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Rolling Under

by on Aug.03, 2014, under Culture, Education, Games, Kids, Recreation

When it comes to skating under cars, a six year old has beaten all other contenders flat. gagan12 Gagan Satish, only six years old, is from Bangalore, India. He's become a celebrity in his own community, and is rapidly gaining fans around the world. gagan06 Gagan, who received his first pair of roller skates at the age of three, covered 230 feet in just 29 seconds. gagan11 What makes his accomplishment unique is that he skates close to the ground. gagan08 His face remains no more than five inches from the pavement. gagan07 That's how he performs his signature feat. gagan04 Gagan likes to skate under cars. gagan03 "I love skating," he said. "I have been doing it since I was three years old. My next goal is to skate underneath 100 cars. I also want to go to the Olympics." His record 29 second run took him under 37 cars. gagan02 His amazing flexibility allows him to do the splits and slide right under the chassis. gagan01 Gagan trains rigorously to keep up his skills. He starts the day at 5:00 AM and spends a few hours being coached before going off to school. gagan10 After school, he skates in the streets, spending a couple of hours on speed training and muscle flexibility before he goes into his limbo position. gagan09 Gagan has inspired some of his friends to take up limbo skating. His coach, Yatish Gowda, expressed great pride in his young student.    
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Hard To Swallow

by on Jul.24, 2014, under Animals, Environment, Food, Nature

- I -
Once, when I was six years old, I saw a magnificent picture in a book called "True Stories", about the primeval forest. It was a picture of a boa constrictor swallowing a wild beast. Here is a copy of the drawing.
In the book it said: "Boa constrictors swallow their prey whole, without chewing it. After that they are not able to move, and they sleep through the six months that they need for digestion." I pondered deeply, then, over the adventures of the jungle. And after some work with a colored pencil I succeeded in making my first drawing. My drawing number 1. It looked like this:
boa fermé
I showed my masterpiece to the grown-ups, and asked them whether the drawing frightened them. They answered me: "Why should any one be frightened by a hat?" My drawing was not a picture of a hat. It was a picture of a boa constrictor digesting an elephant. Then, I drew the inside of the boa constrictor, so that the grown-ups could see it clearly. They always need to have things explained. My drawing number 2 looked like this:
boa ouvert
The grown-ups' response, this time, was to advise me to lay aside my drawings of boa constrictors, whether from the inside or the outside, and devote myself instead to geography, history, arithmetic and grammar. The transitive property proves that a boa constrictor could really swallow an elephant. elecroc01 A crocodile can eat an elephant. snake_croc A snake can devour a crocodile. By the Transitive Property of Predation, a snake can eat an elephant. But they usually start with something smaller. snake_croc_dead Biting off more than you can chew can cause indigestion, or worse. Nonetheless, some snakes have a hearty appetite. snakefood It was still a considerable feat for the rock python that was spotted 25 miles outside the village of Billa in Gujarat, India. impala45 At the snake's home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play, a young impala is a delicacy too good to pass up. python05 A well-endowed snake can swallow something bigger than itself. It's jaw and stomach can stretch a considerable amount. python01 Snakes don't chew their food. They like to savor it as it goes down. python03 Snakes have an efficient straight-line digestive system, so like an assembly line it can take in raw materials at one end and turn out a finished product from the other, with all the intermediate processes running concurrently. python04 Although it was almost down to the end, a crowd had gathered to watch, so the python, frightened, regurgitated the antelope. It's a common defensive response so the snake can quickly shed weight and get away fast. Python_regurgitating1 Otherwise it could be there for a while. snake_digest2
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The Bell Ringer

by on Jul.22, 2014, under Crime, Culture, Health, History, Religion

Sergey Bogdanov, 28, was on vacation from Russia, spending time in the village of Mandrem. He visited a local temple to take pictures. sergey1

He told Russian media by telephone, "It seemed really peaceful here and the locals are friendly, all that changed when I went to a local temple to take a few pictures and I saw a bell which I rang."

mandrem He wasn't aware that the bell was sacred, and is only rung for Puja, which entails showing reverence to a god, a spirit, or another aspect of the divine through invocations, prayers, songs, and rituals. temple_bell For this act, Sergey Bogdanov, from the Russian seaport city of Kaliningrad, said he was badly beaten by a mob after ringing the bell and was even refused help by doctors.

"Before I knew it there was a mob rushing up to the temple and I was dragged out onto the streets and kicked and beaten with sticks."


