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Abou A Boy

by on May.09, 2015, under Crime, Family, Parenting

There are no secrets when you take a commercial flight. tsa_scannerNothing is left to the imagination. tsa02 You can see what everybody is packing. tsa01 Whether it's personal or checked baggage. baggagehandler The detail is there for everyone to see.
Suitcase, coloured X-ray.

Suitcase, coloured X-ray.

So don't pack anything you wouldn't want to be caught with in public. airport_scan01 When this is a typical example of what the airport security agent sees all day tsa-05 Then something like this is bound to stand out. tsa_xray_dog Pets are not allowed as carry-on and this one was spotted right away. But people continue to try to get away with it anyway. suitcase_kid01
An 8-year-old African boy named Abou was discovered stuffed in a small suitcase in what Spanish police called a “terrible state” after a failed attempt to rejoin his father.
He had been smuggled into Spanish territory in the north African enclave of Ceuta, north of Morocco, when he was discovered on Thursday at a land border crossing by the Spanish Guardia Civil police. suitcase_boy02
The Guardia Civil released photos on Friday of the gaunt child from the Ivory Coast, curled in a fetal position inside the luggage.
“When they put the suitcase through the scanner, the operator noticed something strange, which seemed to be a person inside the case,” a border officer told AFP news agency. suitcase_boy03
He was smuggled there in the suitcase with wheels by a 19-year-old Moroccan woman, a spokesman for the Guardia Civil told AFP.
The boy, whose eyes were apparently heavily pixellated from the ordeal, has been placed with lost luggage.
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Heavy Metal ATM

by on Jul.23, 2014, under Consumer, Culture, Technology

You can find almost anything, from live lobsters to a new iPad, in a vending machine. But ATM's typically only dispense cash. atm_haloThey're so ubiquitous, you can find them in lots of convenient, safe locations. atm_graffitti Cash is king -- but not everybody wants the local currency. atm_cup1 Gold is the universal money standard. While its value may fluctuate, it's one of the most sustainable currencies in the world. Wouldn't it be great if you could get gold from the ATM instead of the local currency? emirates_palace If you're in Abu Dhabi, you can! The ATM at the Emirates Palace Hotel dispenses gold bars and coins. goldmoney The machine, which monitors the price of gold minute-by minute, offers small bars that weight up to 10 grams engraved with the Emirates Palace logo, as well as a variety of coins. Six coins of differing weights come engraved with a maple leaf, kangaroo and Krugerrand, symbols of the gold-producing nations South Africa, Canada and Australia. atm_gold3 Emirates Palace Hotel general manager Hans Olbertz said, “We seized upon this idea and, as one of the most exclusive hotels in the world, we wanted the Emirates Palace to play a pioneering role and be the first hotel in the world to offer its guests this golden service.” atm_display The machine is armed with various security measures, including anti-money laundering software. If the machine develops a fault, it will automatically shut down. A website that updates the price of gold every 10 seconds transmits the information to the ATM, which updates its rates every 10 minutes. atm_arab The Gold ATM is now being manufactured and distributed by PMX Gold, and machines are currently in place in Abu Dhabi, Germany, Italy, Spain, and at the  Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, Florida. atm_boca atm_madrid
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The Drive To Succeed

by on Jul.07, 2014, under Animals, Technology, Toys

Recent technology advances make it look like the self-driving car is just on the horizon. selfdrive01 It's not a new idea. There have been some early attempts, but they were quirky and not ready for the general public. herbie Some were unpredictable. selfdrive05 Others were just too complex and unaffordable. selfdrive02 But with industry giant Google developing a self-driving car that's already in the testing stages, we might actually see something that the average person can afford. selfdrive03 While it looks promising, we don't think potential competitors should give up yet. Volvo is one of the leaders in assisted driving vehicles. selfdrive12 To demonstrate the lightweight steering on its latest generation of trucks, Volvo modified the steering column on a Volvo FMX truck and engaged the assistance of mechanization expert Charlie. selfdrive11 Charlie, a hamster, controls the steering. selfdrive09 While the intelligence is built in, programming is performed by a technician, using the "carrot and stick" method. Actually he uses carrot sticks. selfdrive08 Charlie, from Oxfordshire, England, required a few weeks of training to master the new Volvo Dynamic Steering. selfdrive07 Steering around tight bends on a quarry road in northern Spain, Charlie is one more step in removing the human component in driving. selfdrive10
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Today’s Headlines — November 6, 2010

by on Nov.06, 2010, under Animals, Crime, Education, Headlines, Health, Kids, Miscellaneous, Recreation, Technology

Van trapped on mountain path after following GPS instructions GPS plots socio-path.


Spanish prostitutes required to wear reflective vests for safety Always wear protection.


Evil neighbor shoots dog while it was being walked by 9-year-old boy


Soulnappers strike high school

Get their exorcise from a faith healer instead of P.E.


Man commits suicide by hooker

Tricks them into helping asphyxiate him, doesn't stiff them


Butts arrested in boob incident


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