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August 10, 2010 Today’s Headlines

by on Aug.10, 2010, under Animals, Crime, Food, Headlines, Kids

Man marinates cat in oil, salt, pepper, and hot peppers You're supposed to filet it first. http://www.wivb.com/dpp/news/erie/Police-man-marinating-cat-to-eat-it http://theirtoys.com/sexblog/sex-offender-paranoia-weve-gone-too-far.html Why was he snorting pea? http://www.wivb.com/dpps/news/offbeat/pea-plant-found-growing-in-mans-lung-ob10-jgr_3539596 Man finds body, says he was trying to save the family the cost of a funeral And he saved himself the cost of a prostitute. http://www.koinlocal6.com/mostpopular/story/Suspect-said-he-slept-with-womans-corpse-then-was/6e9TX5KDbUaiC-pQLSWXeQ.cspx Man dies trying to have sex with tree That's why it's called a not-hole. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3088071/Man-died-in-sex-stunt-with-tree.html Kids, 5 and 7, hack wanted criminal to death Why are they allowed to play with knives? http://www.foxnews.com/world/2010/06/21/kids-kill-wanted-indian-criminal/
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Always Ask For The CarFox Report

by on Aug.03, 2010, under Animals, Miscellaneous

It's very sad to hit an animal on the road, but it's an unavoidable hazard in our motorized society. It's bad for the animal, of course. If the animal is big enough, it can cause serious harm to the driver.

The evidence of the tragedy is always there.

But if you're driving your BMW on the Autobahn at 225 KM/h 140 MPH) and hit something, you might have to look hard to find it.

You're probably wondering what majestic creature's life was cut short by this tragedy.

If it's fresh enough, some people eat roadkill.

"Roadkill Skunk" from British Columbia

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The Big Chill

by on Jun.01, 2010, under Miscellaneous

This is no ordinary knife.  You could stop a charging bear in your pajamas.  How he gets in your pajamas is up to you.  Filet and freeze your victim all at once.  This knife is designed to kill, not to wound. The Wasp knife ejects a high-pressure gas through a needle in the blade at the touch of a button and the Met Police now fear it could end up on the streets. ‘This knife will almost certainly kill and the Met must have intelligence that they are in circulation,’ said a police source. The £200, US-made weapon is designed to kill sharks and bears and is normally sold to hunters and pilots. However, the internet has made such weapons much easier to find and buy over in the U.K. This weapon injects a frozen ball of compressed gas approximately the size of a basketball at 800psi nearly instantly. The effects of this injection will drop many of the world’s largest land predators. The effects of the compressed gas not only cause over-inflation during ascent when used underwater, but also freezes all tissues and organs surrounding the point of injection on land or at sea. When used underwater, the injected gas carries the predator to the surface BEFORE blood is released into the water. Thus giving the diver added protection by diverting other potential predators to the surface. http://www.darkgovernment.com/news/knife-can-freeze-organs#ixzz0pezuMDc4
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