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Waist Deep In The Big Muddy

by on Jul.08, 2014, under Environment, Family, Health, Kids, Nature, Parenting, Recreation

It's been more than 10 years since five year old Lelaina Hall died after being trapped in the mud at Berrow Beach, Somerset in 2002. mudflat_danger People, especially kids, ignore the posted warnings to play in the mud. mudflat_rescue Emergency crews had already been called out several times to rescue people stuck in the mud. But like the others, this young boy ran out to enjoy the mudflats exposed during low tide at Weston-super-Mare in Somerset to the consternation of his mother. mudboy3 All of the stuck children were located and rescued that day, although one seven year old boy had to be checked out by an ambulance crew. Roger Fry, who lives in the area, was attending Weston Air Day when he snapped these photos. mudboy2 He said, "I was on the beach watching the planes when I heard this great ruckus. I looked round and saw this mother screaming at a kid." "I told you not to go down there, you're filthy" and so on. "Everyone stopped and looked around before the mother stormed off with some other children towards the car park. The muddy kid just followed on a little later." mudboy1 The unidentified young boy was berated by his mother, and was seen bursting into tears as the furious woman wagged her finger in front of his face. "Everyone stopped and looked around before the mother stormed off with some other children towards the car park. The muddy kid just followed on a little later." reported Fry.

"I want to play cricket on the green,

Ride my bike across the street,

Cut myself and see my blood,

I want to come home all covered in mud."

"I'm a Boy" -- Pete Townsend

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The Staff of Jesus

by on Aug.16, 2010, under Art, Culture, History, Religion

Most US Christians embrace the Protestant image of Jesus, as a young caucasian with long flowing hair. Although he was born to Middle-Eastern parents two thousand years ago and probably had different features and darker skin, western artists have depicted him like this through the ages.  In more modern times Jesus has gone from the prophet and teacher in the liturgies to the charismatic image of superjesus. For those who prefer baby Jesus, he was a popular subject of Renaissance artists.  He's usually depicted as a little baby Elvis.  The later Elvis.

Apparently some of the artists missed the fact that Jesus was Jewish.

Jesus on the crucifix is a popular symbol for Catholics.  The bloodier the better.

Some of them are very ornate, such as this crucifix with Jesus wearing a diaper.

Janet Jaime, an Oklahoma City iconographer, was commissioned by St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Warr Acres, Oklahoma to design a crucifix. Some of the church members are outraged by the result, but she Janet says they're misinterpreting a common religious icon.

“This isn't just a subjective drawing. This is a historical icon of the church,” said Reggie Jaime, husband of Janet Jaime, an Oklahoma City iconographer commissioned by the church to design the crucifix. “I can't help what you see in things, or she sees in things, or anyone.”

Father Phillip Seaton, Pastor of the church, referred questions to the Oklahoma City Archdioces.

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