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Waist Deep In The Big Muddy

by on Jul.08, 2014, under Environment, Family, Health, Kids, Nature, Parenting, Recreation

It's been more than 10 years since five year old Lelaina Hall died after being trapped in the mud at Berrow Beach, Somerset in 2002. mudflat_danger People, especially kids, ignore the posted warnings to play in the mud. mudflat_rescue Emergency crews had already been called out several times to rescue people stuck in the mud. But like the others, this young boy ran out to enjoy the mudflats exposed during low tide at Weston-super-Mare in Somerset to the consternation of his mother. mudboy3 All of the stuck children were located and rescued that day, although one seven year old boy had to be checked out by an ambulance crew. Roger Fry, who lives in the area, was attending Weston Air Day when he snapped these photos. mudboy2 He said, "I was on the beach watching the planes when I heard this great ruckus. I looked round and saw this mother screaming at a kid." "I told you not to go down there, you're filthy" and so on. "Everyone stopped and looked around before the mother stormed off with some other children towards the car park. The muddy kid just followed on a little later." mudboy1 The unidentified young boy was berated by his mother, and was seen bursting into tears as the furious woman wagged her finger in front of his face. "Everyone stopped and looked around before the mother stormed off with some other children towards the car park. The muddy kid just followed on a little later." reported Fry.

"I want to play cricket on the green,

Ride my bike across the street,

Cut myself and see my blood,

I want to come home all covered in mud."

"I'm a Boy" -- Pete Townsend

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Fox Stole

by on Aug.17, 2013, under Animals, Crime, Family, Kids, Nature

Luke Rowles from Leicester, United Kingdom followed the example of his parents and volunteered to help the animals at the RSDR Rudozem Street Dog Rescue. He enjoys being around dogs. luke1 Even as a young teen he took an active part in helping rescued dogs. It's a family endeavor. His father Tony and mother Diane founded the rescue group, that takes dogs rescued from the streets of Bulgaria and finds them homes.

luke and barney

When he saw a group of men in a garden, kicking and beating a little fox whose mouth had been sealed shut with electrical tape, 15 year old Lucas went straight into action. Without regard to his own safety, he shouted at the men and grabbed the fox. luke2 After healing the fox's wounds, he freed the animal. lucas_mom Luke, pictured with his mother, has returned to the UK, where he works for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. home-feature3
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The Zhejiang Redemption

by on May.28, 2013, under Crime, Culture, Family, Health, Kids, Parenting

There are lots of reasons that a drain might clog. Grease and hair can build up over time. drain_clog Sometimes foreign objects make their way into a pipe.


You never know what a kid might flush down. drain_toys The plumbing was particularly noisy in one building in Jinhua in the coastal province of Zhejiang when residents reported the sound of a baby crying. They heard the cries from a waste pipe on the fourth floor. drain_baby1 Firemen sawed away at the four-inch-wide pipe just below a ceiling in which the boy was trapped. drain_baby2 The rescuers then rushed the section of pipe to a hospital. drain_baby3 A drain snake wasn't available, so firemen and surgeons used pliers and saws to get the baby out of the pipe. drain_baby4 The boy’s arms were pinned to his side and when the pipe was pried away, he let out a long wail at the Pujiang County People’s Hospital in Jinhua, eastern China. He was still attached to the placenta. drain_baby5 drain_baby6 The baby was covered with sewage, and had a skull fracture. The mother could face a charge of attempted murder. A police officer said she had hidden her pregnancy and claimed  the baby fell into the toilet after she unexpectedly gave birth. "The woman was on the scene during the entire rescue process, and admitted she was the mother when we asked her." He said police were still investigating whether she had any malicious intentions before deciding on charges. drain_baby7 drain_baby8 The baby, referred to as "Baby 59" for the incubator he occupies, is in stable condition and expected to recover. toilet_kid3
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Slashing Boat Accidents

by on Aug.31, 2012, under Health, Recreation

With summer ending and a holiday coming up, we thought it would be appropriate to post some boating safety tips. * Always make sure the boat is seaworthy and the water deep enough. Don't hit any rocks. * Don't overload the boat. There should be space and a life jacket for everyone.

* Be sure you have enough fuel to reach your destination, and some extra for unanticipated situations. Don't forget to check the tire pressure before you leave, and make sure you have a good spare.

* Above all, stay on the boat... on the side facing the sky. Don't get on the other side.

Forgetting the last rule can result in an unpleasant experience. Most motorboats are driven by shiny spinning propellers.

Like most shiny things, if you get too close you might get hurt.

Audrey Decker was ejected from a boat driven by her husband, Fred, when it hit a wake left by jet skis. Decker was cut by the boat's propeller which took her left eye, her left breast and damaged her left arm.

Her injuries aren't typical. They can get worse.

Even though some of the accidents are survivable, they are painful. And they leave a permanent scar.

The others will at least make the autopsy a lot easier.

But don't have an open-casket funeral.

You can only imagine what was on this victim's mind at the time of impact.

