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We Didn’t Start the Fire

by on Feb.10, 2011, under Crime, Culture, Religion

Jesus loves the little children, but so does Buddha. Most Buddhists are vehemently anti-abortion. It was a surprise when police discovered 348 fetuses wrapped in white plastic bags at the Phai-nguern Chotinaram temple.

Bags are labeled "Taco Filling"

Neighbors alerted authorities about the smell of decay, originally attributed to the monks' bad hygiene. Police returned later to find a total of 2002 fetuses.

The fetuses are thought to be the remains of illegal abortions. Buddhist temples traditionally have morticians to prepare bodies for cremation.

Col. Sombat Milintachinda, chief of the investigation team, said that the morticians admitted receiving fetuses for about four years. They keep them until they dry, so that they're easier to burn.

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