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Swing On A Scar

by on Feb.15, 2015, under Culture, Games, Recreation

The thrill that you get from achieving that goal, whether flying a plane, running a race, or shagging a sheep, diminishes every time you repeat the feat. The Piper Cub pilot might aspire to a Learjet, the 5K runner might take on a marathon, and sheep shagger wait stop why would anybody do that?! bungee1 You take the first leap of faith, and want to experience the same thrill, so you take it to greater heights. bungee2 After you've once again reached that plateau, you take it to the extreme. rbung5 The Moscow based Sinner Team has been practicing extreme stunts since 2008. Despite the extreme nature of their sports, they play it safe. Here a group member makes sure the bungee doesn't tangle as a colleague takes a 250 foot leap from the tower. rbung3 It's immediately noticeable when the end of the bungee is reached and it starts to stretch. rbung4 But there's no need to worry, when the harness is firmly attached to the body. rbung2 The Sinners prepare for their jumps by inserting four metal bars to which the harness will attach through skin piercings. The piercings are temporary, just for the occasion. rbung1 They jump and record their expressions as the harness tightens. rbung7 Then they land triumphantly. We wonder what they'll hang from when the thrill is over this time.
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Hit or Missile

by on May.02, 2011, under Art, Health, Miscellaneous, Recreation

The artillery cannon has hundreds of years of history of human carnage. With its record of death and destruction, the cannon was a formidable battlefield weapon, but it didn't have a fine aim. Early military experiments to replace the cannon ball with a soldier made it clear that the entertainment value exceeded the strategic value. By 1879, people had themselves shot out of cannons as performance art. The act is still performed, as it was on a recent Easter Bank Holiday extravaganza at the Kent County Showground, in Detling, near Maidstone, England.

The stuntman was fired up to 50ft in the air as part of Scott May’s Daredevil Stunt Show. The cannon is mounted on a  7 1/2 ton truck, which also anchors one side of the safety net.

After giving the thumbs-up sign, the stuntman is fired out of the cannon.

The recoil from the cannon is so massive, it moved the heavy truck.

As the truck moved, it caused the net to collapse. At first onlookers weren't sure whether it was an accident or part of the act.

But the landing made it clear that it was a serious problem.

The injured man, identified only as Matt –who was aged 23 and said to be from the Isle of Man – was taken to Maidstone Hospital but died a short time later.

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