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Barrow of Monkeys

by on Jun.22, 2015, under Animals, Education, Nature

What's more fun than a barrel of puppies? puppies_barrel Philosopher Milton Bradley tells us it's a Barrel of Monkeys. monkeys_nofun02 When it comes down to it, you can't beat the classics. orang01 These juvenile orangutans live at an animal center in Ketapang, West Kalimantan, in the Indonesian part of Borneo. Most of them were pets, taken from their parents while very young. orang05 They're on their way to school, where they'll learn the skills they need to survive in the wild, such as nest building, foraging, climbing and hiding. orang06 Twice a day the 80 orangutans make their way from their dormitory to the forest. Like a lot of kids, they're essentially lazy and don't want to walk so they're transported by wheelbarrows. orang03 The wheelbarrows let the staff move them from their night quarters into the forest much faster than if they had to carry or walk with the Orangutans. They can take as many as 11 in each load. orang02 Some of the orangutans enjoy the ride. Others look apprehensive, but still prefer it to walking. orang04 International Animal Rescue centre, located in Ketapang, West Kalimantan, goes through about 80 wheelbarrows a year. They tend to rust in the humid jungle and the wheels often break on the rough track. Lis Key, Spokesman for the International Animal Rescue, explains "The wheelbarrows don't last long on the bumpy tracks at the orangutan center and in the Indonesian humidity. So we're constantly appealing for more funds to buy new wheelbarrows. It's no fun pushing a barrow full of primates around with a flat tire, that's for sure." orang07 We're not sure we agree. It looks like it could be more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
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Inside Edition

by on Sep.30, 2012, under Animals, Education, Health, Nature, Technology

Groucho Marx said, "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." It's also too dark for photos. Before ultrasound, the only way to take a picture of the developing fetus would be to get a camera and flash inside the uterus. There weren't many photographers with the right qualifications. The Ultrasound has been the standard since its introduction in the 1960's. Improvements have made ultrasound more accessible, and has improved the image quality. But it still doesn't show a lot of detail.

Are there eight puppies or ten? How many are male? Are there any physical anomalies? Since there are still things that a monkey with a camera can't photograph, we have Four Dimensional Imaging.

Four dimensional imaging can be done with spectrometers, x-rays, and ultrasound among other things. The details are beyond what we can cover in this short article. But the results are stunning. This cute little creature is obviously a dog.

Although at this stage it looks an awful lot like this rat.

Closer to its gestation period of around nine weeks, this puppy looks like he's ready to play.

The gestation period for an Asian Elephant is around 22 months, but after 12 months she already looks complete.

After the same 12 months, this dolphin is just about ready for his first swim.

Scientists captured the images for a National Geographic Documentary called "Animals in the Womb". The four dimensional ultrasound doesn't just work on mammals. No eggs were scrambled for these images.

This baby penguin will wait about 63 days before he hatches.

And then he can find his rightful place in the ecosystem as the great cycle of nature continues.

Alternate ending

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Dog Training Wheels

by on Dec.02, 2011, under Animals, Miscellaneous, Recreation

Once upon a time there was an engineer Drove a locomotive both far and near Accompanied by a monkey that would sit on a stool Watching everything the engineer would do. One day the engineer wanted a bite to eat He left the monkey sitting on the drivers seat The monkey pulled the throttle, locomotive jumped the gun Doing 90 miles an hour down the mainline run.

Richard McCormack likes to take his dog along when he drives a double-decker bus around Darwin, Australia. Woodley, a two year old German Koolie dog sits right next to him when he's driving, and the driver's seat when he's not.

McCormack parked his bus, outfitted as a gigantic mobile home, and went into a local shop for a few minutes. Then he noticed the vehicle running down the road. "The handbrake is on the dashboard and he's seen me release it many times. He was just copying me. He's tried it on before." he said. "I came out and saw the bus going down the road. I couldn't believe it."

A passerby, Phil Newton, noticed that something was strange.

Newton, 30, said the dog was sitting in the driver's seat with its paws on the steering wheel. He chased after the runaway bus, leapt through an open window and rammed on the handbrake. "It ran for a couple of hundred meters, swerved across the road, went up on the footpath and was just about to run into a parked car when I stopped it," he said. Next time he should go greyhound.

The engineer called up the dispatcher on the phone To tell him all about his locomotive was gone Dispatcher got on the wire, switch operator to right 'Cause the monkey's got the main line sewed up tight. The switch operator got the message on time Said theres a northbound rollin' on the same main line Open up the switch I'm gonna let him through the hole 'Cause the monkeys got the locomotive under control.

