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At the End of His Rope

by on Sep.07, 2014, under Crime, Culture, Education, Family, Kids, Weapons

Ten year old Tang Chu, who lives in Ghizhou, China was trying to watch his favorite cartoons when he became annoyed by a noise from outside. Tang_Chu_apt Workman Liu Mai was using his electric drill to install new lights outside the 8th floor apartment. While most ten year olds would probably be driven by curiosity, Tang Chu just wanted to stop the noise. He grabbed a knife from the kitchen, and cut the workman's safety rope. That left him dangling 100 feet up by a single rope. His workmate Zhang Pan heard his screams, and called firemen, who were able to winch Liu Mai to safety on the 11th floor. liumai2 Tang Chu said that the builders were too loud and it was distracting him as he tried to watch his favorite cartoons. He has since apologized for his actions. Father Tang Peng said, "He just didn't think. We have apologized and bought the man a new rope." liumai3 "We also gave him a good talking too and explained what he did was very dangerous. "He has promised he will not do something similar again. I think we may also need to take him for some anger management therapy." Just make sure the therapist keeps his voice down.
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Soccer Scar

by on Oct.08, 2013, under Games, Health, Kids, Toys

Kavan Ryan is the goalkeeper for the Codland Colts, a youth soccer team in in Redditch, Worcestershire, UK. kavan_ryan1 He was playing a match against Alvechurch Youth on Aug 14 when he unexpectedly collapsed when an opposing player when in for a plunge and struck his leg with his soccer shoe. blades-legend-sleek-soccer-bootBut instead of the more common studs, the player was wearing newer blade soccer shoes. Coldland Colts executive Andy Taylor thinks blades should be banned from kid's soccer. "I regard bladed boots should be criminialized from kids’ football. Kids wear them on paths and sand and the blades become sharp, roughly similar to a weapon." kav2 Kavan's leg was sliced open and bleeding profusely. His father Rob Copestake,  said: " I’ve never seen anything similar to that, and I’ve played a lot of football. My large apprehension was that it had strike a principal blood vessel and Kavan could’ve bled to death...A lot of people felt physically sick." It took ten stitches to close the wound. kav4 The referee mentioned the plunge into was a outcome of "youthful over-enthusiasm." A spokesman for Alvechurch described the damage as "terrible" but stressed there was no malevolence intended. He said, "I regard people reacted to the damage – and, yes, it was really bad. But it was not the outcome of aroused play." But schoolboy Kavan yesterday shrugged off the incident, which happened just 20 minutes into his debut for the club.
He said, "I'm OK really, I just can't wait to get back out on the pitch again. It's just one of those things really. I ran out to smother the ball and he came running through, didn't even slide, he just stamped on me. I got up and started hopping around and pulled my shorts up to just see my skin hanging off."
"That's when I started screaming." kav3 Although the tackle was regarded as accidental rather than malicious, a spokesperson for West Mercia Police said: "We can declare we are investigating an accusation of assault in connection to this incident." No charges have been filed at this time. Kavan's father remarked, "We are unaware when Kavan will fool around once again – he’s hobbling at the moment. When it happened, he mentioned he longed for to stop work football. But it’s a one-off injury, something similar to that will never come about to him again. We do know he will be scarred for life."  
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Cutting Edge of Bodyart

by on Sep.22, 2012, under Art, Health

It's henna colored, but it looks more like a birthmark than a tattoo. It doesn't look like the allergic reaction to henna that we illustrated in Kids Dye Young. To get this effect, you have to go beyond a mere tattoo and dig a little deeper. For the best results, you really have to be willing to suffer for your art. It takes more than patience and a steady hand. It also requires a high threshold of pain. There will probably be a little blood from the strips of flesh they hack out. But if you survive the pain and septic shock, and infection doesn't set in, the results make it all worthwhile.
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Eliminating Animal Testing: Some Important Tips

by on Feb.06, 2012, under Consumer, Drugs, Health, Kids, Nature, Religion, Technology

    No matter how much you acknowledge the need for product testing, how could anybody not be moved by the suffering of the test subjects? They lead horrible lives. In China, bears that are kept to harvest their bile have killed themselves rather than continue to submit to the painful procedure and life in a cramped, isolated cage. One mother bear killed her cub to spare him from the lifestyle, then continually ran into a wall until she died. Others have starved themselves to death. But good news is on the horizon, as the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, Germany has found a substitute for the use of live animals. You don't actually need the live baby for testing: Just the foreskin. So much research material has been lost for so many years! The Hautfabrik developed at the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart is an affordable and sustainable alternative to animal testing.

