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Inside Story

by on Jul.31, 2014, under Art, History, Technology, Weapons

Sir Thomas Overbury wrote in 1613: "All the carnall beauty of my wife, Is but skin deep." renaissance-nude-lead We don't know anything about Overbury's wife, but we've always heard that it's what's inside that counts. Gun deaths have  declined 49% since 1993, nevertheless the extensive and shocking press coverage has polarized the United States on the subject of gun violence. gun_control030413 Scientists and engineers, in addition to gun enthusiasts, can understand the beauty of the designs behind certain firearms. They are machines, designed by brilliant minds of their times, and their esthetics often reflect the thought that goes to what lays inside. gunshop_1900 These x-rays by artist Nick Veasey turn these ominous looking weapons into fascinating art. The Smith & Wesson .44 revolver sw_44_l veasey-sw44 Walther PPK ppk_silenced_2 veasey-waltherppk Magnum Research Desert Eagle magde veasey_deserteagle Mauser C96 mauc96mag   veasey_mauserc96 Franchi SPAS 12 Shotgun SPAS 12 veasey_spas12   Anschutz 1418 Riflean1418ST   veasey_anschutz M1 Garand M1_Garand veasey_m1garand     Thompson M1928 "Tommy Gun" Thompson-M1928 veasey_thompsonm1 MG42 MG42 veasey_mg42 M14 M14 veasey_m14 M16 w/ M23 Grenade Launcher M2031 veasey-m16 M60 M60GPMG veasey-m60 H&K UMP-9 hk_ump-9 veasey_hkump

Gun X-rays © Nick Veasey

The x-ray pictures make these menacing weapons look intriguing and non-threatening. They become art.


bullet_skull03 bullet_scrotum
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How Time Flies

by on Feb.09, 2014, under Art, Miscellaneous, Technology

We offer our sincere apologies for the long time between updates. We arrived back later than expected. dmitriy-khristenko_time_machine  
Time Machine Design by Dmitri Khristenko
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Legocy of Pain

by on Sep.23, 2012, under Consumer, Education, Family, Games, Health, Kids, Parenting, Recreation, Toys, Weapons

As toy sales decline, sale of Legos is still increasing. Originally available in sets of colorful interlocking blocks, there are all kinds of pieces available, from wheels and axles to skeletons, dragon fire and weapons. In Michael Chabon's recent book, Manhood for Amateurs: The Pleasures and Regrets of a Husband, Father, and Son, he rails against “the authoritarian nature of the new Lego” and its “provided solution.” The rigid instructions provided in the sets discourage the construction of random creations that stimulate the imagination.

We believe there's an even more compelling problem

It used to be that you could live your entire ten-year life without a single Lego misfortune.

Since the proliferation of so many specialized parts, there have been more Lego-related mishaps.

A fourth grader from New York was nearly suspended for bringing a replica firearm to school.

Nine-year-old Patrick Timoney was at South Beach School PS52 playing Legos with his friends during lunch period when the principal brought him into her office. She told him that the gun violated the school's no tolerance for toy guns policy and recommended suspension. Fortunately, principal Evelyn Matroianni was able to retrieve the weapon and disarm Patrick without any further injury.

Isaak Lasson's Lego set was incomplete, with a piece missing for years. He didn't really think about it, because he had other problems. At six years old, Isaak had experienced awful sinus problems since he was three. "I felt so bad," said Craig Lasson, Issak's father. "He was sleeping with his mouth open, trying to breathe."

Numerous visits to the doctor over the next three years failed to lead to a solution. But finally, an observant doctor noticed something strange: Isaak seemed to have a foreign body up his nose. The doctor asked him what it might be.

"I put some spaghetti up there, but that was a long time ago," Isaak told the doctor.

What they found was a ball of fungus with a foreign body inside. It turned out to be a Lego tire.

"I asked him, ‘Dude, how did that even get in there?'" Lasson said. "We think he bent it in half — it's pretty flexible — and that it opened up once it got into his sinuses."

Lasson said since the doctor appointment a week and a half ago, Isaak's appetite has improved, he has more energy and is sleeping soundly.

And Isaak's Lego set is complete once again.

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High School Drill Team

by on Sep.15, 2012, under Education, Family, Health, Kids, Parenting

Deltona High School Senior Kayla Marie Carrera admitted to WKMG reporters that she should have had her hair tied back during shop class. It's one of the rules, and she was aware of it.

Kayla Carrera dressed inappropriately for woodshop class

While she was using a drill press, her hair was caught. Before another student was able to free her, some of her hair was pulled out, almost to the scalp. Nancy Holland Wait, spokesperson for Volusia County Schools, says that a nurse from Deltona High School looked at the 17-year-old girl’s injuries. Holland Wait said that the nurse decided that she did not need to call 911. Kayla’s mother, Lissette Carrera, says the girl didn’t have her hair pulled back like she was supposed to.  However, as her daughter is only 17 and won't be an actual adult for a few more months, thinks the teacher should be responsible. “My thing is if she wasn’t following the rules in the classroom, she should have never been allowed on that machine in the first place because the teacher himself is putting her at danger."  she said. “He’s the adult, he supervises, she is the student. He should have told her, put your hair back before you get on the machine, these are the rules of the classroom, you must follow them." “I was told that they didn’t think it was severe enough to be calling 911. As you can see by her scalp, she’s lost her hair." When Kayla visited the emergency room later, they gave her painkillers and discharged her. Although there was no medical emergency and Kayla didn't need any treatment, her mother believes someone at Deltona High School needs to learn from this incident. “At all cost speak to an adult, call 911 first and then if they deem that it’s okay, that she should be discharged as she was, then that’s okay. But I would rather err to the side of caution." The school evidently felt that it was better not to err at all. Kayla’s mother said she plans to meet with school district leaders on Thursday.  She said she will not allow her daughter to go back to Deltona High School until new procedures are implemented forcing the school personnel to make more errors.  
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Hands Up

by on Jun.12, 2012, under Crime, History, Media, Weapons

When someone yells, "Hands up!" how will you react?

What will you do to avoid being a victim?

With this modern innovation from the pages of Modern Mechanics Magazine, you can be a hero!

May 1919

Since 1919 the idea has been refined. Here's a more modern version.

Tony Stark shows his new machine gun vest.

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The End of a Hard Day

by on Jun.06, 2010, under Health, Technology

People in the U.S. work more hours than most of their counterparts in Europe and other rich nations.  No wonder they're tired.  When you're ready to relax, you just want to sit back and chill.

Men's SOM

Safe and therapeutic, and available for both men and women.

Lady's SOM

1. Completely hands free : high performance onanie machine.
2. You can sit on the seat and enjoy as you like with hands free.
3. Any speed is available for up-down slide movement (free level between 90 and 180 / min)
4. Adjustment free to the height of body (290-340mm)
5. Vibration of controller point (free level) adjustment free.
6. Up-down slide of 65mm width.

Inside of hole: Innumerable pleats and protuberance excite you. Its soft touch gives you more luxurious pleasure the "real" does. http://www.somjapan.com/global/index.html And now, there's one for the kids too!  The "Petit SOM":

Petit SOM for Kids

You'll probably be surprised to learn that this comes from Japan.
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