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The Stuff of Friendship

by on Aug.21, 2011, under Animals, Family, Nature

The Yageer Zoo in Ningbo, China has a new ward, a 15 day old Mandrill. Mandrills are closely related to baboons, and are probably the most colorful primate. They're also the largest monkey, growing up to 36 inches.They're very social, and live together in hordes of as many as 800 members. His colors haven't developed yet, but this monkey wants companionship, and found just what he needed. He found this worn stuffed toy and has held on to it since. Born on August 5th, he's fed powdered milk by his breeders. Besides the red nostrils and mouth, yellow beard and white tufts, mandrills also have a colorful pink, blue and purple butt. Charles Darwin observed, "No other member in the whole class of mammals is coloured in so extraordinary a manner as the adult male mandrills." As for the juveniles, they're just plain cute.
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Monkey Serenade

by on Jul.13, 2011, under Animals, Crime, Culture, Family, Kids, Nature, Parenting, Religion

Ramesh Saini, 38, a rickshaw driver from the village of Banetha, 200 miles south of New Delhi found an unconscious monkey three years ago and nursed him back to health. Raju, as the monkey is known in the area, eats sleeps, and smokes with Ramesh.

Ramesh with adopted son Raju

A Hindu priest in a nearby village had a monkey, Chinki, and he suggested they get married. They planned a traditional Hindu wedding, including seven rounds of the sacred fire and vows recited by a priest. Raju was to be taken by horse in a procession to meet his bride after a huge wedding feast.

Chinki, with vermillion mark indicating that she's married

Ramesh was expecting up to 2000 people to attend the wedding and cooked a large pot of food in anticipation. "I want to enjoy the feelings of a son's marriage through Raju's wedding. We will welcome the bride in our house in Banetha after the wedding with all rituals." said Ramesh. Because the law prohibits petting, training, or marrying a monkey, even to another monkey, they hoped to keep the authorities from finding out about the ceremony, but 200 forestry officials were dispatched to separate the star crossed lovers. They were too late to stop the wedding, but Ramesh was arrested. Chinki was found tied to a tree -- with a vermillion mark on her forehead, a traditional indication of a married Hindu woman. Raju and Chinki were both taken by the forestry officials to be released into the wild.

Ramesh hopes to be reunited with Raju. "I know my son Raju, with his wife Chinki, will come back home. I will have a big reception."

Ramesh's wife gives Raju a cup of water

Forest range officer Bhavar Singh Kaviya said: "It's illegal to marry a monkey. Anyone found doing that or attending the marriage ceremony will be arrested."

Officials were too late to prevent guests from attending

Checking out the equipment before the game

Not quite, but keep trying.

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Curse of the Spider Monkey

by on Mar.13, 2011, under Animals, Family, Nature

In the ninja warrior world, no creature is more feared than the notorious Spider Monkey. These denizens of the rainforest aren't born fierce killers. They start life like other primates. Estela was born on January 17 at the Melbourne Zoo in SE Australia, but she was rejected by her mother, Sunshine. Her caretakers have stepped up and have tried to ease the trauma.

They hoped the stuffed monkey and other cuddly toys would feel like a surrogate mother. She sleeps on the back of a toy cat, snug in a tightly wrapped towel.

Jess McKelson, a primate supervisor at the zoo, said that the past few weeks have been very anxious for everyone in her department.

'We're taking turns to stay overnight with Estela to monitor her condition and provide the overnight feeds,' she said.

'Keeping Estela alive has been a big challenge, and she has had ups and downs over this time, with several infections that have been a real threat to her survival.

'Our veterinary department has been right there for us, ensuring that Estela has had the best possible chance of surviving.'

Monkey riding dog

Dog riding monkey

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Ride to Nowhere

by on Sep.06, 2010, under Animals, Culture, Family, Games, Kids, Recreation, Toys

All it cost was a single coin to give a little kid a thrilling ride.  He could be a cowboy, a race car driver, or even a pilot in a rocket to mars. Horse rides seemed to be the most common, possibly because they appealed to both genders.

Kids' tastes don't really change that much.  The rides may get some updates but they remain fundamentally the same.

The roadster of yesteryear becomes the Ferrari of today.

The kids relate to the same things as they used to but they prefer familiar technologies.

Adults may feel nostalgia, but the kids want something from their own generation.

Some things have much longer term appeal.

There are miniature versions of popular carnival rides, like the classic merry-go-round.

Although it's not clear just how safe kids or their parents felt about them.

Horses were the most common animal ride, but there were lots of others.

Some of them were downright creepy.

There were a few unusual choices.

Here's something for the midwestern kids.

Some of them are surprisingly realistic.

And here's the most recent contribution from the industry.  It combines the charm of the old fashioned kiddie ride experience with the miraculous bond between kids and animals, and illustrates a significant event for this generation.

Just like this one did for a previous generation.

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