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Rat Pack

by on Feb.20, 2014, under Animals, Consumer, Culture, Food, Nature

The Red River delta and southern Mekong River delta in Viet Nam constitute half of the country's fish harvest, but there's an old regional favorite that isn't made from seafood. ratmeat16 The rats are captured in the wild ratmeat15 and sold in markets. ratmeat4 Compared to other types of meat, it's fairly cheap at about 50,000 dong, or $ 2.50 a pound. ratmeat5 If you're squeamish about the thought of eating a rat, just think of it as the analog of a cornish hen and chicken. A rat is nothing more than a tiny capybara. capybara_friends The rats are washed before they're prepared for cooking. ratmeat11 Then they're skinned ratmeat8 And gutted. ratmeat3   ratmeat9 If you want a night out, you can order your favorite entree at a rat restaurant. ratmeat1 They can be roasted over an open flame. ratmeat2 Or if your culinary delight is stuff on a stick Stuff_on_a_Stick You can get your rat to eat on the go. ratmeat6 The rats are roasted until they're charred. For that outdoor flavor, you can cook them right in the back yard using manure for fuel. ratmeat7 Eat up! bushrat owl-eating-rat
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Myth Lickers

by on Dec.31, 2012, under Education, Family, Games, Health, Kids, Media, Recreation

Some things you just have to learn from experience. You have to find the truth for yourself. Or maybe someone challenged you with a double-dog dare. cstory-pole Ethan Mohr put on his jacket to go check the mailbox at his northern Minnesota home. His mother checked on him when she thought he'd been away too long, and saw him throwing snowballs and being generally silly. ethan12 A short time later he opened the door and his mother noticed that his jaw was covered with blood. He wasn't screaming or crying, so she knew he wasn't seriously injured. ethan15 "Mom, my tongue is bleeding!" he told her. "Get to the sink!  What happened?  Did you lick a pole or something?" she asked. ethan21   "Yes." he answered. ethan24   Ethan is currently suffering the consequences of his curiosity. As is an eight year old boy from Oklahoma. frozen-pole   Official said rescue crews arrived at the scene on Tuesday morning to find the boy standing on his tip-toes, trying to work his tongue off the frozen pole outside Woodward Middle School. Paramedics eventually freed the boy.

lick-fence2 The eight-year-old revealed after the ordeal he had decided to lick the frozen pole after being dared to by his brother.


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Stick It to the Man

by on Sep.30, 2012, under Health, Nature, Recreation

Sometimes you just can't see the forest for the trees. Colby Ellis, 22, gives zip line tours at the Nantahala Gorge in North Carolina. Part of the Great Smoky Mountains, it's a popular recreational area. Colby was on his day off when he and co-worker Micah Loyd decided to explore the mountain. He explains, "I spotted a series of vines going up a tree and decided to climb them. When I was about five feet up, the vine gave way. I landed on my feet but when I bent to absorb the landing, a branch punctured my face." "'I was very shocked the first few moments, but luckily Micah and I are both trained in first aid, so we knew not to take it out. Or for that matter to move my eye in case the smaller stick went into the eyeball itself. Micah was great help keeping me calm and leading me through the woods to the road."   "Someone stopped and gave him a ride to get his vehicle so we could take that to the hospital. I did not want to pay for an ambulance if I could help it as they are quite expensive here. We then drove to the hospital in nearby Bryson, but they don't have a trauma centre. Staff there were great and stabilised the injuries and sent me in an ambulance to Mission hospital in Asheville." "Once there, they were able to remove both sticks successfully. Amazingly, I still had my full vision. After that I just needed a few sets of stitches and an eye patch and I was ready to go." "All in all, I feel very fortunate to be able to see out of both eyes and to be alive. If I had fallen an inch behind me the bigger branch could have easily went through my socket and into my brain. ... The whole thing was really intense."
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by on Jun.13, 2011, under Games, Health, Kids, Recreation

13 year old Cao Jie, from Ganshui township of Qijiang, Chongqing, China met with a group of friends to play pool. Cao Jie didn't really know how to play pool, so he stayed outside to climb a tree while his friends went inside to play. After a while, Cao's friend, 15 year old Liu Yong, went outside to look for him and found him up a tree. Being a 15 year old boy, Liu poked his friend with a cue stick. Cao lost his balance, slipped from the tree, and impaled himself on the end of the pool cue. After six hours in surgery, doctors were able to remove the 10 cm of the pool cue that had entered Cao's rectum. Fortunately, Liu didn't hit any balls.

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Hip Hop Extreme

by on Jun.06, 2010, under Games, Health, Technology, Toys

Pogo sticks never had the cachet of a minibike or go-kart.  The kid in the neighborhood that had a pogo stick also had a unicycle and a scooter made from an old skateboard.  Wouldn't it be a lot cooler if you could turn it into an extreme sport, maybe even an olympic event?

Vurtego High Performance Pogo Stick

The original pogo sticks were made from wood and didn't hold up very well.  The Vurtego pictured above is a streamlined version made from modern materials.  But it's still a toy.

Flybar Pogo Stick

The Flybar 1200 Pogo Stick can take a 170 pound rider more than 5 feet in the air.  It's equipped with 12 thrusters made from synthetic rubber rods.  You can engage any or all of the thrusters to adjust for your weight and the desired power.

If you're ready to put down $ 500 for a pogo stick, read more at http://www.flybar.com/

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