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Society’s Mark

by on Aug.17, 2014, under Art, Culture, Health, Kids, Religion

Body modification has been a tradition for some people for hundreds of years. The Padaung, in Burma, are part of the Karen Lahwi ethnic group. Padaung01 From an early age, the women wear rings, with more added periodically to make their necks longer. Padaung02 A long neck is considered by the group to be a sign of beauty. Paduang03 Their dedication to the tradition continues so they can be the most beautiful women of the tribe. Stretching and ritual scarification are seen as a form of initiation into adulthood; expression of art; or it may distinguish a village or tribe. scar_ethiopa01 In Djougou, Benin, tribal scars are displayed proudly. They aren't just for tribal identity. They also convey personal information. scar05 They need to be done at a young age, but due to their importance, the kids are anxious to get it done. CHU Liege Sart Tilman  Accueil entrŽe verrire They happily participate in the joyous ritual. Child during a Scarification Ceremony The pain is brief. Child during a Scarification Ceremony But the scars last for a lifetime. Child during a Scarification Ceremony Eventually the wounds heal. scar06 The Chambri tribe in Papua, New Guinea, scarify to pay tribute to their origin legend. chambri_manfrom They believe that man evolved from crocodiles, and became land-dwelling when they emerged from the Sepik River, which runs along the Chambri Lake. chambri_croc01 So they scar their bodies to resemble crocodile skin. chambri_croc03 The wounds have to heal in a controlled way to raise the scars so prominently. chambri_croc02 The process is incredibly painful. chambri_croc04 This video shows how these scars are made. Circumcision is another popular body modification. It signifies that a boy is a full-fledged adult member of a tribe, with the accompanying privileges, such as hunting, becoming a warrior, and taking a wife. The Ndebele, a bantu-speaking tribe from South Africa and Zimbabwe, has a two month circumcision ritual, during which each boy receives a tribal name that identifies him for life. ukuwela The Xhosa smear the lucky man with mud after the ritual is complete to insure that he will turn the color of manhood. RP939cm05.tif Although these rituals have been performed hundreds of times, there are sometimes complications. Here are pictures of some of them. We're more of a fan of temporary tattoos. ttat2 They can express your tribal affiliation and personality without all the trauma. ttat3  
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Starry Eyed

by on Feb.09, 2014, under Art, Health, Nature

The age of electricity brought a safe, clean and economical form of power right into our homes. reddy_kilowatt Reddy Kilowatt, Little Bill, and other industry spokesmen reassured us that we were in good hands. little_bill And it only cost pennies a day! But that safe clean power can leave a mark. Whether by contact, con_scar01 By lightning, ls03 By intentional infliction of pain shock_torture2 Or by wizardry. HP_Scar High voltage can leave interesting patterns. ls02One of the more interesting patterns happened when an electrician in California made contact with  a 14,000 volt line. He hit it with his shoulder, and the current passed through much of his body. After suffering from reduced vision for four weeks, he visited a doctor, who observed that the subject had cataracts. star_cataract1 While the star shaped lenses can be removed, as in any cataract operation, damage to the optic nerve will probably prevent a full recovery. star_cataract2 Dr Mark Fromer, an ophthalmologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, said, "Nature has made a beautiful cataract… Most aren’t so pretty."
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Soccer Scar

