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Just Passing Through

by on Sep.24, 2014, under Animals, Consumer, Culture, Food, Health

Japanese fish delicacies are as beautiful as they are tasty. sashimi Sashimi, raw fish, is gaining in popularity around the world. Often served alongside sushi and tempura, it's one of the very few animal products that can be a part of a non-vegetarian raw foods diet. madai-sashimi The most common fish used in sashimi are tuna, salmon, mackerel, and yellowfin, but the key is freshness, so just about any locally available fish may be used. But what happens when good sashimi goes bad? Corpses Outside Chongqing Shelter For the man who went to Guangzhou No. 8 People's Hospital in Guangdong Province in eastern China, it resulted in a stomach ache and itching. sash1 Probably as a result of poor sanitation, some of the raw fish was contaminated. sash3 The x-rays revealed that the man was infested with tapeworms and tapeworm larvae. tapeworm Tapeworm larvae are usually found in freshwater fish. Eating raw or undercooked fish can transmit the parasite. sash2 Eventually the parasite can cause cysticercosis, where the adult worms enter the bloodstream. That type of infection is life threatening when it reaches the brain. sash4 By the time this victim entered the hospital, the larvae had spread throughout his entire body. The man is expected to survive the ordeal, and although he had a record number of larvae infesting his body. However, he didn't beat Sally Mae Wallace's record tapeworm. Sally, from Great Grits, Mississippi had a 37' tapeworm removed while completely conscious. But we're pretty sure the Chinese gentleman could beat the record if the larvae were all laid end to end. sally-mae  
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Unagi: The Rarest Cut

by on May.26, 2012, under Art, Culture, Food, Health

From art, theater, concerts and literature, to model rockets, auctions, and comedy, the Asagaya Loft offers a venue for every interest. One of the events on the calendar for Sunday, May 13, 2012 is a culinary event.

Mao Sugiyama, an illustrator from Tokyo, goes by the name HC. "Ham Cybele" is a reference to the Anatolian mother goddess Cybele, with a meat related word prefixing the name, and reflects Sugiyama's pseudonym. Sugiyama celebrated his 22nd birthday in April by having elective surgery. The self-identified asexual had his genitals removed, frozen, and bagged, and took them with him.

He originally planned to cook and eat them, but decided to hold an event instead. His first invitation was via twitter.

He offered the special meal on Twitter to the first person willing to pay 100,000 yen ($ 1250) but after all the notoriety following his tweet, he instead organized the public event at the Loft. The day prior to his event, Sugiyama tweeted:

"I'm ready to thaw them out.

The link showed this picture of the parts ready to thaw.

About 70 people attended to hear a piano recital and panel discussion before dinner.

As there were only five servings of the chef's special, the others were served beef and crocodile dishes.

The five genital eaters comprised a 32-year-old male manga artist (there for “research”), a 30-year-old white-collar couple (who were “curious”), an attractive 22-year-old woman (who wondered how it would feel), and 29-year-old event planner Shigenobu Matsuzawa, who tweeted before the event, “It’s a once in a lifetime chance, so I decided on the spur of the moment to do it.”

Close-up photos of the braised genitals showed a sliced penis shaft with clearly visible corpora cavernosa and urethra, a sliced testicle with the look and texture of sea urchin sushi, and scrotal skin with about 3 mm of pubic hair growth. Rounding out the presentation the chef garnished the genitals with button mushrooms and Italian parsley.

Comments about the meal along with more pictures were originally posted on Sugiyama's blog, but he later removed them for privacy reasons.

According to the deleted blog post by Matsuzawa, the hard, rubbery penis root almost bent his fork, and he spit it out after a few chews. The only taste was of the red wine that it had been pre-stewed in. The scrotum was surprisingly even harder and more rubbery than the penis, but tasteless. The testicles were hard on the outside, soft and glutinous in the middle, with a fishy or gamey taste. One of Matsuzawa’s friends in attendance asked for a piece of the penis and ate it, but after the event became distraught and expressed regret that he had lost his common sense in the heat of the moment.

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Sushi Poppers

by on Jul.10, 2010, under Food

One of the problems with Sushi is that you can't just take it with and have it whenever you want.  You can't make it too far in advance, and it doesn't hold up well over time.  But food scientists in Japan have solved those problems with Sushi Poppers, for people who want to have their sushi on the go.

Sushi poppers are available in these wonderful flavors.

Buy yours today!  Order from http://www.sushipopper.com
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