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Halloween Carving

by on Nov.07, 2010, under Culture, Family, Kids, Parenting, Weapons

Halloween is almost a religious experience for some kids. You get free candy, and you can dress up as anything you want. The choices are endless. A kid could move around discreetly dressed as a traffic barrel. Or portray their favorite movie heroes. A very creative kid could wear a costume within a costume. Here's one portraying batdog. Kids may start trick-or-treating early. You know the parents are "holding" the candy for them.

Not a costume

Halloween costumes are very gender specific. Girls still want to be witches and princesses, while boys like darker characters. But not one 12-year-old from Surprise, Arizona.  He wanted to trick-or-treat as a "gay Justin Bieber". His mother thought his redundant use of the term "gay" was disrespectful of the former Youtube sensation.

Gay Justin Bieber

His mother grounded him Halloween night after an argument, according to police spokesman Sgt. Mark Ortega. He became belligerent after being grounded from trick-or-treating, grabbed a knife from his room, and threatened to kill her. She was able to disarm him without injury. The 12-year-old was arrested on suspicion of threatening with a knife. http://www.azcentral.com/community/surprise/articles/2010/11/04/20101104justin-bieber-costume-ban-knife-threat-arizona-abrk.html
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