratory surgery, which quickly revealed the cause. dane2 After the 43 1/2 socks were removed, he recovered quickly and was sent home the next day. dane3 We recommend that he pass on the socks.
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by on Jun.05, 2012, under Animals, Culture, Health, Kids, Nature, Recreation

Kids in the Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh state don't have laptops and Playstations. They invent their own games.

Anil Barela was playing one of his favorite games with friends on the bank of a river: swallowing live fish.

Anil took a deep breath...

... and sucked the fish into his windpipe where it ended up in the left lung. Anil soon had trouble breathing and was taken to a hospital for emergency surgery.

Dr Pramod Jhawar, chest specialist and bronchoscope expert, told the Times of India, "X-ray displayed the left lung completely opaque due to the presence of a foreign object. The fish was live and taking its last breath when the bronchoscopy was done, restricting the functioning of both the longs resulting in low intake of oxygen. It is the first case of this sort that we have come across in 20 years time."  

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Where The Truth Lies

by on Dec.23, 2011, under Culture, Education, Family, Health, Kids, Parenting

Even the most well-intended parents lie to their kids. The lies are inevitably revealed, but it might buy the parents a few years of relief. Ultimately, the kids will realize you've betrayed their trust and be more inclined to question everything you tell them. Here are some of the more popular lies. If you suck your thumb

You'll develop an overbite. If you swallow a watermelon seed

A watermelon will grow inside you.

Tell the truth. You won't be in any trouble. We love you both equally and treat you both the same.

Pick your nose

And your brain will run out through your nostril.

Sometimes a little misdirection may be beneficial. But be careful not to take it too far.

Lies can be dangerous.

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Hard To Swallow

by on Oct.01, 2011, under Animals, Food, Health, Nature

Dogs will eat almost anything. If something appeals to them, they'll swallow first and decide later whether or not it was food. If not, it will probably come back out... one way or another.

They're usually stoic about pain and discomfort and you might not know that something is bothering them.

Blue, an eight year old gray pit bull was playing in his yard in Mobile, Alabama when he tried to swallow a 15" steel garden banner flag pole,

His owners discovered it late in the evening. They weren't able to remove it and took him to the Rehm Animal Clinic.

Dr Chris Rehm said, "Blue was gasping. He was agitated ... he couldn't breathe" Dr. Carol Rehm added, "The owners were terrified. Blue was going to die, but the owner wanted us to try and save him." The surgery took about 90 minutes. They used bolt cutters to remove the crossbar at the top of the shaft, which had prevented Blue from swallowing it completely. With a few more cuts, they were finally able to remove the pole. Dr Chris Rehm said: "Had he swallowed it, he would have died. He's already eating again, and matter of fact, I bet he's ready to swallow something else."

Dog swallows metal post and lives to chew again: fox10tv.com

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Off Road With A Jaguar

by on Sep.04, 2011, under Animals, Family, Health, Kids, Nature, Recreation, Toys

Indie, a two year old Labrador lives with his owner, Belinda Simpkin, and two boys, Ben, eleven, and Alex, eight. Like lots of dogs, he loves to play with his boys and chase things. But when he took on a Jaguar, he bit off more than he could chew.

Ben had attended a wedding with his mother the day before and received a party bag with a toy car inside. Ms. Simpkin reports, "He was absolutely delighted with it and took it home to play with the next day he was messing around with it at home - I know now he was pushing it along the floor for Indie to chase. Indie would pick it up in his mouth and drop it at Ben's feet. All of a sudden, Ben came to me and said 'Mum, I think he's swallowed the car.'

I had a quick look around for the car but I was in no doubt Indie had swallowed it and Ben was scared. Indie was lying on the ground panting, as if he'd run ten miles. He wasn't acting his normal self and I knew something was wrong."

Ms Simpkin said, "The X-rays are unbelievable. You can see the exact outline of the car in amazing detail. Now it's out, you can even see bubbles in the paint from Indie's stomach acid." The family is keeping the Jaguar as a souvenir.
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