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Leo’s Headshot

by on Apr.19, 2015, under Crime, Health, Kids, Weapons

Leo Bernal's father heard the unlocked door open, and thought it was his 20-year-old son returning home. 8-year-old Leo had just gone to bed. A stranger wearing a hooded sweatshirt entered the Culver City, CA house, exchanged a few words with the father. leo4 The man opened fire, and some rounds penetrated the wall to the bedroom where Leo was lying in bed. Leo's dad ran into the bedroom to shield the boy as the gunman followed and continued to fire a total of 14 rounds. leo1 Leo was hit in the head . The boy's 17-year-old brother in the same bedroom was uninjured. leo2 Leo's skull had to be opened up to remove the bullet, and 23 staples in addition to 27 stitches were needed to close the wound. "My head kinda hurts right now, but I'm OK with it," the boy said as he sat on a bench outside Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. leo3 Leo's mother said that Leo is afraid to go home. "He's horrified." A motive for the attack is still not known, and the family has set up a GoFundMe account to help cover the cost of surgery.
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A Bar Enters a Man

by on Sep.07, 2014, under Health

Mr. Ho was razing his property in Leye County, Guangxi Province, China when the punchline hit him. Man survives after getting metal bar impaled through head, Leye County, Guangxi Province, China - 21 Aug 2014 A Ho walks into a bar... In this case, the bar fell from above impaling him. It went through the right side of his forehead all the way through the left side of his jaw. Man survives after getting metal bar impaled through head, Leye County, Guangxi Province, China - 21 Aug 2014 Paramedics were surprised by the extent of the injuries, and after transporting Ho to the hospital, they had to call firemen to cut off the ends of the bar. He was then transferred to a better equipped hospital where the rest of the bar could be removed. Man survives after getting metal bar impaled through head, Leye County, Guangxi Province, China - 21 Aug 2014 An x-ray taken in preparation for the surgery showed that the inch thick steel bar passed through the right side of his forehead and behind the left eye socket before exiting through the left cheek just over the jawline. Man survives after getting metal bar impaled through head, Leye County, Guangxi Province, China - 21 Aug 2014 Had the rod penetrated at a slightly different angle it would likely have passed through his brain or eyeball, resulting in even more serious injuries or death. Man survives after getting metal bar impaled through head, Leye County, Guangxi Province, China - 21 Aug 2014 Mr. Ho is expected to make a full recovery, and is staying away from bars in the future.
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by on Aug.18, 2013, under Food, Health, Kids, Parenting, Recreation, Toys

Three-year-old Shivam is from Rani Bagh area in northwest Delhi. Boys don't spend much time in the kitchen there, but he was bored and didn't have anything else to do. Like three year olds everywhere, he gravitated to the pressure cooker. shivam3 He put it over his head, and got stuck. Hearing him cry, his father Sanjay took him to a private nursing home, where doctors tried unsuccessfully to remove the pressure cooker. shivam2 Eventually  Shivam was sent to a hospital and after two hours of painstaking effort, doctors managed to remove the pot from his head. shivam1 Although it wasn't a good idea to put it on his head in the first place, we admire how well Shivam held up under pressure.
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Close To The Breast

by on Nov.08, 2012, under Consumer, Culture, Education, Family, Games, Health, Kids, Nature, Parenting, Recreation, Toys

We've seen all kinds of dolls. There are dolls for adults, dolls you can shave, talking dolls, even dolls that walk. We have lifelike dolls, dolls with hair that grows, dolls whose eyes open and close, even pregnant dolls. There are Little Willy, the doll with a realistic "willy" that actually sprays water, and anatomically correct dolls. Creepy dolls are often the stuff of nightmares. There are a lot of those. Dolls that can be fed by bottle have been around for decades. But what about girls who want the full baby-feeding experience? The Breast Milk Baby is the first breastfeeding doll. It makes suckling sounds triggered by sensors sewn into the accompanying halter top at the nipples of the wearer. When the doll's mouth makes contact, it sets off the suckling sound. The doll also burps and cries. At a price of $ 89, Savannah, Tony, Cameron, Jessica, Lilyang, and Jeremiah are expensive and retailers have been reluctant to stock the dolls due to their controversial nature. The doll is made by Berjuan Toys, a family-owned, 40-year-old doll maker in Spain
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What We Pretend To Be

by on Nov.04, 2012, under Culture, History, Kids, Recreation

People have really gotten serious about Halloween. From cheap costumes and flimsy plastic masks to elaborate fancy dress, there are a lot of options. And for the truly creative, it's a great way to indulge your kids' fantasies. Here are a few examples of great costumes for kids we previously showed, and another collection we questioned. Some of the costumes didn't reflect the best for kids, or reinforced stereotypical roles.
But kids and parents were more creative this year and we were impressed with the originality and execution.
Dressing up as food isn't new.
But this kid looks pretty saucy as spaghetti and meatballs.
If you're lazy you can go to the store and buy a scary costume.
But if you can keep your wits about you, you can head in another direction.
Sometimes even the best ideas won't fly.
The flames are convincing, but the empty soda bottles destroy the illusion.
This kid took it to a whole new level. And we're pretty sure nobody else will show up with one like it.
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Executing the Will

by on Jun.05, 2012, under Culture, History, Religion, War and Terrorism, Weapons

Fernand Meyssonnier was one of France’s last executioners. Like a lot of people who enjoy their work, his profession was also a hobby. Meysonnier worked as an executioner in French-ruled Algeria in the late 1950s and early 1960s and collected several hundred torture devices and items related to the death penalty. He died in 2008.

  His collection was due to be sold at auction recently. He collected objects of torture as much as 300 years old, including a hand crusher and inquisition torture chair. Amnesty International France, the Human Rights League and the Movement Against Racism (MRAP) had condemned the auction and asked to have it stopped. The protesters say the government should not allow objects of torture to be sold privately.

"If they have historical value, they should be in a museum, but we cannot let such objects, torture devices, be scattered around,"  said MRAP official Henri Pouillot. French auction house Cornette de Saint Cyr was organising the sale in Paris for the benefit of the Meyssonnier family. However, following the wave of protests, it said Friday it had cancelled the auction. "Given the emotion aroused by this sale ... we decided to suspend it so that all parties concerned can calmly examine the actual content of this collection," said auctioneer Bertrand Cornette de Saint Cyr. Culture minister Frederic Mitterrand had in a statement voiced his "strong disapproval" and urged a cancellation of the sale of objects that were morbid, reflected barbarism raised "painful historical questions". And it would be an awful shame if this first class collection was broken up! Needless to say, torture still goes on in the modern world, though the implements have changed.
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Getting Nailed

by on Aug.11, 2010, under Health, Miscellaneous

Hey kids, can you figure out how to do this magic trick?  Keep trying.  We'll post the solution next week

The number of people treated each year for nail gun injuries in emergency rooms in U.S. hospitals more than tripled between 1991 and 2005, increasing to about 14,800 per year, according to an analysis by researchers at Duke University Medical Center and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
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