by on Oct.08, 2013, under Games, Health, Kids, Toys

Kavan Ryan is the goalkeeper for the Codland Colts, a youth soccer team in in Redditch, Worcestershire, UK. kavan_ryan1 He was playing a match against Alvechurch Youth on Aug 14 when he unexpectedly collapsed when an opposing player when in for a plunge and struck his leg with his soccer shoe. blades-legend-sleek-soccer-bootBut instead of the more common studs, the player was wearing newer blade soccer shoes. Coldland Colts executive Andy Taylor thinks blades should be banned from kid's soccer. "I regard bladed boots should be criminialized from kids’ football. Kids wear them on paths and sand and the blades become sharp, roughly similar to a weapon." kav2 Kavan's leg was sliced open and bleeding profusely. His father Rob Copestake,  said: " I’ve never seen anything similar to that, and I’ve played a lot of football. My large apprehension was that it had strike a principal blood vessel and Kavan could’ve bled to death...A lot of people felt physically sick." It took ten stitches to close the wound. kav4 The referee mentioned the plunge into was a outcome of "youthful over-enthusiasm." A spokesman for Alvechurch described the damage as "terrible" but stressed there was no malevolence intended. He said, "I regard people reacted to the damage – and, yes, it was really bad. But it was not the outcome of aroused play." But schoolboy Kavan yesterday shrugged off the incident, which happened just 20 minutes into his debut for the club.
He said, "I'm OK really, I just can't wait to get back out on the pitch again. It's just one of those things really. I ran out to smother the ball and he came running through, didn't even slide, he just stamped on me. I got up and started hopping around and pulled my shorts up to just see my skin hanging off."
"That's when I started screaming." kav3 Although the tackle was regarded as accidental rather than malicious, a spokesperson for West Mercia Police said: "We can declare we are investigating an accusation of assault in connection to this incident." No charges have been filed at this time. Kavan's father remarked, "We are unaware when Kavan will fool around once again – he’s hobbling at the moment. When it happened, he mentioned he longed for to stop work football. But it’s a one-off injury, something similar to that will never come about to him again. We do know he will be scarred for life."  
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Cutting Edge of Bodyart

by on Sep.22, 2012, under Art, Health

It's henna colored, but it looks more like a birthmark than a tattoo. It doesn't look like the allergic reaction to henna that we illustrated in Kids Dye Young. To get this effect, you have to go beyond a mere tattoo and dig a little deeper. For the best results, you really have to be willing to suffer for your art. It takes more than patience and a steady hand. It also requires a high threshold of pain. There will probably be a little blood from the strips of flesh they hack out. But if you survive the pain and septic shock, and infection doesn't set in, the results make it all worthwhile.
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Second Skin

by on Feb.20, 2012, under Consumer, Health, Kids, Miscellaneous, Technology

Serious burn injuries are one of the hardest things to recover from. It's a long painful process, and leaves the victim susceptible to infection. The skin grafts and scar tissue don't have the flexibility of normal skin and may cause embarrassment and discomfort for life. Even when the damage isn't apparent to everybody, it can destroy the burn sufferer's self-esteem. When two year old Zed Merrick, from Lincolnshire, knocked a cup of hot tea off the kitchen counter, he suffered from second degree burns across his chest and shoulder.   He was expected to have disfiguring scars for life, but four months after a new treatment, he's showing remarkable improvement.

ReCell is a spray that's formulated from Zed's own skin cells. The normal procedure would involve bandages and dressings, which would have to be changed daily. Zed would have needed skin grafts and surgery. With the ReCell procedure, the new skin will be flexible, and since it's made from his own skin cells, it shouldn't be rejected.

After just a few weeks of treatment the improvement was noticeable as the skin healed.

The healing progressed a lot faster than it would have with more traditional treatment.

In just a few weeks, the results are obvious.

Zed suffered his horrendous injuries on October 13 last year at the home in Ulceby, Lincolnshire, where he lives with his businesswoman mother Nicola

and father Chunky, a sound-engineer.

The experimental procedure is still expensive, but Zed will not need skin grafts or further surgery. The procedure was performed at Pinderfields hospital, Wakefield, Yorkshire.

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Sudden Impact

by on Jun.17, 2011, under Animals, Crime, Family, Health, Kids, Nature

There is no better companion for  boy than a dog.

If you grow up with a dog, he's a member of the family. It's just like having a brother or sister with a hair disorder.

It's something that spans cultures.

And ages.

A dog is better than a Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation.

A puppy is better than a brother or sister.



They give you a great sense of security.

We feel as if we understand each other.

But things can change in an instant.

Usually they're just playing. Dogs can be a little rough.

Logan Trim, 3, was at a family picnic in a park at Poole Harbour, Dorset, England when a Labrador attacked without warning.

The attack left him covered in blood, and he needed 40 stitches to close the wounds on his face. The attack took place as his mother bent down to pet a puppy.

Stitches were sewn into his face from the bottom of his eye to the middle of his mouth, and his cheek swelled to the size of  tennis ball. He may be scarred for life.