‘Some monks dragged me away from the mob but they then didn’t help me at all, and I had to make my own way to the local medical centre where the doctors had heard about my apparently sacrilegious act – and they also refused to help me other than giving me a few bandages."


“My wallet and my money had vanished and I had no alternative but to go back to my accommodation in agony. I managed to get a telephone message to my mother who flew over immediately but I need paperwork and money to fly back with her. My poor mother almost had a heart attack when she saw me, she is doing her best to look after me but I need proper medical attention that I can only get it seems in Russia.” Mr Bogdanov has appealed to Putin to help him get the paperwork and a ticket back home via the Russian Embassy in Mumbai.
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Indian Folk Tail

by on Jul.07, 2014, under Culture, Family, Health, Kids, Nature, Religion

In our article Tales of Woe,  we discussed caudal appendages,  which look much like a tail. While they can usually be removed surgically, there are some sufferers, like Xiao Wei, who cannot have the surgery and must learn to live with it. xw_tail Not everyone considers a tail to be a detriment, even when it affects their ability to live a normal life. arshid01 Arshid Ali Khan, from the Indian state of Punjab, is unable to walk and has to use a wheelchair to get around. Locals consider him to be a reincarnation of the Hindu monkey god Hanuman; they refer to him as बालाजी, or Balaji. hanuman01 Arshid said, "This tail has been given to me by god. I am worshipped because I pray to god and the wishes of people come true." arshid02 Arshid lives with his grandfather, Iqbal Qureshi, and two uncles since his father died when he was four. His mother has since remarried. arshid04 Arshid's home has become a temple where his devotees come to visit him to receive his blessings and touch his tail. arshid03 “A lot of people’s wishes have come true after they have visited,” claimed Mr Qureshi, a local music teacher. “Sometimes there are childless couples who come to Balaji for help. He blesses them, and often they are then able to conceive.” arshid06 Despite his status as a god, Arshid needs a wheelchair to get around, and his condition is yet undiagnosed. arshid07 He is due to see a doctor who may be able to successfully remove the tail, but his family says they would rather he keep the tail than risk an operation. arshid08 Mr. Qureshi says that it's Balaji's decision. Arshid does not believe that the amputation of his tail will keep the crowds from flocking to his house for his blessings. "Doctors can remove my tail," he said, "but people will continue to believe in me."
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by on Aug.27, 2013, under Culture, Family, Health, Kids, Parenting

We've seen it in the movies and television enough to know what an alien looks like.


Scientists have it all figured out.


When Roona Begum was born, it was pretty clear that she was different.


Still, her mother and father were unwilling to accept that their daughter was an alien.


Doctors at a hospital near New Delhi confirmed that she suffered from a severe case of hydrocephalus, like the famous 1970's philosopher Zippy the Pinhead.

Zippy the Pinhead poster

Dr Sandeep Vaishya, Director of Neurosurgery at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, who is treating Roona, said, "I was surprised when I saw the baby for the first time. Even though I had seen her pictures, I wasn't expecting the head to be so big. Her head measures 94 cm, in similar cases the average measurement is around 50-60 cm." roona4

Roona's mother, Fatima Khatoon, says, "When she was born, I wondered why do children of poor people like us suffer this fate? Why is fate cruel to us? Why do rich people who can afford to cure their kids never get diseases like this?"


Roona's father Abdul, 19, added, "Even though our neighbors come and play with her, my parents have refused to acknowledge her existence, since she was born."


Roona was born by Caesarian section.


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Rogan Josh

by on Sep.25, 2012, under Crime, Culture, Family, Food, Health, Kids

Lallan Shah owns a tea shop on Ambedkar Road in Ghaziabad, India, where his 12-year-old nephew, Pawan, works. Around 8:30 on a Saturday night, a drunk trader, Atul Garg, came into the shop and asked for an empty glass and water to use for his liquor. Pawan refused, and Garg, who reportedly had been harassing the boy for the past several months, beat him mercilessly. And then he pushed him into a large pot of boiling milk. "My nephew screamed in pain," said his uncle Kamal Bharti, who runs a biryani shop next to the tea stall. The boy was rushed to the district MMG Hospital, and then transported to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi. Kamal described him as being in a semi-unconscious state. Garg was caught by local citizens, who kicked and punched him until the police arrived to take over.  
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Injured Leopard Spotted

