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Let the Cat Out of the Bag

by on Jan.09, 2011, under Animals, Consumer, Crime, Media, Miscellaneous

A lot of useful products were introduced on TV. The pitchmen were always larger than life and it was fun to watch them demonstrate their latest invention. Many of these items graced the closets of homes all over, or were re-gifted to others to pass on. A lot of them provided the fodder for jokes on late night television, like the Popeil Pocket Fisherman and the Popeil Kitchen Magician. The product didn't always matter. It was the pitch and the demonstration that made the sale. Would you buy a Slap-Chop from anybody but vince? Some of the products work as promised and are genuinely useful. The space bag works by extracting air from a plastic bag with a vacuum cleaner to reduce the amount of space your clothes take. They're great for reducing volume while traveling or to conserve closet space. An unidentified inventor in England has come up with a new use for these bags, and law enforcement authorities are anxious to learn more.

This sick individual used his vacuum space saver bags on fur -- while it was still on the hoof. He filmed himself killing two kittens in his do-it-yourself death chamber and posted the video online. The fiend puts them in the transparent container, and zips it shut before connecting a vacuum cleaner nozzle.

The two kittens back away as he starts sucking the air out - and suddenly stop moving as they are suffocated. The callous hoodie then grabs their lifeless bodies and drops them on a nearby bed.

The video, originally posted to Youtube, has been removed. But police are anxious to locate this individual and anybody who recognizes him is encouraged to call 020 7782 4103.

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