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Rules of the Road for Hitchhikers

by on Sep.04, 2016, under Family, Kids, Parenting

We've always known about the dangers of picking up hitchhikers. And if you do, there are certain responsibilities the hitchhiker has too: gga And keeping the seat clean. too_late_pee
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by on Aug.25, 2012, under Culture, Kids, Miscellaneous

This is what happens when you hire an unqualified plumber.

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United Wee Stand

by on Jul.26, 2012, under Consumer, Culture, Health, Nature

The fight for women's rights goes on in much of the world, including the United States. While they have made great strides towards achieving parity with men, there's one thing that men indisputably do better. But now Shewee lets women stand up and take control!

28-year-old entrepreneur and inventor Samantha Fountain developed her idea initially as part of her degree at university, the idea having come to her while backpacking around Europe. Sam hopes Shewee will become as indispensable as the penknife or first aid kit for women on the go. ‘It struck me how much easier it was for a guy to go to the toilet in a place where there were no facilities or nowhere to squat behind’, explains Sam, ‘so I came up with a way of effectively urinating like a man. Men could just stroll up and be on their way in a few seconds, while women were having to take off backpacks and clothing and then attempting to find somewhere to squat, all the time worrying about touching things for fear of germs, keeping their dignity and keeping warm. Shewee does away with all of this fuss - there really is no end to situations where Shewee would be handy’.
It's simple to use!

1. Undo pants. Pull down the front of your panties or push to one side. Place Shewee securely against your body.

2. Direct outlet pipe away from body and out of pants. Be sure Shewee is positioned in an effective and comfortable position. Aim urine toa suitable place; into a toilet or away from feet.

3.Once relieved, pull funnel away and use to wipe any final drips. Shake funnel. Replace in resealable bag.

Tip: Practice with Shewee in your shower to find the best position for you. 

For those special occasions, the Shewee is available in brilliant blue and breast cancer awareness pink.
The really competitive woman will appreciate the Shewee extension pipe.
See the entire product line at http://sheweeusa.com/shop/.
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Hair Wee Go

by on Mar.12, 2012, under Health, Technology

Urine retention is a common problem, and there are numerous causes. Some of the most common causes of non-obstructive urinary retention are:
  • Stroke
  • Vaginal childbirth
  • Pelvic injury or trauma
  • Impaired muscle or nerve function due to medication or anesthesia
  • Accidents that injure the brain or spinal cord
Obstructive retention may result from:
  • Cancer
  • Kidney or bladder stones
  • Enlarged prostate (BPH) in men
Sometimes surgery is required.
Murad Mulla, 48, of Ratnagiri, India, was feeling listless. His doctor diagnosed “urine retention“. Mulla soon ended up in the state-run St George Hospital. Surgery was performed. During the urethroplasty –  a procedure to open the urethra opening –  the surgeons  took a patch of skin from Mulla’s scrotum.

That was common practice at one time, but carries risks.

Soon after, Mulla started experiencing severe itching in his groin. "This is when, to my horror, I found out that pubic hair had started growing inside my body," said Mulla. The doctor, he said, did not find anything amiss. "He injected chemicals inside my body through the penis saying it would take care of the problem. But these were all temporary solutions."

Hair in urethra seen during surgery.

The constant itching began to give him sleepless nights. He started approaching other specialists who wanted to know why the surgeon could not perform the surgery using buccal mucosa, skin from the mouth. Mulla had to go back to the urosurgeon who, this time, used skin from his mouth. "Never once did the doctor regret his decision. I was charged for the second surgery too."  
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Yu Wang?

by on Mar.12, 2012, under Crime, Culture, Family, Health, Kids, Parenting

In China, it's customary for kids who aren't yet housebroken to wear the kaidangku. It's worn outside, in summer and winter. It's common and acceptable for kids to urinate and defecate on the streets and sidewalks. The occasional naked kid doesn't draw attention.

But passers-by in Shajing Sub-district, Shenzhen City, China gathered and watched when they spotted a naked man escorting a naked 6 year old boy and 4 year old daughter. The incident occurred on a bridge near the Shangxing Building. The 32 year old, named Yu, ordered his son to lick his 陰莖 (wang).

The boy refused, and the man attacked the boy, biting off his penis.

The shocked passers-by then subdued the man, and forced him to spit out the child’s severed penis. The police were called and an ambulance carried the boy to Shajing People's Hospital. His sister was taken away by an uncle.
 Yu was taken away by the local police and brought to a hospital to see if he has mental disorders.
Doctors were able to reattach the boy's penis, but don't know yet whether it will function normally.

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Relief Effort

by on Jul.08, 2011, under Crime, Drugs, Family, Health, Kids, Parenting

When Angela Henderson's kids really had to pee, they texted their father. They told him that their mother had shut off the water to the toilets in the house, and wanted them to pee in a bowl. She even forced the kids to drink a few bottles of "Gatorade" to hasten the process. Henderson, 35, from Jupiter, Florida insists that she didn't need it for a drug test, but didn't indicate why she was collecting urine from her kids. But when the police arrived at the house, they discovered that the toilets weren't working and the three kids were chugging Gatorade. Henderson told police she turned off the water because the toilets were clogged, but when they turned the water back on, the toilets were found to be working perfectly. The three kids were reportedly relieved. Henderson is being charged with three counts of child abuse, two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, and one count of marijuana possession.
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