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Just Passing Through

by on Sep.24, 2014, under Animals, Consumer, Culture, Food, Health

Japanese fish delicacies are as beautiful as they are tasty. sashimi Sashimi, raw fish, is gaining in popularity around the world. Often served alongside sushi and tempura, it's one of the very few animal products that can be a part of a non-vegetarian raw foods diet. madai-sashimi The most common fish used in sashimi are tuna, salmon, mackerel, and yellowfin, but the key is freshness, so just about any locally available fish may be used. But what happens when good sashimi goes bad? Corpses Outside Chongqing Shelter For the man who went to Guangzhou No. 8 People's Hospital in Guangdong Province in eastern China, it resulted in a stomach ache and itching. sash1 Probably as a result of poor sanitation, some of the raw fish was contaminated. sash3 The x-rays revealed that the man was infested with tapeworms and tapeworm larvae. tapeworm Tapeworm larvae are usually found in freshwater fish. Eating raw or undercooked fish can transmit the parasite. sash2 Eventually the parasite can cause cysticercosis, where the adult worms enter the bloodstream. That type of infection is life threatening when it reaches the brain. sash4 By the time this victim entered the hospital, the larvae had spread throughout his entire body. The man is expected to survive the ordeal, and although he had a record number of larvae infesting his body. However, he didn't beat Sally Mae Wallace's record tapeworm. Sally, from Great Grits, Mississippi had a 37' tapeworm removed while completely conscious. But we're pretty sure the Chinese gentleman could beat the record if the larvae were all laid end to end. sally-mae  
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Tales of Woe

by on Sep.28, 2013, under Health, Kids, Nature

In the early stages of development of a human embryo, there's a tail-like structure. This tail measures about 1/6th the size of the entire length of the embryo (the equivalent of a 12-inch tail on a 6-foot man). But as the fetus develops, the tail is absorbed. Enzymes dissolve the bones, and the entire structure retracts into the fetus's body. If something goes wrong in the process, the tail may continue to grow. tail02 The baby is normal overall. But it has a tail and will probably grow up to be evil. Human baby with a tail The tail is a "caudal appendage", basically a vestigial muscle. It can be removed surgically. tail_DRAWIf left intact, it may continue to grow along with the rest of the body. tail01 Unlucky Xiao Wei is a seven month old boy from Guangdong, China. He was born with a large tail, and surgeons can't remove it. xiaowei2 Wei was born with myelomeningocele, a variant of spinal bifida. Spina bifida, or split spine is a fault in the development of the spine and spinal cord which leaves a gap in the spine. Myelomeningocele spina bifida causes the spinal column to remain open allowing the membranes and spinal cord push out to create a sac in the baby’s back. This sometimes leaves the nervous system vulnerable to infections that may be fatal. xiaowei1 Even when the tail can be surgically removed, the nervous system will probably already be permanently damaged, resulting in a range of symptoms, including paralysis and incontinence. xiaowei3 Chinese doctors say the growth at the base of Wei's spine has been caused by damage to the outer wall of the child's spinal canal. Surgeon Huang Chuanping reported, "Wei's growth is quite well developed and now measures some 10 centimeters. If we cut it off it will simply grow again. We need to repair the spinal canal first to stop it reoccurring."
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Yu Wang?

by on Mar.12, 2012, under Crime, Culture, Family, Health, Kids, Parenting

In China, it's customary for kids who aren't yet housebroken to wear the kaidangku. It's worn outside, in summer and winter. It's common and acceptable for kids to urinate and defecate on the streets and sidewalks. The occasional naked kid doesn't draw attention.

But passers-by in Shajing Sub-district, Shenzhen City, China gathered and watched when they spotted a naked man escorting a naked 6 year old boy and 4 year old daughter. The incident occurred on a bridge near the Shangxing Building. The 32 year old, named Yu, ordered his son to lick his 陰莖 (wang).

The boy refused, and the man attacked the boy, biting off his penis.

The shocked passers-by then subdued the man, and forced him to spit out the child’s severed penis. The police were called and an ambulance carried the boy to Shajing People's Hospital. His sister was taken away by an uncle.
 Yu was taken away by the local police and brought to a hospital to see if he has mental disorders.
Doctors were able to reattach the boy's penis, but don't know yet whether it will function normally.

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