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Shaping Minds and Bodies

by on Aug.10, 2014, under Education, Health, Kids

You expect the school where you send your kid to shape young minds. Ballina High School in northeast New South Wales, Australia boasts in their description: "The school's culture reflects a commitment to strong discipline and a pride in belonging, as reflected in the wearing of school uniform and respect for the rights of others." ballina_high With annual events like Remembrance Day, Senior Formal, Swimming Carnival, ballina_remember Recognition of major art works and wood projects cameron_corkhill Volunteers, the Toke Visit ballina_toke And Slave Day ballina_slaveday You would expect an environment of safety and respect for every student. ballina_swim 12 year-old James Webb, a Year 7 student at Ballina High, had his arm broken while at school. A spokesman for the Department of Education, on behalf of Ballina High School, said the boy was “pushed over and fallen on by another boy” during a game of grab football, a game that had been repeatedly banned. ballina_webb01 James’ mother Vikki Webb has been told by fellow students her son was swung around by his arm, and then jumped on by a fellow Year 7 student. Ms Webb said one student told her the attacker laughed afterwards. ballina_webb02 “The principal told me the kid didn’t deliberately do it but I think the school is trying to sweep it under the carpet,” she said. Year 12 student Shoni Reilly posted on the Northern Star’s Facebook page that the behaviour of James’ attacker was not the fault of the school or its teachers. “The acting principals and teachers at Ballina High have the best interests of all children at heart,” she wrote. “They can’t physically control the actions of each student and their actions in response to this incident would follow the precedent set for all students.” ballina_webb03 School captain John Parker posted that teachers had warned students against playing football. “If you believe the school has not given this ‘attacker’ long enough, don’t blame the school when they can only interpret the rulings regarding these actions that are given to them from higher up,” he wrote. “Ballina High School is a fantastic school, with great facilities, great teachers and great systems of working things.”
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High School Drill Team

by on Sep.15, 2012, under Education, Family, Health, Kids, Parenting

Deltona High School Senior Kayla Marie Carrera admitted to WKMG reporters that she should have had her hair tied back during shop class. It's one of the rules, and she was aware of it.

Kayla Carrera dressed inappropriately for woodshop class

While she was using a drill press, her hair was caught. Before another student was able to free her, some of her hair was pulled out, almost to the scalp. Nancy Holland Wait, spokesperson for Volusia County Schools, says that a nurse from Deltona High School looked at the 17-year-old girl’s injuries. Holland Wait said that the nurse decided that she did not need to call 911. Kayla’s mother, Lissette Carrera, says the girl didn’t have her hair pulled back like she was supposed to.  However, as her daughter is only 17 and won't be an actual adult for a few more months, thinks the teacher should be responsible. “My thing is if she wasn’t following the rules in the classroom, she should have never been allowed on that machine in the first place because the teacher himself is putting her at danger."  she said. “He’s the adult, he supervises, she is the student. He should have told her, put your hair back before you get on the machine, these are the rules of the classroom, you must follow them." “I was told that they didn’t think it was severe enough to be calling 911. As you can see by her scalp, she’s lost her hair." When Kayla visited the emergency room later, they gave her painkillers and discharged her. Although there was no medical emergency and Kayla didn't need any treatment, her mother believes someone at Deltona High School needs to learn from this incident. “At all cost speak to an adult, call 911 first and then if they deem that it’s okay, that she should be discharged as she was, then that’s okay. But I would rather err to the side of caution." The school evidently felt that it was better not to err at all. Kayla’s mother said she plans to meet with school district leaders on Thursday.  She said she will not allow her daughter to go back to Deltona High School until new procedures are implemented forcing the school personnel to make more errors.  
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