The machine is fitted with 500 boards, each with 24 tissue cultures growing on it in little tube formations. In each tube, extremely thin skin samples grow from cells, which robotic hands have painstakingly extracted from foreskins donated to the project. Scientists use enzymes to detach the very top layer of cells from the skin, along with connective tissue and pigment cells. The foreskin used for the process is only taken from boys up to the age of four. “The older skin is, the worse the cells function,” explained Andreas Traube, an engineer at the institute's department of production technology and automation.

At the moment only very small skin samples are being created. “It’s logical that we’d want to take the operation to a bigger scale,” said Traube. If it catches on, maybe we can put an end to the suffering of animals for product testing. The equipment developed by the Fraunhofer team can extract between three to 10 million cells from a single foreskin. In the incubator these cells then multiply hundreds of times. The whole process can take up to six weeks, but according to Traube, “We can’t use the machine to speed up the process; biology needs time to take its course.” We wonder if anybody has tried rubbing them gently.    
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Forced Cuts

by on Sep.08, 2011, under Crime, Culture, Health, Racism, Religion

Some people have strong opinions about circumcision, but people rarely take it into their own hands to make their opinions felt.  
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Bible Tips

by on Aug.18, 2011, under Crime, Culture, Family, Health, Kids, Parenting, Religion

Keemonta Peterson, 29, from Portland OR., said she was inspired to circumcise her baby after reading the Old Testament. But her son was three months old, and she knew that pediatricians at the OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital wouldn't circumcise children over four weeks. An OHSU spokeswoman said it's true that pediatricians at OHSU won't perform circumcisions on boys older than four weeks because of the increased pain, need for general anesthesia and greater risk of bleeding. But urologists at the hospital will perform the procedure on boys older than four weeks.

Keesha, who refers to herself as "Yahayah's Chosen Vessel", decided to do it herself. She read about the procedure on the Internet.

She watched videos about the procedure on Youtube.

She gathered the proper equipment.

Around midnight on the morning of Oct. 24, using a box cutter as a scalpel and a pair of pliers as a tourniquet, she began the procedure. When the bleeding wouldn't stop, she tried to stitch the wound. Her thirteen year old son Dre watched in distress.

After two hours of uncontrolled bleeding, Peterson decided she needed help and called 911 to her home near East Burnside Street and 127th Avenue. Medics rushed the infant to OHSU, where he was initially listed in critical condition.

Keemonta is being held for first and second degree assault and first degree criminal mistreatment. A doctor described the baby’s condition upon arrival as life threatening, and the pain as immense.

According to the prosecution, Peterson said she has concerns about her mental health. She told the Oregon Department of Human Services that in the past she has been overcome with paranoia, and she and her children would stay inside. A month after the botched circumcision, she said she suffered “auditory hallucinations” and manic episodes that prevented her from sleeping for days.

She said that she follows the “Hebrew” religion, but doesn’t attend services at any particular establishment.

Her kids are staying with relatives and she is only allowed to see them on supervised visits.

