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The Media Crusade

by on Sep.29, 2012, under Culture, History, Media, Religion, Technology, War and Terrorism

When mainstream media consisted of the printed page, and most people were illiterate, the church gained converts primarily by sending volunteers out into different parts of the world to persuade the native populations they encountered. God usually sides with the biggest battalion, and the crusaders weren't always successful, but they've mostly prevailed over time. Despite that, they still keep up the battle. The methods are more subtle now, but still pretty destructive to the societies in which they've infiltrated and make laws to suit their religious agenda.

Freehold, Iowa, home to Landover Baptist, is perhaps the most evolved example of the new Crusade.

The Church of England, anxious to show its relevance in the 21st century, has begun a campaign to raise the awareness of Jesus Christ and it looks like they've taken a page from the Landover Baptist godly media handbook.

Instead of religion at the point of a sword, they're simply trying to make Jesus Christ seem more human, they claim.

Church leaders admit the controversial campaign by Christian media group ChurchAds.net won't be to everyone’s taste, but hope it will make the Christmas story appeal to the younger generation, which, evidently, is amused by a doll that wees.

The previous year's campaign didn't resonate with the target audience either.

Arun Arora, the Church of England’s communications director, said: "We need to be re-telling the story of Christ’s birth in ways which engage creatively and positively with the public’s interest."

We suggest they try again: And skip the adolescent years.

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All I Want For Christmas

by on Dec.28, 2011, under Consumer, Environment, Family, Health, Kids, Parenting, Technology

Kids know just what they want for Christmas. You don't even have to ask. They'll let you know. Most of the time, it's a popular toy you can find at a local store. Sometimes they want something unusual. Kyle Krichbaum collects vacuum cleaners, and loves additions to his collection.

Dustin Kruse, a four year old from New Berlin, Wisconsin, wanted one thing more than anything else.

Dustin wanted a shiny new Kohler Persuade dual-flush toilet.

“Dustin first visited the Kohler Design Center when he was three,” said his mother Michele Kruse in a Kohler press release. She recalled Dustin checking out all the toilets on display and learning about bidets and dual-flush technology from the in-house designers. “He even took it upon himself to explain how to use a dual-flush toilet to fellow visitors,” Michele said. On the way home, Dustin said, “For Christmas, I’m asking Santa for a full-flush half-flush toilet.”

When Dustin was 3, When he was three, they took him to the Kohler Design Studio, a three story showroom of toilets and plumbing fixtures manufactured by the Wisconsin company.  "Out of anything this is what he loved. We were here three hours our first time. He was in heaven," Dustin's mom said.

The Kruses were struggling in this year's economy, and couldn't afford the $ 400 toilet. After a letter to Kohler, the company donated the toilet as a gift.

Dustin was so excited by the gift, he fell asleep in the box!

Dustin's fascination with bathrooms began when he was two and potty trained himself. "He first loved Porta Potties. He would see one on the side of the road or a race track. He needed to go in every single Porta Potty," Mrs Kruse said. "We thought maybe it was a phase... and no." Dustin loves toilets. He loves flushing them. He even understands how they work, his mom says.   That's why he wanted the dual flush toilet, which has a half flush for liquids and a full flush for solids. "Everybody should have a toilet like that because it conserves water," Dustin says.  
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He Sees You When You’re Sleeping

by on Dec.23, 2011, under Culture, Health, Kids, Miscellaneous, Religion

You'd better not shout, you'd better not cry. Santa Claus is going to town.  
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