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Would Jesus Make The Cut?

by on Nov.02, 2010, under Education, Kids, Religion

Thanks in part to Renaissance artists like Rafael, Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Splinter, and the Catholic Church, we know just what Jesus looked like.

Age accelerated photo of Jesus at age 70

There are pictures of him as a young adult

As a teen heartthrob

An infant

And even as a fetus.

There are cultural or denominational differences but the pictures of Jesus all have something in common.

Jesus is Jewish. And he has long hair.

But the radical St. Dominic's Catholic School of Brick, NJ doesn't care about what Jesus would do, and they mock Jesus' compassion for cancer-stricken children.

Four year old Jack Szablewski has never had a haircut. He wanted to grow his hair long so he could donate it to the Childhood Leukemia Foundation in memory of his grandfather, and a child of a family friend who died of the cancer.

But he's been banned from his pre-kindergarten class until he cuts his hair. It needs to be at least twelve inches long to meet the minimum requirement for donation and he's nearly there.

Jack Szablewski

When Jack was admitted to the school in 2009, there were no regulations regarding hair in the dress code. The school was aware that he was growing his hair for a charitable cause, but when they revised the dress code in September, they decreed that all students should have short hair without exception. Although the new commandment doesn't seem to be enforced consistently. And more shocking behavior, like decidedly unchristian public displays of affection, go unpunished. Jack's mother, Renee, said, "They gave us two weeks to get his hair cut or he was going to be suspended. I immediately put his hair in a ponytail and measured it; it was exactly 12 inches with no room to spare, which is the minimum required to donate." Szablewski set up a Sept. 30 appointment at Ferrazz Salon in Hoboken and invited the press to promote the family's causes, including getting involved in bone-marrow drives. But the severe storm that battered the East Coast that week forced the family to cancel their plans over safety concerns. When Szablewski took Jack back to school on Oct. 1, she was turned away in the rain and told not to come back until his hair was cut. "I feel we are being punished for teaching our son it is better to give than to receive," Szablewski said. Ironically, the school's values as stated on their web site says they facilitate excellence in every student. Saint Dominic School is a Catholic Elementary School located in Brick, New Jersey and has been serving the parishioners of Saint Dominic Church for over 44 years.  Saint Dominic School provides an academically excellent pre-school through eighth grade education in a faith-filled environment.  Our mission is to enliven the Catholic faith, foster respect and responsibility, and facilitate excellence in every student. Not only that but the Diocese of Trenton has has backed school Principal Carol Bathmann's decision not to readmit Jack, even if he cuts his hair. "The Szablewski child is completely innocent in this matter and was never the subject of any disciplinary action, such as suspension. It is Mrs. Szablewski's failure to uphold her agreement to have the child's hair cut after being given 13 months to do so," according to a statement from the Diocese. Szablewski says she didn't find out about the new hair rule until after the school accepted her $2,500 tuition fee. "I felt like a criminal when I was told he could not come back to school," she said. "I was very angry. She really knocked me off my pins. I really wasn't expecting that. They are trying to bully us out of a parish we belonged to since 1990." Although Jack attended only seven days of school, the Szablewskis were returned only $1,000 of he $ 2500 tuition they paid. "Here we are, trying to do a good thing. According to the school handbook, you are suspended or expelled for defacing property or possessing weapons, but this was an act of charity," she said. "I found it quite appalling that an assistant principal said to me, 'You are the one who chose to make your son different.' I thought that was very un-Christlike. I was so disgusted my spirit was broken. "One thing I want to stress is I love my church and I do love my faith. It's not about the church; it's about the people who have the power and abuse authority." Jack has a charitable nature. Before school started, he earned $ 1711 selling candy for a St. Dominic's fundraiser. "I will be happy when somebody is going to have my hair," said the spirited Jack. But he'll have to find another school where his charitable nature is appreciated. They really know not what they do.

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May 20, 2010 Today’s Headlines

by on May.20, 2010, under Headlines

Web of tunnels found under Austin, TX home. http://www.kens5.com/news/Photos-reveal-web-of-tunnels-under-Austin-home-94275219.html Texas Board of Education wants textbooks to refer to slave trade as the "Atlantic Triangular Trade".  What did they do with all the triangles? http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/ybenjamin/detail??blogid=150&entry_id=63935 Pirates terrorize boaters on Texas lake. http://www.kens5.com/home/pirates-94535754.html Husband jumps from moving car when wife won't shut up. http://www.theleafchronicle.com/article/20100515/CRIME/100515003/Husband+reportedly+jumps+from+car
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Great and Exciting Career Opportunity

by on May.11, 2010, under Crime, Education

Are you ready for a new career? Have you finally graduated 8th grade and don't know what to do, but you know that you like guns and violence?  A career as a Bail Enforcement Agent might be for you! You can apply for your own PI license and open your own estalisment.  They provide you with the PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR LICENSE IN YOUR HANDS.  All you need is a valid driver's license and a Visa or MasterCard.  Are you eligable?


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