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Tips For A Successful Party

by on May.11, 2011, under Culture, Health, Kids, Religion

Many societies have rites of passage for the transition of their boys into manhood. For a Catholic, it might be his first confession. A Jew has a Bar Mitzvah. Some boys get cars for their 16th birthday, or have a life changing experience at summer camp. Gay kids have a "coming out" party. In the Philippines, this important rite of passage is circumcision. most preteen boys are circumcised. Traditionally, young Filippino boys are circumcised during their school summer break period from March to May. The boys in Marikina lined up by the hundreds for a day long circumcision party. City officials held the party to promote safe circumcision. The procedure is often performed crudely in rural areas. The procedure was performed on primitive operating tables in a stadium in Marikina, east of Manila. Some boys cried, while others bit their shirts to stifle their screams as the surgery was performed on a dozen boys at a time. The boys are proud of their new status, but they seem to be less inclined to smile for the camera after the procedure. If they made the cut, there's another line where the boys can get antibiotics and pain killers. I hope they don't have to write "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" essays.
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The Law Of Averages

by on Jun.20, 2010, under Education, Health

It's hard to beat the law of averages.  On average, most men have one penis.  People afflicted with diphallia might have two.  So it stands to reason that some men should have none.  Sometimes its a medical complication.  Sometimes its a job hazard.   Sadly, some men seem determined to take matters into their own hands. A 19 year old Malaysian man severed his own penis in March after breaking up with his girlfriend.  He threw the amputated organ down a nearby well.  Although his family searched for it, it wasn't found.  The man is expected to survive. “His wound could have been fatal but he will survive and we are trying our best to heal it,” Cilacap Municipal Hospital director Sugeng Budi Susanto told reporters. “He’s still too shocked and embarrassed to talk or meet anyone.” A man from Majmaah, Saudi Arabia, frustrated by his dysfunctional penis, removed it with a knife.  Al-Riyadh reported that his marriage had failed due to his inability to impregnate his wife.  She has since divorced him and remarried, and has given birth to a daughter with her new husband. On hearing the news about her child, he hacked his defective device off with a knife.  Surgeons at King Khaled Hospital reattached the organ, but it's not known if it works any better than it did before it was chopped off. It was originally reported that a man from Wantage in Oxfordshire, England severed his own penis with a knife.  He called emergency services, and asked for assistance because he believed he was bleeding to death.  Paramedics called for police backup after they arrived because the man was highly intoxicated and holding a knife. The man’s severed reproductive gland was found floating in the bathtub, it has not been confirmed whether surgeons were able to reattach the organ. The police are not investigating the incident as a crime and the man remains in hospital recovering. Neighbors described the self mutilating loner as “a lovely man, very shy and very artistic”.

From The Telegraph: The Telegraph has this morning identified the man as 54 year old carpenter Stuart Keen and they say a saw was used and not a knife. According to the Telegraph the statement given by Thames Valley Police was inaccurate, Mr Keen was intoxicated but he was using a saw to perform a DIY task at his home workshop at around two o’clock in the morning when the accidental castration occurred. The paper quote Mr Keen’s elderly mother, Edna who told them: “Stuart had a very nasty accident with a saw but he is recovering now. “He suffered tissue damage and had surgery to stitch him up which, I understand, was successful. “I have spoken to him and he is quite embarrassed about the whole incident. I was in Somerset when it happened and got a call from the hospital. “Hopefully he will be home next week and be able to get back to work which he loves. “Stuart is a carpenter and uses sharp and sometimes dangerous tools. “This was an unfortunate accident but these things happen all the time to people in his profession.”

One of the dangers of being a carpenter

And finally we have our contribution from the medical profession. Enrique Milla, a 62 year old from south Florida, lost his penis after penile implant surgery.  After consulting with his physician and a urologist about his sexual dysfunction, he chose to have a penile implant. His attorney Spence Aronfeld told CBS4 news partners Newsradio610 WIOD that decision was a huge mistake. "The problem is that Mr. Milla has uncontrolled diabetes and it is absolutely, 100 percent, contraindicated – which means it should not be done on anyone with uncontrolled diabetes because diabetics have a rate of infection then people who don't' have diabetes," said Aronfeld.

Penile implant surgery

Milla had the surgery, but developed an acute infection which caused his penis to become gangrenous.  It then had to be removed. Aronfeld said because of the doctor's negligence, Milla's life has been irreparably changed.
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