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Larger Than Life

by on Feb.15, 2015, under Culture, Health

Even as a young boy, Ethan (not his real name)wasn't confident around girls. shy01As he grew older, his shyness around girls never diminished. shy02 At the age of 17, he became tired of his handicap. Unable to play any competitive sports, have sex or even wear pants without difficulty, it became time to face his problem. The teen decided to have his penis reduced. The 17-year-old's flaccid instrument measured seven inches in length but had a circumference of 10 inches - which is about the size of a grapefruit. Before the life-changing operation, surgeons said it was shaped like a "rugby ball" and restricted his ability to play sports or have sex. Danny Care • Rugby Union Player - thealbamale.blogspot The teen told doctors he would spontaneously get erections because the shape of it restricted the natural blood flow. Rafael Carrion, a urologist at the University of South Florida took on the challenge. Surgeons developed a new technique normally used to cut scar tissue from the penis by slicing alongside an old circumcision scar and cut out two segments of tissue from either side. Dr Carrion said, "It was a bit like having two side tummy-tucks - that's how we explained it to him." shy03 In the end it was complete success and the teen is ecstatic with the results. Dr Carrion reported, "It looks cosmetically appealing, and he said it was a life-changing event, he's all smiles." rhino3
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The Most Vial Record

by on Oct.03, 2013, under Animals, Environment, Health, Kids, Nature

Newberry, Florida boy Ben Smith, 11, recently set a world record. bsmith4 It probably won't appear in any record books. Ben was running through a wooded area at a friend’s birthday party when he felt a sharp pain, which he said was "like a knife". A five-foot long eastern diamondback rattlesnake had bit him on his right leg. eastern_dback Diamondback rattlesnakes have the most toxic venom in North America, and a deep bite from a large snake, like Ben had, will typically keep a patient in the hospital for as long as two weeks, according to Dr. Torrey Baines, a pediatric critical care specialist at the University of Florida Health Shands Hospital. A week and a half after being bitten, Ben remained in the pediatric intensive care unit. The venom from a highly toxic snake can keep the blood from clotting normally for up to two weeks. Once Ben's blood clotting tests produced normal results, the hospital would keep him for another 24 to 48 hours for observation. bsmith3 Doctors thought that the 80 vials of antivenin they needed to stabilize the 65 pound boy was a world record.
For a healthy person who hasn't been bitten too deeply or by a highly venomous snake, Dr. Baines said, a typical dose might be four to six vials of antivenin immediately, followed by a smaller maintenance dose of about two vials several hours later.
After the attack, Ben's friend - the birthday boy - and his father hunted down the five-foot snake and killed it. They gave it to Ben, who is keeping it as a souvenir.bsmith5 "Ben wanted to make a wallet, but has been told by the taxidermist that it would not hold up well,” his mother Heather Smith said. “We are having the snake skin preserved and Ben will decide later how to display it or if he wants to make something with the skin.” snake_front
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Grampa’s Lap

by on Nov.26, 2012, under Crime, Education, Kids

A former teacher from Broward County in Florida has lost her license to teach, after being found guilty of inappropriate conduct. Cheryl Grampa, 46, taught at Cooper City Elementary School before resigning in December 2011. Grampa was accused of offering students rewards in exchange for massages between August 2009 and February 2010. One boy touched her breasts and vaginal area. The state's complaint accuses her of failing to notify the school administration about the inappropriate conduct. Cheryl Grampa was not certified to teach massage, and it's not known where the boy learned his technique. But it is reported that he was being checked for cooties and severe visual impairment. The Daily Mail reported: But we're certain from her picture that she doesn't actually have a "virginal area", which is n0rmally located near the vagina.
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Donkey Serenade

by on Sep.18, 2012, under Animals, Crime, Health, Nature

Carlos Romero, a farmhand in Marion County, Florida, loves animals. Animals, he said, "are usually there for you" and "do not seek other pleasures." Their feelings are "100 percent honest," he said.

He wanted companionship, so he bought a pet. He purchased a miniature donkey from a man in Lake City and brought her to the farm in northwest Marion County where he worked.

