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Blood on the Tract

by on Nov.13, 2016, under Culture, Health

If you see blood in your urine, that's almost never a good sign. Blood in the urine can be caused by kidney or bladder infection, and it can indicate cancer. blood_in_urine It's not always apparent. Sometimes you have to use a microscope to be sure. blood_in_urine2 But if you actually see red, see a doctor right away. blood_in_urine3 Unless you're the do-it-yourself type; then you can investigate yourself. Chen from Zhejiang Province in east China was too worried to go to the doctor, so he explored his urinary tract from the most accessible opening by inserting a chopstick in his penis. x-ray_chop As the x-ray picture shows the stainless steel utensil reached the great rectal wall. Surgeons were able to eliminate it without additional damage. Chen was admonished not to take his urinary system into his own hands.
Caution: Do not insert in penis.

Caution: Do not insert in penis.

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Flesh Wound

by on Jun.09, 2012, under Culture, Family, Health, Technology

Staph is one of the more prevalent causes of skin infections. Under the microscope, the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria look like a beautiful seascape. 30% of us have it in our nose without any noticeable effect. But when it causes infection, it can be serious. Left untreated, what starts out as a little bump can quickly spread. You might start seeing other symptoms like Scalded Skin Syndrome.

Or it can become abscessed and life-threatening.

Staph is fairly well-known. Far less familiar is Vibrio vulnificus, another bacterium that causes infected wounds. It's often found in raw seafood, but it can invade through open wounds exposed to contaminated water. People in rural areas or in countries with less well-equipped medical facilities may not seek out immediate treatment for an infected wound.

 This boy, from China, first saw a doctor after his parents noticed pus coming out of his ear, But they couldn't afford the treatment, so he didn't see a doctor again for the next six years.

In that six years, the infection advanced significantly.

It was reported that the disease did not affect the boy's brain, and it was just a flesh wound.

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Hair Wee Go

by on Mar.12, 2012, under Health, Technology

Urine retention is a common problem, and there are numerous causes. Some of the most common causes of non-obstructive urinary retention are:
  • Stroke
  • Vaginal childbirth
  • Pelvic injury or trauma
  • Impaired muscle or nerve function due to medication or anesthesia
  • Accidents that injure the brain or spinal cord
Obstructive retention may result from:
  • Cancer
  • Kidney or bladder stones
  • Enlarged prostate (BPH) in men
Sometimes surgery is required.
Murad Mulla, 48, of Ratnagiri, India, was feeling listless. His doctor diagnosed “urine retention“. Mulla soon ended up in the state-run St George Hospital. Surgery was performed. During the urethroplasty –  a procedure to open the urethra opening –  the surgeons  took a patch of skin from Mulla’s scrotum.

That was common practice at one time, but carries risks.

Soon after, Mulla started experiencing severe itching in his groin. "This is when, to my horror, I found out that pubic hair had started growing inside my body," said Mulla. The doctor, he said, did not find anything amiss. "He injected chemicals inside my body through the penis saying it would take care of the problem. But these were all temporary solutions."

Hair in urethra seen during surgery.

The constant itching began to give him sleepless nights. He started approaching other specialists who wanted to know why the surgeon could not perform the surgery using buccal mucosa, skin from the mouth. Mulla had to go back to the urosurgeon who, this time, used skin from his mouth. "Never once did the doctor regret his decision. I was charged for the second surgery too."  
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