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by on Jun.13, 2011, under Games, Health, Kids, Recreation

13 year old Cao Jie, from Ganshui township of Qijiang, Chongqing, China met with a group of friends to play pool. Cao Jie didn't really know how to play pool, so he stayed outside to climb a tree while his friends went inside to play. After a while, Cao's friend, 15 year old Liu Yong, went outside to look for him and found him up a tree. Being a 15 year old boy, Liu poked his friend with a cue stick. Cao lost his balance, slipped from the tree, and impaled himself on the end of the pool cue. After six hours in surgery, doctors were able to remove the 10 cm of the pool cue that had entered Cao's rectum. Fortunately, Liu didn't hit any balls.

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