County animal control officers have taken the animal, a 21-month-old miniature donkey named Doodle, to Animal Services. "I want my donkey back. There's got to be due process here. I paid $500 for her," said Carlos R. Romero, sitting on a bench after his first appearance Tuesday morning in front of a judge. Jail officials said Romero, who is charged with animal cruelty, is in protective custody for now. Carlos has been accused of engaging in a sex act with his little Doodle. He admitted that he has had sex with horses many times since he was 18 and likes their "feminine shape, behavior and raw power." He denied doing anything sexual to the donkey "because she's blooming into maturity" but said he eventually would have. Romero's act was discovered by the farm's proprietor, Gerald Joseph James, who told Marion County Sheriff's Office that he saw Romero having sex with Doodle in his room the night of Aug. 15. Romero called James a peeping tom who invaded his privacy. Romero's dedication to animals is revealed in his own statement to Marion County Detectives:  
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High School Drill Team

by on Sep.15, 2012, under Education, Family, Health, Kids, Parenting

Deltona High School Senior Kayla Marie Carrera admitted to WKMG reporters that she should have had her hair tied back during shop class. It's one of the rules, and she was aware of it.

Kayla Carrera dressed inappropriately for woodshop class

While she was using a drill press, her hair was caught. Before another student was able to free her, some of her hair was pulled out, almost to the scalp. Nancy Holland Wait, spokesperson for Volusia County Schools, says that a nurse from Deltona High School looked at the 17-year-old girl’s injuries. Holland Wait said that the nurse decided that she did not need to call 911. Kayla’s mother, Lissette Carrera, says the girl didn’t have her hair pulled back like she was supposed to.  However, as her daughter is only 17 and won't be an actual adult for a few more months, thinks the teacher should be responsible. “My thing is if she wasn’t following the rules in the classroom, she should have never been allowed on that machine in the first place because the teacher himself is putting her at danger."  she said. “He’s the adult, he supervises, she is the student. He should have told her, put your hair back before you get on the machine, these are the rules of the classroom, you must follow them." “I was told that they didn’t think it was severe enough to be calling 911. As you can see by her scalp, she’s lost her hair." When Kayla visited the emergency room later, they gave her painkillers and discharged her. Although there was no medical emergency and Kayla didn't need any treatment, her mother believes someone at Deltona High School needs to learn from this incident. “At all cost speak to an adult, call 911 first and then if they deem that it’s okay, that she should be discharged as she was, then that’s okay. But I would rather err to the side of caution." The school evidently felt that it was better not to err at all. Kayla’s mother said she plans to meet with school district leaders on Thursday.  She said she will not allow her daughter to go back to Deltona High School until new procedures are implemented forcing the school personnel to make more errors.  
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Spear Time

by on Jun.24, 2012, under Games, Health, Kids, Recreation, Weapons

Yasser Lopez was swimming with a group of friends in a lake near his home in Miami-Dade, Florida. One of the kids, a 15-year-old friend of Lopez, brought along a speargun.

A speargun

While loading the speargun, he accidentally hit the trigger. The spear hit Lopez. The spear penetrated an inch above his right eye, through the right side of his brain, and became lodged in his skull. It protruded through the back of his head, and stuck about 3 feet from his forehead. Lopez may have initially lost consciousness, but he was awake and able to talk to paramedics. His friend apparently passed out from shock at the injury he inflicted. Nasser was flown by helicopter to Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital, where doctors noted Lopez was initially alert before flailing his arms and shouting out in Spanish. He was anesthetized so he didn't injure himself further. "It’s a miracle the spear missed all the main blood vessels of the brain," neurosurgeon Ross Bullock told NBC Miami. "The most important thing is to resist that temptation to pull that thing out." They cut 18 inches off the spear before taking the X-ray. Surgeons then spent three hours removing it from Lopez, who is now in a serious but stable condition. .
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Losing Face

