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Leo’s Headshot

by on Apr.19, 2015, under Crime, Health, Kids, Weapons

Leo Bernal's father heard the unlocked door open, and thought it was his 20-year-old son returning home. 8-year-old Leo had just gone to bed. A stranger wearing a hooded sweatshirt entered the Culver City, CA house, exchanged a few words with the father. leo4 The man opened fire, and some rounds penetrated the wall to the bedroom where Leo was lying in bed. Leo's dad ran into the bedroom to shield the boy as the gunman followed and continued to fire a total of 14 rounds. leo1 Leo was hit in the head . The boy's 17-year-old brother in the same bedroom was uninjured. leo2 Leo's skull had to be opened up to remove the bullet, and 23 staples in addition to 27 stitches were needed to close the wound. "My head kinda hurts right now, but I'm OK with it," the boy said as he sat on a bench outside Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. leo3 Leo's mother said that Leo is afraid to go home. "He's horrified." A motive for the attack is still not known, and the family has set up a GoFundMe account to help cover the cost of surgery.
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The Consequences of Not Doing Your Homework

by on Aug.07, 2010, under Education, Kids

Kids, and even parents, complain about the volume of homework kids bring home from school.  Some researchers think that too much homework is counterproductive. If a child in the US doesn't finish his homework, there may be consequences.  It can affect his grades, make him miss out on recess, or require a detention. Discipline is harsh is some classrooms in China.  10 year-old 5th grader Chao Qun Zheng went to his elementary school in HeNan, China in December 2008 without completing his homework assignment.  When his teacher Guo found out, she went ballistic. “She was very angry at the time,” he said. “She ripped and twisted my cheeks with both her hands and then she lifted me off the ground.” The teacher held the boy up until one of his cheeks actually ripped off and the boy was bleeding profusely.  She then reached down and picked up Zheng’s cheek skin, put it on his face, and instructed the boy go home immediately. His parents took him to the hospital where it required 52 stitches to close the wound.  They have reported the incident to the police.
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The Impact of Television

by on Aug.04, 2010, under Family, Kids, Media, Parenting

Television has become completely pervasive in our society.  The first electronically transmitted moving images were in 1926, with commercial broadcast beginning in 1935 in Germany, and 1941 in the U.S.  The production and development of television was delayed by World War II, but by 1949, there were a million TV sets in this country, and by 1959, there were 50 million. During the 1960s, color television became popular. In 1980, about half of all the sets in America were color sets, and by 1988, 98% of U.S. homes had television. But is it harmful?  Many studies have been done about the effect of television on children. While there are many wonderful benefits of new media, the upshot of the above studies is that too much exposure to 'new' media appears to be harmful. There has also been more recent research into the impact of media on very young children, particularly the impact of television in the preschool years. Russell Warren remembers when he was attacked by a vicious Magnavox console TV as a young defenseless boy. "I’ve attached a picture of myself at the age of four. I was simply trying to put the remote back on top of our 27-inch (69cm) wood console Magnavox television, when I slipped while climbing onto the TV cabinet. Instead of just falling to the ground, I grabbed the top edge of the Magnavox as I tumbled down to the ground. I hit the ground first, then the TV followed with one of the corners squarely landing on my forehead. The television slid off my head, taking about a quarter of my scalp with it." "One hundred and forty-four stitches later, and enough hospital ice cream to please any four-year-old boy, I was on my way to a steady recovery. I had some temporary nerve and muscle damage that affected things like my eyebrows, but I was lucky enough to have no long-lasting damage that I’m aware of. I’m obviously incredibly lucky that I’ve been left unscathed short of a very large scar across my forehead. As you know, there are many other people that haven’t been as lucky." So there you have it.  Whatever the research shows, we know that television can have a severe impact on young kids.

These TVs look benign, but smart kids will be wary

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