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Keeping Your Kids Safe

by on Jul.31, 2014, under Education, Family, Health, Kids, Nature, Parenting

Child mortality rates have plummeted in the last few decades as we've become more cognizant of the potential dangers, and technology has advanced and recognized that safety is just as important as function. The warnings from a previous era are no longer adequate. do_notIt's paramount that parents recognize the dangers in their homes and make sure their kids remain safe. To that end we present these child safety tips. teddy_defender Check the closet and under the bed to be sure that there are no monsters hiding there. kidonhook When mounting the child on a wall, make sure that you use hardware that is designed for the weight of the child. girl-upsidedown Furniture should be designed to be used around children. Fully extend your drawers to be sure that the furniture won't tip over on your kid. hangdrawers Decorative hardware and drawer pulls should not have any sharp edges or your child may be in danger of falling when he's hanging from the drawer. baby_wash When you're washing your baby, don't fill the tub all the way. Always use the gentle cycle. kids_washing Encourage the kids to help with the household chores to get the job done more quickly. tvhug Soft cuddly toys are preferable to large electronic devices for play time. hallofscience Some toys are dangerous if used improperly. Young children should always use them under the supervision of someone older, preferably not an older sibling. dartaccidentfm3 Encourage sibling relationships. When one child is playing, younger brothers or sisters should always be included. hoarder1 If you let your child eat in his room, make sure he properly disposes of the containers and leftovers. knife_electric Make sure that the electrical outlets in your house are child safe by testing conduction potential. childproof_outlet The "taste test" is the most accurate way to check for lethal current. powdergirl Keep your cocaine locked up in a childproof container. overhead-kid When traveling with your child, bring along a favorite toy, and make him feel as much at home as possible. kidsleeps Make sure that your child isn't past his recommended shelf life. toilet-reading Toilet training is important for both the child's and parents' well-being. Encourage them to use it regularly by letting them entertain themselves while in the bathroom. first_drunk Eventually they'll learn to use it like a grown-up. plunger_boy Teach them to flush often or the toilet might clog. plunger_boys2 Kids learn by doing, so let them try things out until they learn to do it properly. kidtrap Toys and games should be age and size appropriate. Don't let your kids play with something that's too big for them just because you have it on hand. hsflashers Your kids' friends will have a lot of influence on them, so get to know the people they hang out with. dickisgood Learn about what they like and dislike, and try not to be too judgmental. putana Breast feeding is recommended up to a certain age, but don't smear your breasts with poison until after the babies have been fed. child_stove Including the child in the cooking process can teach him about where food comes from, and to make healthy choices. nyquil-nap Keep sugary snacks hidden so your child doesn't eat too much at one time. brownie-sleep "Special" edible treats should only be eaten by children in moderation. spiderboy Well padded furniture will increase the chance of a soft landing. kids_swim When on vacation, be sure to arrange some activities for the kids' benefit. kids_karachi Follow our simple safety tips to keep your kids happy and healthy. kid_safe
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Silent Scream

by on Feb.25, 2014, under Crime, Culture, Family, Health, Kids, Parenting

Chris Elvis, a security guard from Lagos, Nigeria lived with his wife and four year old son in the Meiran neighborhood. lagos_meiran The 30 year old was arrested after the child's mother arrived home after a trip to the market, and found her son dead. The charge-sheet reads: "That you, Chris Elvis, on February 10, 2014, about 5pm at 7, Adetola Adelaja street, Meiran Lagos, in the Lagos Magisterial District, did unlawfully kill one Godrich Elvis, aged 4 years by using hot pressing iron to burn him all over his body and putting him inside a plastic drum and locked the drum with padlock and thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 221 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, Nigeria, 2011." Elvis has blamed the four-year-old Godrich for his recent bad luck and decided to kill his son as he thought Godrich was an  "Ogbanje" or "child of evil". nigeria_padlock Elvis padlocked the boy's mouth to keep him from screaming as he was being tortured. He tried to convince authorities that he was mentally ill, but they considered his condition "normal".
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Water Bearer

by on Feb.11, 2014, under Family, Health, Kids, Parenting

Some women think that the water birth is the most comfortable way to deliver a baby. water-birth03 It's becoming more common to involve the entire family in the process. It strengthens the family bond and teaches about some of the mysteries of childbirth. water-birth05 The birthing tub is big enough for the whole family. It's like a day at the spa. water-birth02 It's an event that nobody will forget, especially the kids. This warm moment will be with them their entire lives. water-birth01 For this family, everything's coming up roses!
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What Boys Like

by on Sep.28, 2013, under Animals, Culture, Education, Family, Food, Health, Kids, Nature, Parenting, Recreation

