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A Boy and His Dog

by on Aug.09, 2016, under Animals, Art, Family, Health, Kids, Nature

Sometimes art teaches us about life. dog-comicAnd sometimes life imitates art. boy_dog_paw
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Wheelchair Games

by on Jul.26, 2011, under Culture, Health, Technology

If you're confined to a wheelchair, you want to live somewhere that's wheelchair accessible. Dmitri Bibiko, 32, was disabled in a climbing accident. When he bought his fifth floor apartment in Voronezh, the local council promised that an elevator would be installed in the building so he could get in and out on his own. After six years he became frustrated. "When I bought the flat," he explained, "I had been told an elevator would be built - but after waiting six years I decided to take matters into my own hands. Living on the fifth floor without a lift was a nightmare because I couldn't get in or out of the block without someone's help. It was like being in a prison - so I decided to sort it out myself." So with the assistance of friends, Dmitri built his own wheelchair lift. Before the accident he was a skydiver and mountaineer, and he has good upper body strength. "I used to do a lot of mountaineering before I had an accident which crippled me, so my arms are really strong and I can get from my flat to the ground and back up again before other people living on the same floor." When its not in use, the winch stays on the fifth floor. It can be lowered from his apartment or from the ground level. Controls allow him to raise and lower the lift, and move him over the balcony of his flat. It's not certain that the council will allow Dmitri to keep his lift but so far they haven't done anything.
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