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Everything Is Awesome

by on Nov.01, 2014, under Art, Family, Kids, Parenting, Recreation, Toys

We showed some interesting costumes in What We Pretend To Be, and while they're nothing new, we saw a variety of Lego-themed costumes. lego-block01The basic Lego block and the generic Lego man used to be the mainstays of the Lego costume set. lego-costume02 But then Lego started licensing movies and games. You can even go to a Lego store and customize a Lego figure to look like you. lego-costume04 Now there are superheroes, like the members of the Justice League lego-costume05 Famous pop stars like The Village People lego-costume06 Whoever these guys are (we were afraid to ask) lego-costume07 Even if its a Lego zombie. lego-costume08 Some costumes take less effort than others. boba Caillen Sheppard loves Legos. He has an extensive collection including a large number of Star Wars pieces. The seven year old from Ontario wanted to be Lego Boba Fett, and his father, Keith Sheppard, 41, tackled the job with enthusiasm. lego-boba01 Much of the suit, which took about 100 hours to build, was made from Sintra, a rigid, lightweight PVC. Insulation foam board was used to make the dome shape of the helmet, and the rocket tips and exhausts were constructed from Plastazote, a closed cell foam. The graphics were cut from adhesive vinyl, applied over the paint, and then clear coated for durability. lego-boba05   The attention to detail, compared to the original Lego creation, is amazing. And like the Lego creation, the antenna and backpack are removable. lego-boba03 It's no surprise that the costume took first place at the Burlington Toycon, as Keith Sheppard is a graphics designer, a long-time star wars fan, and a great father. lego-boba04
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Legocy of Pain

by on Sep.23, 2012, under Consumer, Education, Family, Games, Health, Kids, Parenting, Recreation, Toys, Weapons

As toy sales decline, sale of Legos is still increasing. Originally available in sets of colorful interlocking blocks, there are all kinds of pieces available, from wheels and axles to skeletons, dragon fire and weapons. In Michael Chabon's recent book, Manhood for Amateurs: The Pleasures and Regrets of a Husband, Father, and Son, he rails against “the authoritarian nature of the new Lego” and its “provided solution.” The rigid instructions provided in the sets discourage the construction of random creations that stimulate the imagination.

We believe there's an even more compelling problem

It used to be that you could live your entire ten-year life without a single Lego misfortune.

Since the proliferation of so many specialized parts, there have been more Lego-related mishaps.

A fourth grader from New York was nearly suspended for bringing a replica firearm to school.

Nine-year-old Patrick Timoney was at South Beach School PS52 playing Legos with his friends during lunch period when the principal brought him into her office. She told him that the gun violated the school's no tolerance for toy guns policy and recommended suspension. Fortunately, principal Evelyn Matroianni was able to retrieve the weapon and disarm Patrick without any further injury.

Isaak Lasson's Lego set was incomplete, with a piece missing for years. He didn't really think about it, because he had other problems. At six years old, Isaak had experienced awful sinus problems since he was three. "I felt so bad," said Craig Lasson, Issak's father. "He was sleeping with his mouth open, trying to breathe."

Numerous visits to the doctor over the next three years failed to lead to a solution. But finally, an observant doctor noticed something strange: Isaak seemed to have a foreign body up his nose. The doctor asked him what it might be.

"I put some spaghetti up there, but that was a long time ago," Isaak told the doctor.

What they found was a ball of fungus with a foreign body inside. It turned out to be a Lego tire.

"I asked him, ‘Dude, how did that even get in there?'" Lasson said. "We think he bent it in half — it's pretty flexible — and that it opened up once it got into his sinuses."

Lasson said since the doctor appointment a week and a half ago, Isaak's appetite has improved, he has more energy and is sleeping soundly.

And Isaak's Lego set is complete once again.

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Block History

by on May.19, 2011, under Art, Headlines, History, Media, Toys, War and Terrorism

So many historic events have been captured in lego form.

Barack Obama's inauguration

Alex Eylar, 22, a student from California built a lego representation of President Obama watching the events in his White House Situation Room as transmitted by cameras in the helmets of raiding US Navy Seals. He also showed Bin Laden watching porn in his Pakistan hideout. Legos allow us to visualize historic events in a way that we can all relate to.
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Lego AK-47

by on Jun.12, 2010, under Toys, Weapons

Pictures and details at http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/155152 Please don't aim this at Lego people.
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