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by on Aug.18, 2013, under Food, Health, Kids, Parenting, Recreation, Toys

Three-year-old Shivam is from Rani Bagh area in northwest Delhi. Boys don't spend much time in the kitchen there, but he was bored and didn't have anything else to do. Like three year olds everywhere, he gravitated to the pressure cooker. shivam3 He put it over his head, and got stuck. Hearing him cry, his father Sanjay took him to a private nursing home, where doctors tried unsuccessfully to remove the pressure cooker. shivam2 Eventually  Shivam was sent to a hospital and after two hours of painstaking effort, doctors managed to remove the pot from his head. shivam1 Although it wasn't a good idea to put it on his head in the first place, we admire how well Shivam held up under pressure.
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