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Shaping Minds and Bodies

by on Aug.10, 2014, under Education, Health, Kids

You expect the school where you send your kid to shape young minds. Ballina High School in northeast New South Wales, Australia boasts in their description: "The school's culture reflects a commitment to strong discipline and a pride in belonging, as reflected in the wearing of school uniform and respect for the rights of others." ballina_high With annual events like Remembrance Day, Senior Formal, Swimming Carnival, ballina_remember Recognition of major art works and wood projects cameron_corkhill Volunteers, the Toke Visit ballina_toke And Slave Day ballina_slaveday You would expect an environment of safety and respect for every student. ballina_swim 12 year-old James Webb, a Year 7 student at Ballina High, had his arm broken while at school. A spokesman for the Department of Education, on behalf of Ballina High School, said the boy was “pushed over and fallen on by another boy” during a game of grab football, a game that had been repeatedly banned. ballina_webb01 James’ mother Vikki Webb has been told by fellow students her son was swung around by his arm, and then jumped on by a fellow Year 7 student. Ms Webb said one student told her the attacker laughed afterwards. ballina_webb02 “The principal told me the kid didn’t deliberately do it but I think the school is trying to sweep it under the carpet,” she said. Year 12 student Shoni Reilly posted on the Northern Star’s Facebook page that the behaviour of James’ attacker was not the fault of the school or its teachers. “The acting principals and teachers at Ballina High have the best interests of all children at heart,” she wrote. “They can’t physically control the actions of each student and their actions in response to this incident would follow the precedent set for all students.” ballina_webb03 School captain John Parker posted that teachers had warned students against playing football. “If you believe the school has not given this ‘attacker’ long enough, don’t blame the school when they can only interpret the rulings regarding these actions that are given to them from higher up,” he wrote. “Ballina High School is a fantastic school, with great facilities, great teachers and great systems of working things.”
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Soccer Scar

by on Oct.08, 2013, under Games, Health, Kids, Toys

Kavan Ryan is the goalkeeper for the Codland Colts, a youth soccer team in in Redditch, Worcestershire, UK. kavan_ryan1 He was playing a match against Alvechurch Youth on Aug 14 when he unexpectedly collapsed when an opposing player when in for a plunge and struck his leg with his soccer shoe. blades-legend-sleek-soccer-bootBut instead of the more common studs, the player was wearing newer blade soccer shoes. Coldland Colts executive Andy Taylor thinks blades should be banned from kid's soccer. "I regard bladed boots should be criminialized from kids’ football. Kids wear them on paths and sand and the blades become sharp, roughly similar to a weapon." kav2 Kavan's leg was sliced open and bleeding profusely. His father Rob Copestake,  said: " I’ve never seen anything similar to that, and I’ve played a lot of football. My large apprehension was that it had strike a principal blood vessel and Kavan could’ve bled to death...A lot of people felt physically sick." It took ten stitches to close the wound. kav4 The referee mentioned the plunge into was a outcome of "youthful over-enthusiasm." A spokesman for Alvechurch described the damage as "terrible" but stressed there was no malevolence intended. He said, "I regard people reacted to the damage – and, yes, it was really bad. But it was not the outcome of aroused play." But schoolboy Kavan yesterday shrugged off the incident, which happened just 20 minutes into his debut for the club.
He said, "I'm OK really, I just can't wait to get back out on the pitch again. It's just one of those things really. I ran out to smother the ball and he came running through, didn't even slide, he just stamped on me. I got up and started hopping around and pulled my shorts up to just see my skin hanging off."
"That's when I started screaming." kav3 Although the tackle was regarded as accidental rather than malicious, a spokesperson for West Mercia Police said: "We can declare we are investigating an accusation of assault in connection to this incident." No charges have been filed at this time. Kavan's father remarked, "We are unaware when Kavan will fool around once again – he’s hobbling at the moment. When it happened, he mentioned he longed for to stop work football. But it’s a one-off injury, something similar to that will never come about to him again. We do know he will be scarred for life."  
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Oh What A Tangled Web

by on Feb.17, 2012, under Animals, Nature, Recreation

An unfortunate badger didn't achieve his goals when he became tangled in a net for the weekend. A caretaker at Henley-in-Arden High School, Warwickshire, England spotted the young male badger thrashing around in a goal on the soccer field. The RSPCA transferred him to Vale Wildlife Hospital in Tewkesbury, Gloucester, where he was anesthetized, allowing vets to remove the netting trapping his legs. After being washed and polished, the gentle badger is ready for rehabilitation back to a natural setting.        
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Block History

by on May.19, 2011, under Art, Headlines, History, Media, Toys, War and Terrorism

So many historic events have been captured in lego form.

Barack Obama's inauguration

Alex Eylar, 22, a student from California built a lego representation of President Obama watching the events in his White House Situation Room as transmitted by cameras in the helmets of raiding US Navy Seals. He also showed Bin Laden watching porn in his Pakistan hideout. Legos allow us to visualize historic events in a way that we can all relate to.
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The Shortest Yard

by on Nov.18, 2010, under Education, Games, Kids, Recreation

Driscoll Middle School's strategy: Dazzle 'em. Unfortunately the strategy didn't work for the cross country team.

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