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Fish Story

by on Aug.26, 2010, under Animals, Nature, Recreation

When the fisherman feels that tug on his line, he's hoping to reel in a beautiful tasty fish.

You never know what will take the bait.

Sometimes you get lucky.

Sometimes you go home disappointed.

You might catch something completely unexpected.

That's what happened to Bruce Chandler of Holmen, Wisconsin.  He was hoping to catch some bass with his new Ish's Phat Frog fishing lure in a Mississippi River slough near Goose Island.

A coyote leapt from the tall grass on shore, grabbed the frog lure, and held on.

"All I thought was that coyote had my $9 frog that I had just bought and I wanted it back," said Chandler, who used his trolling motor to pull the coyote into open water. "Once I got it out of the weeds and into open water, it became pretty submissive." He called a friend who helped him remove the hook from the coyote and recover his lure.  The exhausted coyote latched onto his friend's trolling motor so he used his boat to push his friend's boat to shore. "The coyote shook itself, rested a minute or so and then just walked away," Cbandler said.
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