We think the Sex and Affection comic does a good job explaining milestones of child development, and it would be a great opportunity for a bonding experience with your kids when you read it to them at bedtime. But we thought we could give you the same information without the explicit drawings and uncomfortable language. blc01 As boys grow, they show interest in the things close to them. From toddler to teen, a boy is all about his cock. blc02 As they grow up there might be some friendly "competition". D2D_Day1_Dairy Or just plain showing off. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA With some it's a passion. blc05 For others it's a fashion statement. County Fairs The pride is always evident. blc07 Then there's an intermediate stage where the boys learn new tricks. choke They grow older and broaden their horizons. They usually take on an entirely new interest. bc01 It becomes the focus of their attention. bc02 Most of the time. blc08 And that's okay too. Be proud of who you are. blc09 Most of the time. blc10
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Lost Boys

by on Aug.26, 2012, under Consumer, Crime, Education, Family, Food, History, Kids

Before the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children was created in 1984, police could get or pass information about stolen cars, stolen guns, and even stolen horses from the FBI’s national crime computer:  But not stolen children. Five years prior, six year old Etan Patz disappeared from a New York street corner on his way to school and was never seen again. Twenty-nine children were murdered in Atlanta and there were other cases in that time. Besides its mission to maintain a clearinghouse for information on missing and exploited children, it also tried to maintain awareness of the cases to the general public. Etan Patz's disappearance on May 25, 1979 catalyzed the nation. President Ronald Reagan declared the day of the boy’s disappearance National Missing Children’s Day. Etan became the poster child for missing children. To maintain public awareness, some local midwest dairies printed pictures of the missing kids on milk cartons, and Etan was the first. Others soon followed and more dairies picked up the practice. That campaign lasted six months and despite becoming part of the pop culture of the time it was considered a failure. “People weren’t really paying attention to the images on the milk cartoons,” he said. “The only ones paying attention were younger children enjoying their cereal.” said the center’s Bob Lowery. When the center opened in 1984, it had a recovery rate of 62 percent for missing children. Now, nearly three decades later, that rate is 98 percent. “It’s because of better awareness of missing children and also our ability to connect through social media, Amber alerts and all the tools we have,” Lowery said.
Meanwhile, Etan's disappearance remained a mystery. Until they get closure, his mother and father remain  in the same third floor SoHo apartment they occupied when he was alive.
Jose Ramos a convicted pedophile currently in prison, was the only suspect in the case for years.
But the police's questioning of Othniel Miller, Ramos' employer in 1979, led them to excavate a basement he used to own. They began investigating again in April.
Etan's remnants weren't found, and there was still no evidence to tie Ramos or Miller to the crime, and there have never been any other serious suspects.

Othniel Miller, left, and Pedro Hernandez

And then, 33 years to the day after Etan disappeared while he walked to the school bus from his home in New York, Pedro Hernandez confessed to police he hid the six-year-old's body in a walk-in refrigerator after strangling him in the basement of his bodega.
Hernandez, who was 18 at the time and working in a bodega just a few blocks away from Etan's home, has been charged with second degree murder. He claims to have lured the youngster to the store with the promise of soda.

Stan and Julie Patz in 1979

A law enforcement source told the New York Post that during his three-and-a-half hour confession Hernandez admitted to strangling Etan before hiding his body in a walk-in freezer in the basement. So far there is no physical evidence, and Hernandez has a long history of mental health problems, but his claim is under investigation. The potential of the milk carton as a media device was overrated, and QR codes are now used to pass on information about missing children. But we hope that the mystery behind the disappearance of Etan, the Boy on the Milk Carton, will finally be solved.  
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Second Skin

by on Feb.20, 2012, under Consumer, Health, Kids, Miscellaneous, Technology

Serious burn injuries are one of the hardest things to recover from. It's a long painful process, and leaves the victim susceptible to infection. The skin grafts and scar tissue don't have the flexibility of normal skin and may cause embarrassment and discomfort for life. Even when the damage isn't apparent to everybody, it can destroy the burn sufferer's self-esteem. When two year old Zed Merrick, from Lincolnshire, knocked a cup of hot tea off the kitchen counter, he suffered from second degree burns across his chest and shoulder.   He was expected to have disfiguring scars for life, but four months after a new treatment, he's showing remarkable improvement.

ReCell is a spray that's formulated from Zed's own skin cells. The normal procedure would involve bandages and dressings, which would have to be changed daily. Zed would have needed skin grafts and surgery. With the ReCell procedure, the new skin will be flexible, and since it's made from his own skin cells, it shouldn't be rejected.

After just a few weeks of treatment the improvement was noticeable as the skin healed.

The healing progressed a lot faster than it would have with more traditional treatment.

In just a few weeks, the results are obvious.

Zed suffered his horrendous injuries on October 13 last year at the home in Ulceby, Lincolnshire, where he lives with his businesswoman mother Nicola

and father Chunky, a sound-engineer.