* Finally, wear a life jacket.

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Ten Year Old Boy Makes First Class Seaman

by on Aug.15, 2012, under Health, Kids, Nature, Recreation

Ten year old Stuart Crang is the son of a lifeboat crew member and he loves the sea. He's supposed to "hug the coast" and stay within 50 yards from shore when he goes rowing in his diminutive eight foot boat in the sea off the coast of Brixham, Devon, UK.   He saw that a couple was in trouble about a half-mile out when their sailing dinghy overturned. Although there were other boats in the area, the pair had not been spotted by anybody else. They had been in the water 45 minutes when he rowed out to them in his small craft. He attached a four-foot towline, and rowed back to shore, towing the dinghy with the couple behind him.

Inset: The sailing dinghy that Stuart towed to shore

The didn't get in Stuart's boat for fear of capsizing it. Stuart gave them his bailer so they could get water out of their dinghy so they could climb on board and be towed. It took about 30 minutes for the ten year old to tow the couple back to shore. Stuart said, "The couple were in the water and couldn’t get back in their dinghy. They were cold and scared." He added that he went to their aid "because I was there, and I  care about people, and they were in danger." The rescued couple, Richard Brown and his partner Sue Taffler, rewarded the young hero with  a bag of candy and their profuse thanks. Mr Brown called Stuart "an absolute star."
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Chariot of Fire

by on Aug.15, 2012, under Animals, Family, Health, Nature, Parenting

When her house in Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile. was on fire, Amanda was determined to evacuate her five children and keep them safe. As the firefighters attended to the fire, Amanda carried her babies to safety one at a time. She found a safe place in a bin on a firetruck. All five puppies were brought out by Amanda. Four of them were unscathed, but one suffered burns on the abdomen and mouth. Amparo, the injured puppy, was taken the the Altamira Veterinary Clinic but they were unable to do anything for him and he was sent home, where he died a few hours later. Amanda became aggressive when they tried to remove Amparo and didn't want him taken away. Veterinarian Felipe Lara said, "la perrita llegó estresada y muy agresiva para defender a sus cachorros. Lo curioso es que no pescaba a los que estaban sanos, no, ella cuidaba al que estaba enfermito, quería estar con él y mordía a todo el mundo para que no lo tomaran". The other four puppies, ten days old, are healthy and doing fine with their mother.
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Fox In Blocks

by on May.31, 2012, under Animals, Nature

We're not sure why foxes like to stuff themselves into small places, like the fox-in-a-drainpipe, and the fox-in-the-hole. Maybe it's a competition. And here's the latest entry. A passer-by heard cries as he walked by and discovered the fox wedged about 10 feet in a 4 inch wide gap between two brick garages in Emsworth, Portsmouth, UK. He notified the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. Animal rescue specialist Buster Brown used a drill, hammer, bolster and chisel to remove bricks from the garage wall and release the cub. Mr Brown said, "Once a hole was made I realized the cub had moved slightly so I had to make another. This process took nearly two hours as I had to remove the bricks carefully to ensure I didn’t injure the animal." The young fox, who was stuck in the gap for a total of 36 hours, was later released into the wild after being checked over.
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Living High On The Hedgehog

by on May.30, 2012, under Animals, Health, Nature

Hedgehogs don't have the most cuddly appearance, but they're cute and make great pets.

They don't get very big. The average hedgehog weighs around 9 - 19 ounces.

When a couple found a stray hedgehog in their garage in Somerset, UK, they thought he looked undernourished and felt sorry for him. So they started feeding him bowls of cat food.

Feeding regularly on a high protein diet, he quickly blossomed into a 4 1/2 pound hedgehog, unable to carry out his natural defense mechanism of rolling into a ball when in danger.

Shown above (right side) he would need to purchase an extra seat on Hedgehog Airlines.He's now a resident of the Secret World Wildlife rescue Centre in Somerset.

"We’ve had to house him in an otter box because a normal hedgehog one is far too small," said Pauline Kidner, of the rescue center which cares for 4,000 birds and animals a year. "His intake of cat food and cat biscuits has been reduced to 5 ounces a day so he’s gradually losing weight."

When he reaches around 2 pounds, he'll be released back into the wild.

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Fox In The Hole

by on May.28, 2012, under Animals, Nature

The building site near London's Canary Wharf was a deep muddy hole devoid of apparent life, except for the chupacabra spotted at the bottom of the pit. But the creature didn't look too ferocious as he was rescued, covered in a thick layer of dried mud. cold, and in shock.

Fortunately he was spotted by builders working at the site, who took him to South Essex Wildlife Hospital in Essex. He was warmed up, given food and water, and a cleaning.

Su Schwar who runs the hospital said, "it would certainly have had a pretty awful death if it hadn't been found, it was very cold and in shock but is fine now. We felt very sorry for him because he was completely caked and was absolutely petrified. The builders were doing some ground work on the site and there were a couple of holes left open. None of us knew how long he had been down that hole; it could have been all weekend."

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