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Jack’s Cactus Attack

by on Apr.29, 2012, under Animals, Nature, Recreation

A couple of people hiking in Phoenix, Arizona heard whimpering sounds coming from the area of a nearby cholla cactus. They discovered an eight week old Yorkshire Terrier mix. After alerting the Arizona Humane Society they started removing the cactus spines. "By the time we arrived on scene, the good Samaritans had actually removed him from the cactus and also removed about a five gallon bucket worth of spines," Said Arizona Humane Society spokesperson Bretta Nelson. He was taken to the AHS Second Chance Hospital where vets spent several hours removing the rest of the barbed spines. The friendly puppy didn't appear overly distressed by his situation, and was reportedly wagging his tail as the staff attended to him. Cactus Jack, as he was named, is not expected to suffer any permanent injuries and is getting medication to prevent infection. He will be available for adoption soon. It still doesn't look as scary as Dog vs. Porcupine.
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