The experimental procedure is still expensive, but Zed will not need skin grafts or further surgery. The procedure was performed at Pinderfields hospital, Wakefield, Yorkshire.

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Fairy Tale Ending

by on Jan.30, 2012, under Culture, Education, Family, Health, Kids, Nature, Parenting

A while ago we ran a story About A Boy whose parents refused to disclose the gender, planning to raise the child without societal constraints. While the Toronto family continues to destroy the future of Storm, the genderless offspring of a British couple on the same path to destruction have finally revealed the gender of their child. From the moment Sasha was born, Beck Laxton and Kieran Cooper have taken care not to lumber their child with the stereotyping they fear that gender brings. So they simply referred to him as "the infant" and kept its gender a secret from all but a few close friends and relatives and, we assume, its doctor.

As you may have guessed, the little fairy is a boy. His gender was finally revealed as he was about to start school, and it would eliminate confusion as to which bathroom to use. The parents didn't ask the gender of the child throughout the pregnancy to avoid stereotyped expectations and waited until 30 minutes after he was born because she "did not want to prejudice his life with gender", despite his having been born with a penis and testicles. The name Sasha was chosen because it was gender neutral.

It appears that Sasha's choices are not as personal as his parents make them out to be. His father, a computer software designer, said Sasha is aware he is a boy and has been allowed to grow up taking an interest in whatever he wants. "If Sasha wants to dress up in girls’ clothes then so be it," Mr Cooper said. "But we’re not forcing it. The girl’s clothes and fancy dress are for fun at home. We don’t make Sasha go out in girl’s clothes." But if he's unaffected by gender stereotypes, why does he only play "dress-up" at home?

Not just left to his own devices, Sasha was actually encouraged to play with dolls as well as Legos, and encouraged to wear both boys and girls clothes. "I wanted to avoid all that stereotyping," his mother Beck Laxton, from Sawston, Cambridgeshire, explained last week. "Stereotypes seem fundamentally stupid. Why would you want to slot people into boxes?"

Sasha's gender was almost revealed when he took to running around their garden naked, but Beck was resolute and encouraged him to play with dolls to hide his masculinity. Sasha wears a ruched-sleeved and scalloped-collared shirt to school from the girl's uniform list, and has been banned from sporting combat trousers. The youngster is also encouraged to wear flowery tops at weekends.

"I just want him to fulfil his potential, and I wouldn't push him in any direction. As long as he has good relationships and good friends, then nothing else matters does it?" "All I want to do is make people think a bit." And we can see from the picture above that Kieran Cooper and Beck Laxton's decision not to influence Sasha's gender choices have so far resulted in a happy well-adjusted child. But some experts still think you can't deny what's in the jeans.
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It’s A Girl

by on Sep.30, 2011, under Family, Health, Kids, Nature, Parenting

Thomas Lobel was developmentally delayed when he was adopted at two years old. His adoptive parents, Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel, taught him sign language when he was three so he could better express himself. One of the first things he told them when he could finally communicate was, "I am a girl!" Tommy, now 11, goes by the name "Tammy". He dresses and essentially lives as a girl. Unlike his older brothers who are both described at outgoing and athletic, Thomas liked to read Wonder Woman comic books and play with dolls. He preferred rhinestone hair accessories to a baseball cap. At age 7, Thomas threatened to chop off his penis. After the threat of self-mutilation, therapists and psychiatrists diagnosed him with gender identity disorder. The family is anything but conventional. Thomas's two mothers are lesbians, who were married by a Rabbi. They have two older sons as well.

Tammy, mothers, and older brother Edgar at his Bar Mitzvah

Because of their lifestyle, the mothers have been accused of forcing Tammy into this change. They insist that's not the case, and the decision to help Tommy transition to a life as Tammy was difficult.

But a year laterm they let him pick out his own clothes and wear a bra.

"As soon as we let him put on a dress, his personality changed from a very sad kid who sat still, didn't do much of anything to a very happy little girl who was thrilled to be alive,"  mother Pauline told CNN.

Tammy is receiving hormone blocking therapy in Berkeley, CA. The hormone-suppressant will postpone puberty and keep the 11-year-old from developing broad shoulders, deep voice and facial hair. They hope it will give him time to figure out if he wants to fully transition to being a girl. If he stops taking the drugs, he will undergo natural male puberty at a later stage and his future fertility would not be impacted.

Should he decide to transition to an adult female, he can take female hormones as well, which would raise his voice, grow breasts and develop other feminine physical characteristics.
San Francisco, near Berkeley, is one of four cities in the United States with a hospital that has a program for transgender children. Children are seen by mental health professionals and then treated by pediatric endocrinologists. Others cities with youth programs are Boston, Seattle and Los Angeles.  
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