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Swing On A Scar

by on Feb.15, 2015, under Culture, Games, Recreation

The thrill that you get from achieving that goal, whether flying a plane, running a race, or shagging a sheep, diminishes every time you repeat the feat. The Piper Cub pilot might aspire to a Learjet, the 5K runner might take on a marathon, and sheep shagger wait stop why would anybody do that?! bungee1 You take the first leap of faith, and want to experience the same thrill, so you take it to greater heights. bungee2 After you've once again reached that plateau, you take it to the extreme. rbung5 The Moscow based Sinner Team has been practicing extreme stunts since 2008. Despite the extreme nature of their sports, they play it safe. Here a group member makes sure the bungee doesn't tangle as a colleague takes a 250 foot leap from the tower. rbung3 It's immediately noticeable when the end of the bungee is reached and it starts to stretch. rbung4 But there's no need to worry, when the harness is firmly attached to the body. rbung2 The Sinners prepare for their jumps by inserting four metal bars to which the harness will attach through skin piercings. The piercings are temporary, just for the occasion. rbung1 They jump and record their expressions as the harness tightens. rbung7 Then they land triumphantly. We wonder what they'll hang from when the thrill is over this time.
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On The Fence

by on Oct.07, 2013, under Family, Health, Kids, Recreation

Although a garden fence won't keep out a determined intruder, a spiked fence is still a deterrent. spike0 The spikes don't have to be terribly sharp to cause damage to the unfortunate trespasser. spike1 Bobby Ward, 10, shown with his family, has some advice on climbing fences of this type. They're dangerous. spike2 Bobby was climbing the fence when he slipped, and one of the spikes went through his chin. spike3 Luckily, it missed major arteries. But it tore through his skin as he pulled himself off the fence. spike4 Bobby, from Fossway, in Walker, Newcastle, said, "I went to climb over the fence and I slipped and then the spike went through my chin." spike6 "I didn’t feel it. My friend starting being sick and that’s when I noticed what had happened. I just ripped myself off the fence and that’s when it ripped my skin." spike7 He was taken to Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary, where he underwent surgery to repair the wound and had 15 stitches. A few millimeters further and it could have proved fatal. moto-death
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Spear Zheng

by on Jun.13, 2012, under Culture, Health, Miscellaneous

Zheng, a bridge constructor, was working in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China when there was a mishap. He somehow entered the trajectory of a machine that rotates and expels steel rods at high speed. They entered through the middle right of his back, and exited through his left shoulder. He went to a local hospital for treatment, but was passed to other facilities twice before a doctor felt qualified to handle the trauma. Firefighters were called in to trim the bars before they could be removed. The bars were then pulled out through the front. So far Zheng has survived. It is believed that acupuncture will be used to reduce the pain.

Young boy gets a tribal piercing

Piercings should only be done in a sterile environment and you should try one before you get a multiple piercing.
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Bound For Glory

by on Sep.21, 2011, under Consumer, Culture, Education, Family, Health, History, Kids, Parenting

In societies that value women mostly for their domestic utility, the women often suffer to fulfill men's notions of beauty. It often begins at an early age.

The alterations aren't just cosmetic. They result in permanent changes to the body.

It really makes you wonder who thought this was beautiful in the first place, and how they got everyone to go along with it.

Millions of women in China had their feet bound to turn them into "three inch golden lotuses". The practice was banned in 1912, but some people continue to do it in secret. It's best to start young.

Wang Lifen was just 7 years old when her mother started binding her feet: breaking her toes and binding them underneath the sole of the foot with bandages. After her mother died, Wang carried on, breaking the arch of her own foot to force her toes and heel ever closer. Now 79, Wang no longer remembers the pain.

"Because I bound my own feet, I could manipulate them more gently until the bones were broken. Young bones are soft, and break more easily," she says.

The long term damage is severe.

It's hard to imagine that anyone would subject themselves to that kind of torture, especially in a modern society where women have choices.

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Macro Acupuncture

by on Feb.19, 2011, under Culture, History

Chuanzhang, a ritual act of piercing a steel rod through the performer's cheek without bleeding or scars, highlights the folk festival held to commemorate a former female leader, Mme Xian, who commanded the local army in 6th century. Here are pictures of two men performing chuanzhang at Naojunpo festival in Shimen village of Fuwen town, Ding'an county in South China's Hainan province, Feb 16, 2011.
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Levitation Exposed

by on Aug.21, 2010, under Art, Culture, Recreation

If you've ever seen a magician perform levitation, you know there's a trick.  But figuring out how it's done is a challenge. The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Transcendal Meditation movement,  claimed to be able to levitate.

Some of his disciples and students from Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa say they can levitate too.

Nonbelievers say it looks more like hopping.  Transcendental Meditationists say they just need to learn to maintain their focus longer.

But now the secret is going to be revealed.  Like Transcendental Meditation, it requires discipline, focus, and concentration.  It also requires a high threshold of pain.

First the hooks are inserted. They need to be in deeply enough so they can support the weight without tearing through.

Multiple cables spread the weight.  Lift slowly so the assistant can let her weight settle on the hooks.

As you can see, the trick is very simple.  For more complicated performances, additional rigging might be used.

Sometimes it's elaborate and takes a lot of preparation.

But all the effort pays off when you've performed the perfect illusion.

Next:  We expose the trick of sawing a woman in half.

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One Point Landing

by on Jul.28, 2010, under Health

Lu Jiang, a Chinese carpenter, didn't intend to get a piercing when he went to work a while ago.  He was working on the second floor of a new building when he slipped and fell. He landed on a solid metal bar that pierced him through his waist and exited out his neck on the other side of his body, missing all of his major organs. Lu said, "I hit the ground pretty hard but my first thought was 'God, I am still alive'. I could see my hands and my feet and nothing seemed to be broken but then I found I couldn't move and I thought my back was broken. "It was then that I felt a steel rod coming out of my back - and then realised it had gone in through the bottom of my body. "I was terrified - everyone was looking at me and some had covered their faces in horror - I was pinned like that for more than an hour until emergency services could cut me free."

Lu Jiang waiting for foreign object to be removed

43-year-old Lu was transferred to the local hospital in Sichuan, South East China, where the 120 cm x 2,5 cm steel rod was removed in a three-hour operation. "I am going to plant a tree in my garden and use this as a support rod to say thank you for the fact that I survived,"  said Lu, who is not concerned about the large amounts of lead and cadmium that might be in the rod.
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