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Everything Is Awesome

by on Nov.01, 2014, under Art, Family, Kids, Parenting, Recreation, Toys

We showed some interesting costumes in What We Pretend To Be, and while they're nothing new, we saw a variety of Lego-themed costumes. lego-block01The basic Lego block and the generic Lego man used to be the mainstays of the Lego costume set. lego-costume02 But then Lego started licensing movies and games. You can even go to a Lego store and customize a Lego figure to look like you. lego-costume04 Now there are superheroes, like the members of the Justice League lego-costume05 Famous pop stars like The Village People lego-costume06 Whoever these guys are (we were afraid to ask) lego-costume07 Even if its a Lego zombie. lego-costume08 Some costumes take less effort than others. boba Caillen Sheppard loves Legos. He has an extensive collection including a large number of Star Wars pieces. The seven year old from Ontario wanted to be Lego Boba Fett, and his father, Keith Sheppard, 41, tackled the job with enthusiasm. lego-boba01 Much of the suit, which took about 100 hours to build, was made from Sintra, a rigid, lightweight PVC. Insulation foam board was used to make the dome shape of the helmet, and the rocket tips and exhausts were constructed from Plastazote, a closed cell foam. The graphics were cut from adhesive vinyl, applied over the paint, and then clear coated for durability. lego-boba05   The attention to detail, compared to the original Lego creation, is amazing. And like the Lego creation, the antenna and backpack are removable. lego-boba03 It's no surprise that the costume took first place at the Burlington Toycon, as Keith Sheppard is a graphics designer, a long-time star wars fan, and a great father. lego-boba04
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What We Pretend To Be

by on Nov.04, 2012, under Culture, History, Kids, Recreation

People have really gotten serious about Halloween. From cheap costumes and flimsy plastic masks to elaborate fancy dress, there are a lot of options. And for the truly creative, it's a great way to indulge your kids' fantasies. Here are a few examples of great costumes for kids we previously showed, and another collection we questioned. Some of the costumes didn't reflect the best for kids, or reinforced stereotypical roles.
But kids and parents were more creative this year and we were impressed with the originality and execution.
Dressing up as food isn't new.
But this kid looks pretty saucy as spaghetti and meatballs.
If you're lazy you can go to the store and buy a scary costume.
But if you can keep your wits about you, you can head in another direction.
Sometimes even the best ideas won't fly.
The flames are convincing, but the empty soda bottles destroy the illusion.
This kid took it to a whole new level. And we're pretty sure nobody else will show up with one like it.
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Worn Out On Halloween

by on Nov.03, 2011, under Art, Culture, Family, Kids, Parenting

Halloween is over and we are pleased to announce our costume contest winners this year. 3rd Place -- Jack Daniels and Son Second Place -- Anyone that has dressed their three-year old daughter as a whore. And finally, the First Place winner of 2011! Thomas the Tank Engine Water Tower

Don't drink the water.

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Halloween Carving

by on Nov.07, 2010, under Culture, Family, Kids, Parenting, Weapons

Halloween is almost a religious experience for some kids. You get free candy, and you can dress up as anything you want. The choices are endless. A kid could move around discreetly dressed as a traffic barrel. Or portray their favorite movie heroes. A very creative kid could wear a costume within a costume. Here's one portraying batdog. Kids may start trick-or-treating early. You know the parents are "holding" the candy for them.

Not a costume

Halloween costumes are very gender specific. Girls still want to be witches and princesses, while boys like darker characters. But not one 12-year-old from Surprise, Arizona.  He wanted to trick-or-treat as a "gay Justin Bieber". His mother thought his redundant use of the term "gay" was disrespectful of the former Youtube sensation.

Gay Justin Bieber

His mother grounded him Halloween night after an argument, according to police spokesman Sgt. Mark Ortega. He became belligerent after being grounded from trick-or-treating, grabbed a knife from his room, and threatened to kill her. She was able to disarm him without injury. The 12-year-old was arrested on suspicion of threatening with a knife. http://www.azcentral.com/community/surprise/articles/2010/11/04/20101104justin-bieber-costume-ban-knife-threat-arizona-abrk.html
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