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Pomp and Circumcise

by on Jun.09, 2011, under Animals, Art, Crime, Education, Kids, Media

After four years of high school, a lot of people like to leave their mark with a senior prank. Tyell Morton went to school dressed in a hoodie. He left a package behind, containing a blow up doll. It was his notion of a senior prank, but the school was evacuated while the package was searched. The cost of the evacuation was $8000 and Morton now faces criminal charges that if convicted he could spend 8 years in prison. Most of the time the pranks are silly and harmless and nobody gets into any real trouble. Some kids like to think bigger, but the effect is still pretty harmless. The Class of 2010 at Catlin Gabel wanted to be constructive as well as creative, and set up a petting zoo on the school's quad, During an Upper School assembly, a handful of seniors covertly scrambled to put down hay, erect a tent, fence off an area, and bring in the animals, including bunnies, goats, lambs, chicks, a pony, and an alpaca. The seniors brought in kindergarten and first grade students to enjoy the unexpected menagerie along with their own teachers and schoolmates.

The seniors at Fairfield College in New Zealand (equivalent of a high school in the U.S.) wanted to pull off something larger than life. They used a chemical weed killer to draw on the grass. The images were spotted by David McQuoid while searching the neighborhood online looking for a property nearby. “At first I thought it was a large piece of artwork,” he said.

Acting principal Gerhard van Dyk, who may have been the inspiration for the prank, explained, "There's really not much we could do about it. The caretaker took some more weed killer and tried to camouflage it a bit."

Until it grows back, Google Earth shows a nice view.

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The bar has been raised for next year's class.
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