Lara Slingsby, Logan's mother, said, "We had been in the park for a family day out as it was lovely and sunny. We had a picnic and Logan had just got off the swings in the park because his granddad had gone to the car to get his kite. We saw a lady sat down about 40 feet away. She had the dog, which looked like a Labrador, and a puppy with her. She saw us and smiled so we walked over to her. Logan was a couple of steps behind me. The dog was off the lead and right next to a children's park so I assumed it would be fine. I put my hand up to the Labrador dog and it sniffed my hand and then I went over to the puppy. I didn't see what happened but Logan wasn't running or shouting and didn't do anything to provoke it. The next thing I knew I heard growling and screaming. I looked around and saw Logan lying on the floor. The dog was just getting off him. Logan is recovering now and is back running around and playing and his face has healed. Because he is so young his skin should heal but he is definitely going to have some scarring." Cameron Withers, 8, was visiting his aunt in West Bromwich, Birmingham, England. He was playing with her Border Collie, Dexter, when the dog suddenly bit him on the head, face, arm, and fingers. Cameron's mother Sarah Edgington, said, "It was absolutely horrendous. He was just playing catch in the back garden with his dad and the dog just went for him. It mauled him and he has had to have surgery on the back of his head. The police officer said he hadn't seen anything like it in 18 years. It bit his face, arm, fingers and badly on the back of his head.  His dad saved his life but we were so close to having to go to his funeral." Cameron was taken to Sandwell Hospital and later transferred to Birmingham Children's Hospital for surgery. He's recovering at home.

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August 7, 2010 Today’s Headlines

by on Aug.07, 2010, under Crime, Drugs, Headlines, Kids, Miscellaneous

Drake student charged with sex abuse of frat brother Frat brother wonders why his ass is always sore after a night of drinking. http://www.desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2010100805018 14 year-old boy hit by 30,000 mph meterorite Couldn't outrun it http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/space/5511619/14-year-old-hit-by-30000-mph-space-meteorite.html

Woman attacked by flying teddy bear Attacked without provocation. http://www.ayrshirepost.net/ayrshire-news/weird-world-news/2009/07/10/woman-attacked-by-flying-teddy-in-ayr-102545-24102963/ World Cup trophy replica made from cocaine Get bent like Beckham. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/sport/world-cup-2010/cocaine-cup-racks-up-big-score/story-fn5ephkw-1225887672570
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The Impact of Television

by on Aug.04, 2010, under Family, Kids, Media, Parenting

Television has become completely pervasive in our society.  The first electronically transmitted moving images were in 1926, with commercial broadcast beginning in 1935 in Germany, and 1941 in the U.S.  The production and development of television was delayed by World War II, but by 1949, there were a million TV sets in this country, and by 1959, there were 50 million. During the 1960s, color television became popular. In 1980, about half of all the sets in America were color sets, and by 1988, 98% of U.S. homes had television. But is it harmful?  Many studies have been done about the effect of television on children. While there are many wonderful benefits of new media, the upshot of the above studies is that too much exposure to 'new' media appears to be harmful. There has also been more recent research into the impact of media on very young children, particularly the impact of television in the preschool years. Russell Warren remembers when he was attacked by a vicious Magnavox console TV as a young defenseless boy. "I’ve attached a picture of myself at the age of four. I was simply trying to put the remote back on top of our 27-inch (69cm) wood console Magnavox television, when I slipped while climbing onto the TV cabinet. Instead of just falling to the ground, I grabbed the top edge of the Magnavox as I tumbled down to the ground. I hit the ground first, then the TV followed with one of the corners squarely landing on my forehead. The television slid off my head, taking about a quarter of my scalp with it." "One hundred and forty-four stitches later, and enough hospital ice cream to please any four-year-old boy, I was on my way to a steady recovery. I had some temporary nerve and muscle damage that affected things like my eyebrows, but I was lucky enough to have no long-lasting damage that I’m aware of. I’m obviously incredibly lucky that I’ve been left unscathed short of a very large scar across my forehead. As you know, there are many other people that haven’t been as lucky." So there you have it.  Whatever the research shows, we know that television can have a severe impact on young kids.

These TVs look benign, but smart kids will be wary

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