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The Measure of a Man

by on Sep.04, 2016, under Health, Nature

Some people say that size doesn't matter. liliput But it really depends on your frame of reference. browning_m2hb-2 Everything's great if it's a perfect fit. slipfit But when it's not it might seem like an insurmountable task. tunnel-boring-machine Sorence Owiti Opiyo, from Kibigoriin in Kisumu County in Kenya, was orphaned at the age of five and raised by his grandmother. When he was young, he received treatment for a medical condition, similar to a "boil", which made his penis swell. The operation caused a reduction in size, but now at the age of 20, there's been a recurrence. Opiyo suffers occasional severe pain, and is unable to wear shorts or pants. opiyo1 He has not had a formal education after dropping out of school due to teasing and harassment from his fellow students, and also regrets that he has not had a normal family life. Women, after all, prefer men who wear pants. 0fgjhs7mig1vc6nrj.e725aefa The thus far undiagnosed condition not only affects the size, but also the shape. He is reportedly scheduled for an operation to manage the unnamed condition, however his doctor plans on consultations with other doctors before proceeding. 0fgjhs7rfjpc4c4ch.c8bc9f25 We can certainly understand the apprehension of his would-be romantic interests who are probably convinced that, in the end, size does matter. tromeo1kz9
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Curse of the Spider Monkey

by on Mar.13, 2011, under Animals, Family, Nature

In the ninja warrior world, no creature is more feared than the notorious Spider Monkey. These denizens of the rainforest aren't born fierce killers. They start life like other primates. Estela was born on January 17 at the Melbourne Zoo in SE Australia, but she was rejected by her mother, Sunshine. Her caretakers have stepped up and have tried to ease the trauma.

They hoped the stuffed monkey and other cuddly toys would feel like a surrogate mother. She sleeps on the back of a toy cat, snug in a tightly wrapped towel.

Jess McKelson, a primate supervisor at the zoo, said that the past few weeks have been very anxious for everyone in her department.

'We're taking turns to stay overnight with Estela to monitor her condition and provide the overnight feeds,' she said.

'Keeping Estela alive has been a big challenge, and she has had ups and downs over this time, with several infections that have been a real threat to her survival.

'Our veterinary department has been right there for us, ensuring that Estela has had the best possible chance of surviving.'

Monkey riding dog

Dog riding monkey

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