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Appetite For Destruction

by on May.09, 2015, under Animals, Family, Health, Nature

Benno is a Belgian Malinois with a healthy appetite. In his four years, he's eaten a lot of strange objects, from underwear and and blankets to electronics and a gasoline-soaked lawn mower air filter. bruno02 Owner Larry Brassfield had been repackaging ammunition the night before when he woke up early to his wife telling him that the dog had thrown up. She said there was ammo in the vomit. X-rays showed that the dog had some improperly loaded rounds in his stomach. benno_xray They weren't able to tell exactly how many there were, but they could distinguish 17 or 18. Benno would definitely not have been legal in the state of California, where you can't have more than ten rounds in your dog at a time. benno_rounds02 Ultimtely they removed 23 rounds from his stomach. benno_xray02 Another x-ray showed two remaining cartridges in his esophagus, but vets decided to wait and allow them time to chamber instead of performing another surgery right away. bruno01 Five days later, one of the rounds was ejected, and 3 days after that, he shot out the final round. benno_chewed Benno is expected to fully recover and has already regained his appetite for destruction. benno_02
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Eat That Frog

by on Aug.31, 2011, under Animals, Culture, Food, Health, Nature

A Malaysian aborigine, allegedly spotted a gargantuan amphibian at a riverside in the mountainous Gemencheh region of Malaysia. A witness offered to buy the enormous frog, but couldn’t afford the $ 325 price the aborigine demanded. The man snapped a photo with his mobile phone. The frog was reported to weigh 44 pounds. He returned later that day with more money but discovered that the aboriginal had already slaughtered the massive frog and eaten it. According to reports, he’s been sick ever since.    
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To Serve Man

by on Aug.16, 2011, under Animals, Crime, Culture, Food

In the U.S., beef, chicken, and pork are almost exclusively the types of meat sold in the U.S. Rarely, you might find venison or horse, but fundamentally, cattle, poultry, and swine are the only sources of meat protein you're likely to find in your local grocery store.

In other parts of the world, you'll find a much greater variety. Insects, iguanas, and rats are all sources of meat in other places.

Thirteen countries around the globe still eat dog meat.They are: China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Polynesia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Arctic and Antarctica.

Police in Thailand rescued more than 1,000 of the animals from tiny cages when they intercepted four trucks attempting to smuggle them out of the country. The dogs -stacked high in scores of crates - were being transported to Vietnam as officers swooped in two raids in Nathom and Si Songkhram districts near the border with Laos.
Livestock officials in Nakhon Phanom confirmed 1,011 dogs were being looked after at a government shelter. Another 119 died from suffocation in the cramped cages or when they were thrown into the trucks as the fleeing traffickers tried to speed away.
Two Thai men and a Vietnamese man have been charged with trafficking and the illegal transportation of animals. If convicted the accused face a maximum one-year jail sentence and a fine of up to 20,000 baht ($670) The dogs were to be taken across the Mekong river in Laos. Prices for stray dogs and pets in rural Thai villages can reach as much as  $33 an animal.
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