by on May.31, 2012, under Crime, Drugs, Health

In a horrific attack caught on video, Rudy eugene attacked his homeless victim Ronald Poppo causing life-changing injuries. Poppo graduated from Stuyvesant High School in 1964. Records indicate an above-average IQ of 129. He signed a friend's yearbook from the “First Italian in the White House, 1984." According to the yearbook, Poppo belonged to the Latin Club and earned a Bronze Scholarship Certificate.
Classmates lost touch with him after high school and he has been living on the streets for four decades.
Rudy Eugene, 31, from Haiti was seen on a camera on the Miami-Herald building. He took off and scattered his clothes as he walked across the causeway - police later found his drivers license and clothes strewn from the beach to the mainland - before pouncing on the homeless man he found sleeping on the elevated train tracks.
After he stripped and punched his victim, he straddled him and started eating his face. A police officer arrived nearly 20 minutes later and had to shoot Eugene to get him to stop eating.
Mr. Poppo is in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. His nose, mouth, and eyes have all be severely damaged and torn.
Here's the image with more detail.
Warning: This image is extremely graphic.
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Finding Your Happy Place

by on May.26, 2012, under Culture, Family, Recreation

Disneyland likes to market itself as "The Happiest Place on Earth." So what's "The Gayest Place on Earth"? If you guessed Disneyland, nice try.

They're just "gay for the day".

We think Key West, Florida deserves the title.

If Key West isn't the gayest place on earth, Florida might well be the gayest state.

It's a family destination.

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Swimming In Praise

by on Sep.08, 2011, under Family, Health, Kids, Parenting, Recreation

Our integrity is important to us, and we carefully research news articles before posting. We were unable to verify the facts in this story so we're presenting only the most rudimentary information. A Cub Scout was presented with the prestigious National Heroism Award by the Boy Scouts of America, the second highest award they offer.

11 Year old Drake Robinson is the nominal hero. His brother wrote:

"While on vacation in Florida early this summer, my father and little brother were at the hotel pool.

Hotel Pool Room

My little brother noticed a 6 year old child struggling to stay afloat in the 5 foot deep end of the pool, and immediately ran towards my father and told him he was going to help the little boy.

My little brother, not tall enough to stand up in the deep end himself, dove in after the boy. He went underwater, wrapped his arms around the boys legs, and lifted him out of the water. He dropped the boy after about 15 seconds of holding his breath, came up for air and repeated the process while slowly pushing the boy towards the shallow end of the pull. After more than a minute had gone by, the lifeguards saw what was going on, but Drake had already helped the boy out of the deep end. He came out of the pool crying while attempting to catch his breath, and immediately asked my dad if they could leave, as he didn't want any more attention. Tonight the district leader of The Boy Scouts of America came out to present him with the Heroism Award. As I said, I am so damn proud of my little brother, he kicked ass when needed to and helped save the life of someone in need." Supposedly, Drake's father, who is coincidentally his cub scout troop leader, encouraged him to perform the rescue so he could earn a Lifesaving Merit Badge. The Boy Scouts of America website says "The Heroism Award may be awarded to a youth member or adult leader who has demonstrated heroism and skill in saving or attempting to save life at minimum risk to self." If a child was really in danger it would seem to substantially increase risk by sending an 11 year old to rescue him instead of the adult doing it himself.  
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Horse Sense

by on Sep.12, 2010, under Miscellaneous

Authorities in Orlando, Florida blew up a stuffed pony, which they determined to be a "suspicious device" found near the playground outside the Waterbridge Elementary School. We're not sure why anybody thought they were in danger from the cuddly toy.  Admittedly, militant looking youth have been spotted with stuffed animals in the past. We could understand if it were, say, a zombie. A first grader might feel threatened by something like that.  But a cute stuffed pony? We hope Teddy Bear Land is preparing for a visit from Homeland Security. This place looks like its ready to blow.

Here's a shot of the heroes blowing up a horse.

No one was allowed in or out of the building while bomb disposal experts destroyed the stuffed animal. It was ultimately rendered "non-threatening."

Some people will undoubtedly still be afraid.
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