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Rules of the Road for Hitchhikers

by on Sep.04, 2016, under Family, Kids, Parenting

We've always known about the dangers of picking up hitchhikers. And if you do, there are certain responsibilities the hitchhiker has too: gga And keeping the seat clean. too_late_pee
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It’s Sedate

by on Nov.08, 2012, under Drugs, Health, Kids, Recreation, Technology

There are lots of ways to restrain kids, but most of them have drawbacks. For example, it's expensive to maintain and store an ice cream truck and you can only have so many puppies. Tight restraints chafe and impede access. The challenge is to find a method that's convenient and meets all the criteria of the triangle-of-pedisedation. Nothing is more distracting to a kid than a handheld electronic game. They can relax almost anywhere.

With so many choices for sedation -- Sodium pentathol, ether, fluothane, cyclopropane -- it could be hard to choose. But when it comes to kids, there's just one that stands out.

Of course we're referring to nitrous oxide, frequently used by dentists.

Wouldn't it be great if you could distract, comfort, and sedate kids with just one handy device? This is the Pedisedate, which consists of a headset with speakers, a nitrous oxide administration mask, and a Nintendo Gameboy.

 Once the child is Pedisedated, he's at your disposal.

Available in several appealing colors!

The Pedisedate has applications in medicine, dentistry,and child care.

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The Big Chill

by on Jun.01, 2010, under Miscellaneous

This is no ordinary knife.  You could stop a charging bear in your pajamas.  How he gets in your pajamas is up to you.  Filet and freeze your victim all at once.  This knife is designed to kill, not to wound. The Wasp knife ejects a high-pressure gas through a needle in the blade at the touch of a button and the Met Police now fear it could end up on the streets. ‘This knife will almost certainly kill and the Met must have intelligence that they are in circulation,’ said a police source. The £200, US-made weapon is designed to kill sharks and bears and is normally sold to hunters and pilots. However, the internet has made such weapons much easier to find and buy over in the U.K. This weapon injects a frozen ball of compressed gas approximately the size of a basketball at 800psi nearly instantly. The effects of this injection will drop many of the world’s largest land predators. The effects of the compressed gas not only cause over-inflation during ascent when used underwater, but also freezes all tissues and organs surrounding the point of injection on land or at sea. When used underwater, the injected gas carries the predator to the surface BEFORE blood is released into the water. Thus giving the diver added protection by diverting other potential predators to the surface. http://www.darkgovernment.com/news/knife-can-freeze-organs#ixzz0pezuMDc4
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