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Rules of the Road for Hitchhikers

by on Sep.04, 2016, under Family, Kids, Parenting

We've always known about the dangers of picking up hitchhikers. And if you do, there are certain responsibilities the hitchhiker has too: gga And keeping the seat clean. too_late_pee
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Ride to Nowhere

by on Sep.06, 2010, under Animals, Culture, Family, Games, Kids, Recreation, Toys

All it cost was a single coin to give a little kid a thrilling ride.  He could be a cowboy, a race car driver, or even a pilot in a rocket to mars. Horse rides seemed to be the most common, possibly because they appealed to both genders.

Kids' tastes don't really change that much.  The rides may get some updates but they remain fundamentally the same.

The roadster of yesteryear becomes the Ferrari of today.

The kids relate to the same things as they used to but they prefer familiar technologies.

Adults may feel nostalgia, but the kids want something from their own generation.

Some things have much longer term appeal.

There are miniature versions of popular carnival rides, like the classic merry-go-round.

Although it's not clear just how safe kids or their parents felt about them.

Horses were the most common animal ride, but there were lots of others.

Some of them were downright creepy.

There were a few unusual choices.

Here's something for the midwestern kids.

Some of them are surprisingly realistic.

And here's the most recent contribution from the industry.  It combines the charm of the old fashioned kiddie ride experience with the miraculous bond between kids and animals, and illustrates a significant event for this generation.

Just like this one did for a previous generation.

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