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Pulp Friction

by on Jun.09, 2015, under Consumer, Health, Recreation

A 19-year-old is missing from his camp site at the lookout in Heaton State Forest, which borders the Watagans National Park in Australia. The man, whose name has not been released, is from from Tenambit near Maitland. camper_missing He was last seen carrying a roll of toilet paper. kid_wrap While some searchers think he may have slipped and fallen, we wonder if there's not a more sinister explanation. tp_scott Toilet paper can humiliate and cause extreme pain. It's been alleged to be responsible for bullying and emotional distress. crybaby - 2 crybaby -3 crybaby - 4 crybaby - 5 crybaby - 6 crybaby - 7 crybaby - 8 crybaby - 9 If you go camping, protect yourself by using safe toilet paper.
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It’s A Boy’s Life In The BSA

by on Oct.05, 2013, under Culture, Education, Family, History, Kids, Parenting, Recreation

The Boy Scouts of America has agreed for the first time to allow openly gay boys as members, a decision we see as long overdue. bs-rally In a statement released by the Boy Scouts of America after the historic vote, they said: "For 103 years, the Boy Scouts of America has been a part of the fabric of this nation, with a focus on working together to deliver the nation's foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training." bshbf65 They always been an inclusive organization, as their statement continues, welcoming white Christian boys of all kinds. But they're ready to open up to an even wider group. bs-deutcsh "Based on growing input from within the Scouting family, the BSA leadership chose to conduct an additional review of the organization's long-standing membership policy and its impact on Scouting's mission. This review created an outpouring of feedback from the Scouting family and the American public, from both those who agree with the current policy and those who support a change. ..." ScoutHandbookCovers It's never been about homosexuality at all. "The resolution also reinforces that Scouting is a youth program, and any sexual conduct, whether heterosexual or homosexual, by youth of Scouting age is contrary to the virtues of Scouting. A change to the current membership policy for adult leaders was not under consideration; thus, the policy for adults remains in place." scountmaster_interest At least when it comes to kids. But no adults. Gay adults are creepy. The scoutmaster isn't at all creepy: He's just interested in boys. Gay kids have actually been welcome for decades, as you can see from the cover of the 1960 Boy Scout Handbook. But gay scouts have been around well before these cheery lads appeared in the Boy's Life centerfold. bshbfc3227 In 1923 the Boy Scouts adopted the "left hand clasp" as the official Boy Scout secret handshake. bs-lefthand   It's actually the same handshake members of the gay community use to identify each other without being obvious. scout-hs The scoutmasters teach the same skills to every boy, regardless of his orientation. These are things that he thinks may come in handy while you're isolated while camping. For example, you may be in a situation where you have to take your clothes off fast. Your scoutmaster can teach you how to disrobe in 20 seconds and he will probably encourage you to practice as much as possible.


Today's scouts are conscientious about the environment. They know how to clean up their camp site, set up a campfire safely, and  to leave nature undisturbed. There are even environmental awareness patches and awards.


Conservation is an especially important topic for scouts, who are at an age when conservation is crucial to the survival of their generation.


There's a whole section on it in the Boy Scout Handbook, with a lot of detail about leaving things untouched.


Today's scouts enjoy activities to encourage trust.




And bonding experiences they'll never forget.


Greater inclusion means that more boys can benefit from scouting and what it teaches, helping to turn today's children into adults well-prepared for their future.


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Day Camp Activities

by on Aug.25, 2010, under Games, Kids, Recreation

Camp is an experience that will last a lifetime.  For the older kids there are camps that specialize in just about every activity from archery to zoology.  Everybody's heard about what goes on at music camp (literally, nothing of note).  And for the younger kids there's day camp.

The days activities may include story readings and performance games, sports, acting, dancing, and singing.  But today's kids want more.

The mother of one six year old in Leesburg, Florida wasn't happy with the activities her kid was participating in.  Her son and another six year old were caught performing oral and anal sex at a day camp run by the city.

The incident occured under a piece of playground equipment, just large enough for the kids to get underneath and conceal what they were doing from counselors. Another camper noticed what was going on.

When counselors caught on to the unscheduled activities, they followed their standard procedure. "We immediately contacted law enforcement, we brought in the Department of Children and Families and the Children's Advocacy Center to see if we'd determine where this inappropriate contact originated," said Deputy City Manager Jay Evans.

According to both 6-year-old boys, an 8-year-old boy at camp taught them what to do and this wasn't their first time.

"They believe that it happened between eight and 10 times over the course of three weeks," the mother said.

All three children who were involved in the incident no longer attend camp, and the city has since boarded up all access under the playground equipment.

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Summer Fun

by on Jul.28, 2010, under Culture, Games, Kids, Pornography, War and Terrorism

There's a hundred and four days of summer vacation 'til school comes along just to end it, so the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it. Like maybe building a rocket, or fighting a mummy, or climbing up the Eiffel Tower. Or maybe going to a theme park.

There's Space Camp and Space Academy for the astrophysics oriented kids.

Computer camps for the technologically oriented.

But what if you want a really unique summer adventure?

There's Diggerland, where kids can operate actual large construction equipment.


If your tastes run more to the experience of ancient times, and if you enjoyed Mel Gibson's snuff film and wondered what it might be like for real, you might want to try the Holy Land Experience.


Maybe you've always wanted to try out life as a slave.  The hours aren't very good, but you get room, board, and job security, at least until retirement age.  Memory Village will allow visitors to be bound and tortured at a resort in Haiti, which was a slave nation before becoming the world's first black republic.  Tourists can play the part of a slave for 12 hours, in which they get a feel for the hardship endured in the Latin American country more than 200 years ago.


Slavery isn't a treat for everyone, so maybe Bon Bon Land is more your style.  Although its name is reminiscent of Candy Land, there really is no resemblance.  Bon Bon Land, located in Denmark, is about dog vomit, flatulence, and poop.  The park's most famous ride is the Hundprutt-berg-och-dalbananwhich translates as the "Dog Fart Switchback". The roller coaster blares gaseous noises while you fly under a giant dog in the act of lifting its leg.

The pink cow on the kiddie carousel has exposed breasts. The chair-swing is suspended from a drunken turtle. And many of the animals appear to be pooing.


If you're got a more amorous nature, head over to Cheju Island in South Korea for Love Land, a museum of sex.

There are giant statues of penises, vaginas, and characters performing a wide variety of sex acts, many of which were imported from outside Korea.  The Chinese government deemed the theme park to be overtly sexual and considered it to be a very negative influence on the Chinese culture.

Some of the exhibits are interactive!


If you want to turn your active boys into men, you could send them to New Guinea.  Or visit HezbollahLand Jihad Camp.

The million-dollar attraction, enticingly named "Museum for Resistance Tourism," includes documentary videos, an aerial tramway, and a terrace called "The Abyss" that showcases remnants of Israeli tanks. Located on the Lebanese mountain town of Mleeta, the museum is meant to cement Hezbollah, which was founded only in the 1980s, into the ancient and storied Lebanese culture.

As you can see there's a whole lot of stuff to do before school starts next fall.

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