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Marked Man

by on Sep.23, 2011, under Health, Kids

A lot of people have birthmarks -- discolored areas of skin present since birth. Most of them are benign, and if they're in an inconspicuous spot, harmless. They can have a real effect on social acceptance and self-esteem.

George Ashman from Radstock, Somerset, UK was born with a vivid red birthmark on his forehead.

She was afraid that the birthmark, a haemangioma composed of bright spongy lumps of irregular blood vessels, would make him the victim of bullying all of his life. So they sent him to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to have plastic surgery.

The doctors wanted to extend the skin to eliminate the birthmark, so George, now 5 years old, had tissue expanders inserted below the skin, giving him the appearance of having horns.

George had to endure the odd appearance for four months while the area with the implants filled with fluid and stretched the skin. During that time he had to endure cruel taunts from passers-by. His mother Karen states, "School kids hanging around on street corners were laughing and pointing. Once, a teenage lad came right up to us to have a good look. He uttered a cry of disgust."

George had the surgery to remove the birthmark and implants and stretch the new skin in place. There is now only a small scar where the unsightly birthmark once was, and George no longer looks like a candidate for the role of Damien in "The Omen".


Most importantly, he won't have to feel self-conscious going out in public.

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by on Jan.12, 2011, under Food, Health

Detroit was once a beautiful and vibrant city. But the fortunes of the automakers didn't last, and the city lost a lot of businesses and people. When a city empties, what's left behind isn't pretty. The laws of nature are universal.

To go from more to less, you're either going to have leftover energy or mass.

But if you're doing it for health reasons, damn the consequences!

David weighed 630 pounds and wanted to slim down. He ended up losing an incredible 406 pounds.

And he lived happily ever after. But what about the mess in between?

There was still 30 pounds of excess skin to deal with.

Some demolition and remodeling was done.

We're not sure what happened to the leftover parts.

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