by on Sep.19, 2012, under Animals, Culture, Health, Nature

If you have stray cats in your neighborhood, you know that they don't respect boundaries. Your fence or garden wall is a minor obstruction. But this four-year-old leopard scaled a ten foot high wall, but then became impaled on a spike when it failed to clear a gate at the BEML factory in Mysore, India. The unfortunate creature was howling in pain when he was spotted by passersby as he struggled to free himself. A rescue operation was launched, and the leopard was tranquilized, allowing helpers under supervision of a veterinarian to lift it off the spike and bring it down in a net. Doctors at a nearby veterinary hospital stitched the wound caused by the spike and treated it with antibiotics. When he's sufficiently healed, he'll be rehabilitated to the forest, freeing him to return to Mysore.
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Subtraction With Fingers and Toes

by on Jul.26, 2011, under Health, Kids

We previously wrote about a polydactyl Chinese boy who had a total of 31 fingers and toes. An even number is better, but at least it was a world record. Akshat Saxena, from Uttar Pradesh, northern India, was born with a record shattering 34 digits, mostly fingers and toes. In all he had seven fingers on each hand and ten toes on each foot; but no thumbs. Akshat has since had the extra digits removed, and doctors are trying to fashion thumbs out of the amputated fingers. His mother, Amrita, said she was "shocked and surprised" when she first saw her newborn's extra features. Then she learned that Akshat had broken the world record for the child with the most fingers and toes. Amrita said a friend told her that Akshat was special. She said, "He read on the internet about the baby born in China. Then he said that my boy has broken the record of having 34 fingers. At first I was not convinced at all. It was hard to believe that my son has broken the record. But later, he along with my husband and younger sister registered the data on the internet."
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Monkey Serenade

by on Jul.13, 2011, under Animals, Crime, Culture, Family, Kids, Nature, Parenting, Religion

Ramesh Saini, 38, a rickshaw driver from the village of Banetha, 200 miles south of New Delhi found an unconscious monkey three years ago and nursed him back to health. Raju, as the monkey is known in the area, eats sleeps, and smokes with Ramesh.

Ramesh with adopted son Raju

A Hindu priest in a nearby village had a monkey, Chinki, and he suggested they get married. They planned a traditional Hindu wedding, including seven rounds of the sacred fire and vows recited by a priest. Raju was to be taken by horse in a procession to meet his bride after a huge wedding feast.

Chinki, with vermillion mark indicating that she's married

Ramesh was expecting up to 2000 people to attend the wedding and cooked a large pot of food in anticipation. "I want to enjoy the feelings of a son's marriage through Raju's wedding. We will welcome the bride in our house in Banetha after the wedding with all rituals." said Ramesh. Because the law prohibits petting, training, or marrying a monkey, even to another monkey, they hoped to keep the authorities from finding out about the ceremony, but 200 forestry officials were dispatched to separate the star crossed lovers. They were too late to stop the wedding, but Ramesh was arrested. Chinki was found tied to a tree -- with a vermillion mark on her forehead, a traditional indication of a married Hindu woman. Raju and Chinki were both taken by the forestry officials to be released into the wild.

Ramesh hopes to be reunited with Raju. "I know my son Raju, with his wife Chinki, will come back home. I will have a big reception."

Ramesh's wife gives Raju a cup of water

Forest range officer Bhavar Singh Kaviya said: "It's illegal to marry a monkey. Anyone found doing that or attending the marriage ceremony will be arrested."

Officials were too late to prevent guests from attending

Checking out the equipment before the game

Not quite, but keep trying.

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A God Is Born

by on Nov.24, 2010, under Culture, Health, Kids, Religion

Expectant parents Rishi and Januka Ghimire weren't prepared when their son Rishabh was born.

In their remote village in the District of Ramechhap 2000 feet up in the Himalaya mountains, the impoverished families don't have access to sonograms, and Rishabh was born with a condition that affects about 1 in 200,000 children.

He was born with a half-formed parasitic twin, with two arms and two legs but no head. It was feeding off his blood supply and putting a severe strain on his heart.

Local villagers thought the infant resembled the multi-limbed god Ganesh, although they were concerned that some people would see the child as a curse, not a blessing, and consider him responsible for the late monsoon rains.


Because of the severe strain on his heart and his inability to get enough nutrition, Rishabh's prognosis wasn't good.

Fortunately, the charity Mending Kids International heard about him, and US Pediatric Surgeon Dr. James Stein offered to perform the operation.

More details at http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/3242980/Boy-born-with-half-formed-parasitic-twin-has-growth-detached-by-surgeons.html

Since the operation, some large scars are the only evidence of the conjoined twin and Rishabh can lead a normal life.

Deepak Kumar Paswan was born in India. Maybe there's something in the water.

Deepak Kumar Paswan


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